Ride To Hell: Give Us A Backie

something something HIGHWAY, something something something

FX’s Sons Of Anarchy is currently doing a fine job of making biker culture seem interesting all over again, exploring the disintegration of ’60s biker ‘values’ in a post-millennial America. Meanwhile, a new game from Deep Silver is going back to those 60s roots, creating an action game based on those hazy James Dean days. Ride To Hell looks likely to be a GTA-in-the-West-Coast-Biker-Scene, which is no bad thing. There’s not a lot on show here – men riding bikes. But the music is great. While it reaches the more obvious Steppenwolf territory in the second half, the bluesy steel guitar for the first half is a thing of joy. A thousand points to the first person who can tell me what it’s from.

The video’s bumped below the jump, because GV have chosen to stick a 30 second advert on the front of the gaming advert. Boo.


  1. the_magma says:

    cant be sure, but the first half definitely sounds like ry cooders soundtrack to the film Southern Comfort….

  2. the_magma says:

    quick search on t’interwebs proves me to be completely wrong. game looks ok though….

  3. kyrieee says:

    I’m interested
    I’m looking for new types of games. It tends to be more interesting regardless of the quality

  4. Kadayi says:

    Could be interesting, if nothing the music is cool and I agree it does have something of the Ry Cooders about it

  5. cassus says:

    I think the intro tune is actually made for this game. But it reminds me both of some of the stuff bon jovi made for Young Guns II and also a tune Poison made. Both these are from the early 90s. And I’m slightly embaressed about mentioning either of them…

    This game would be pretty cool though. Not too big on the uber-american vibe going there, but hey, if there’s a decent plot here, and maybe some bike customization… I’ll have a go :)

  6. terry says:

    If there is a game behind this trailer I will eat my own head.

    Post-apocalyptic Road Rash… commit, Deepsilver! COMMIT!

  7. Jonas says:

    Ooh! Looks potentially interesting. I wonder how shooty it will be – hopefully not too much :)

  8. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    To be honest… it sounds a lot like Seasick Steve. I would link to him but I can’t remember how to make it not messy.

  9. Will Tomas says:

    This is the kind of game I would love to be brilliant, and the music at the beginning sounds exactly right, but I suspect will fall down on execution.

  10. cassus says:

    Just realized that this trailer made me miss Interstate 76…

  11. Jonas says:

    Interstate ’76 was awesome. We need more games like that.

  12. Weylund says:

    Ow, the faces. I know faces are hard. But, ow. Could they possibly have used some more polys to approximate, say, human flesh?

    The rest of it looks all right.

  13. Mr. Brand says:

    The faces made me think of Interstate ’76. My hopes are always dashed about cool-looking games these days, though, so I’m preparing a playlist to listen to when the final disappointment is released :P

  14. Vollgassen says:

    Wear a helmet!

  15. Fumarole says:

    Speaking of Sons of Anarchy – anyone else hoping Perlman will, just once, utter the famous Fallout intro words?

  16. Pags says:

    i was pining the other day for a game that would let me live out my easy rider/hell’s belles/wild angels/savage seven dreams. how serendipitous.

  17. Greyface says:

    /random snarky loathing of the chopper scene in Long Beach, CA.

    I wonder if they’ll be accurate about the environs surrounding their pathetically requisite visit to West Coast Choppers and show the fish processing plant across the street.

    At least that’s what it smelled like when I walked past on my way to work…

  18. Carlton says:

    That voice that shows up briefly in the song definitely makes me want to say it’s R.L. Burnside.

    But what someone else said, this trailer reminds me a lot of Interstate ’76 and that makes my old angry nostalgia try and pry its way out, but I know it’s best to wait for more.

  19. onkellou says:

    The music reminded me of the Hot Spot soundtrack, the somewhat dubious Dennis Hopper movie. Can’t complain about the soundtrack though, bringing together Miles Davis and John Lee Hooker. :)

  20. onkellou says:

    And yes, we NEED and Interstate ’76 sequel. And let’s not talk about I’82, that game never existed.

  21. Malagate says:

    Hmm, I really need to see more of this before I can judge it, especially as the website doesn’t seem to give any information about the game other than the trailer and 3 screenshots.

    Sooo I’d imagine 3rd person, sandbox style open world, lots of fighting and fat bikes.

    I’m just imaging a GTA game where you spend most of your time riding around a large desert getting hideously lost, that sounds kinda bleh to me but there’s still plenty of unknowns and it certainly is a more original setting.

  22. roryok says:

    Hell yes, I miss interstate 76 a LOT. It might be my fave game of all time. I have the soundtrack on my mp3 player in the car! =) Sadly, trying to get it to run properly (ie bug free) on XP+ is a nightmare. Even if you run win95 in a virtual machine it’s not exactly right. (wheels go all over the place and the sound is really clicky)

    There were several mod projects over the years aiming to remake it but none ever got anywhere near completion. There were two that stood out. The first was a Battlefield mod called Battlefield 1982. It was based on i’82, but it still looked promising.

    The second was a group who were remaking the game from scratch, coding their own engine and everything, but calling it Interstate Outlaws to avoid copyright issues. The site is still up. You can even download an early alpha, but the last update is Feb of this year.

    Activision are releasing Vigilante 8, a sequel to the dumbed down console version, on Xbox Live (unless its out already? I don’t follow that live stuff) but they’ve said that the i76 franchise is dead.

    If EVER there was a game worthy of a steam re-release, or a re-make, this is it!

  23. MeestaNob! says:

    Makes me think about Full Throttle, and any game that can do that instantly becomes my number 1 Must Have.

    I hope this is special.

  24. Jay says:

    “Deep Silver is going back to those 60s roots, creating an action game based on those hazy James Dean days.”

    -James Dean died in ’55. Goddamnit.