Medium Rare: Meat Boy

Do you like your platform games ultra-minimalist and covered in blood? Then you will enjoy tricky browser-based platformer Meat Boy, which I discovered thanks to the sterling data-mining of Meat Boy, you see, is a bleeding chunk of flesh with a distinctly jumping-based task ahead of him: defeat the platforms to rescue Band-aid Girl. Leaping and wall-jumping to victory, Meat Boy leaves a trail of blood spatter where-ever he goes. See, I knew you’d like it. A direct download is available here.

Edit – this’un’s by Edmund Mcmillen, the fella behind Aether and That Game With The Rude Name, as it happens.


  1. diebroken says:

    Cool, I don’t mind trying out Indie games – as long as they’re fun. Speaking of which, has anyone tried out Tecno – the Base?

    link to
    link to

  2. sockpuppetclock says:

    The ridiculous problem with this game is the fact that the movement is based on acceleration, so pressing left a little less than half a second in the air will send you flying to the nearest salt-death-trap or off the platform

  3. Pemptus says:

    Argh! Curse you, my inability to use tags properly and edit my post!

  4. Monkfish says:

    Nice. The movement kinda reminds me of N in that it’s another game that makes me treat my keyboard as if it were an analogue device (i.e. pressing the arrow keys harder in a vain attempt to move more quickly).

  5. Dorsch says:

    I’d like to get farther into this game but i can’t warap my head around the controls. N’s controls were significantly more intuitive.

  6. Arnulf says:


  7. Kepa says:

    Pretty touchy hit detection on the death traps. The made-of-meat ice skating controls didn’t help. I got to the Hell chapter before figuring out that the Annoying Gameplay Mechanic probably wasn’t going to get more fun.

    Aether was great, and I even played through C*nt to the end. I usually don’t complain about free games. This one just irked the hell out of me.

  8. Pags says:

    i saw this on the frontpage of ng, but then a lot of crap gets on there so i never thought about playing it until i saw this. reminds me a little of petri purho’s game ‘bloody zombies’ what with it’s love for gore combined with N’s love for infuriating, only not quite as inventive with the whole blood concept or the level design. good for a romp though.

  9. ReturnToNull says:

    Aaaugh, an entire game based around its fake difficulty mechanic. Which I suppose makes it less fake difficulty and more the game itself. You’re mission should you choose to accept it is not to save band-aid girl, but to overcome the insidious power of inertia.