Free By Turns: Gunrox

Enkord send word that their latest free online title, Gunrox, has defeated beta and now gone live for y’all to play. I’m going to have to admit that I’ve got zero free time to spend on this one, but I thought I’d throw it open to you lot for the final judgment of the masses. Turn-based isometric co-op squad combat on randomised maps certainly sounds intriguing, but perhaps you guys can let us know if it’s any good? Perhaps.


  1. Ketch says:

    Hmm, it looks interesting, I might give it a try when I get home from work.

  2. eternal_newbie says:

    So is this like syndicate?? That would be good.

  3. Ian says:

    Might give this a shot later, looks like it could be fun. If it’s any good I might use the group-play bit of the shiny new forum to see if any other RPSites are up for a game. :)

  4. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Tried it 2 games long, it’s exactly like UFO!

    Well, except for the missing interrupts. You can just act n your turn period.

    And you need to buy equipment in the webshop, or run around the map and open crates to get totally random stuff.

    And the graficks are shiet.

    And your line of sight is around 10 meters, in a circle around you.

    So, to conclude it’s like UFO if UFO was a steaming pile of shiet.

  5. Feet says:

    Looks like a cutesy XCOM type thing. I’ll give it a bash later. And then I’ll try the game.


  6. Psychopomp says:

    @ Jochen Scheisse


    It’s nothing like Xcom/UFO at all?

  7. Nick says:


  8. Tackle says:

    I recall I played the beta with some ppl online.

    And it sucked.

  9. Tanner says:

    I saw “cash shop,” turned 360 degrees and tripped over it.
    Now I hate it AND it broke my wrist.

  10. Gooble says:

    Pretty neat little game. I was surprised how fun it was despite being so simple.

  11. james says:

    I’ve been playing this since beta launch and I must admit it is incredibly fun if you can close your eyes on graphics. It has a lot of variety and strategy depth and while being similar to X-com or Jagged Alliance somehow it reminds me of chess :)

  12. sinister agent says:

    I’m waiting for a friend to finish her bath so we can play this. It seems promising. About time there was a decent wee multiplayer laser-squad-’em-up on the internet.

  13. NuZZ says:

    Did you just say HER. You game with a chick that lives with you? Gamer fantasy relationship? Does she bring you beverages and come in to game naked too? :(

    Anyhow. Tried game. Suxed.

  14. sinister agent says:

    It’s an online game, man. She lives miles away. If I were trying to show off, I’d talk about my impressive … er….


    Also, that’s a goddamn long bath. Sigh. I’d best call an ambulance.

  15. sinister agent says:

    I quite like it. I’ve had a couple of games and it’s simple and intuitive, but varied enough to whet your appetite, at least initiall. Games are over in ten or fifteen minutes. The interface is pleasant and everything is done with the minimum of fuss. You’d barely notice you were playing online, it’s that straightforward. It appears to be just as deep and variable as it needs to be.

    I can’t seem to find an option to make a game invite-only, though perhaps I’m being a moron. Slight annoyance there, both for me and the witless numpties I had to repeatedly kick, who replied to my increasingly blunt explanations with “???????????????”.

    And the graphics are fine, for goodness’ sake. It’s reasonably bright and clear, easy to distinguish everything, and far from unattractive (My chum’s verdict on the graphics: “It’s habbo hotel with guns.”). What do you want from 11Mb of free stuff?

    Overall, definitely worth a look with a chum or two. Potentially a stayer.

  16. Klaus says:

    @sinister agent

    But I’m not a fan of the graphics either.

  17. james says:

    The most fun is MASSIVE battles like 5×5 players. With 3 units per player it will be 30 unit massacre. While takes really a lot of time (up to 3 hours), still incredibly fun.

  18. Don says:

    This game has gone downhill since the beta ended and the store was implemented. The developers have been making changes to the game in order to force you to spend money so you can remain competitive.

    The developers are real dicks, too. Check out how they respond to constructive criticism (not mine) about the game. There are lots and lots of responses like that.

  19. Luke says:

    been palying this for last 4 months. i think its great just takes a lot of thought in ur moves if ur gonna win. Most players do not use the cash shop and even when fully equipped u can still lose. Ideas i have put forward were received well and some were even implemented , the comments don refers to were only from a couple of users who thought their point was not getting across and kept posting similar comments.

    link to

  20. Luke says:

    plus those comments were by the moderaters not the developers.

  21. james says:

    haha! I actually like how they kick those trolls hard on forums instead of smiling all the way and being friendly yada yada