Cast An Eyeball At This

High end graphics.

This is an odd one. And an addictive one. Called The Eyeballing Game, it’s the work of Canadian woodworking site,

Site owner Matthias Wandel explains,

“If you are somebody who is into woodworking or construction, its good to be one of the people who notice when things are crooked. But I suspect the ability to notice that things might be just a little off square, off centre, or not quite straight, varies greatly. I thought it would be fun for people to try to test their abilities to see if things are straight or crooked in a little game.”

You cycle through the seven challenges three times to generate an average, which becomes your score. Do well enough and you’ll enter your name in the top 10 of the last 500 games, appearing on the front page.

So, targets people. I’m most pleased with getting a 0.0 twice in a row, the same game resulting in my current best score, 2.40. No cheating with set squares on the screen, and post your better scores below. Clearly (non-offensive) insults are the correct way to enter your name if you get in the Top 10. Big thanks to Kim for the tip.


  1. Theory says:

    I did pretty well, except that I didn’t understand how the interface worked for the first test (drag and release) so ended up with an error margin of 60!

  2. Rook says:

    Seems I’m an expert in right angles and a complete failure with triangles. 5.6 on my first go, not too keen on trying it again.

  3. Mark Stephenson says:

    4.10 :(

  4. Ian says:

    First try: 4.73.

    I sense a strangely addicting game…

  5. terrapin says:

    If they had adverts for mousepads on that page they could make a fortune.

  6. Flappybat says:


    I’m really good at right angles and terrible at parallelograms.

  7. Fazer says:

    First try – 10.07
    Second – 4.45

    I had 0.0 accuracy in finding one mid-point :-D

  8. Whiskey Jack says:

    Got 7.07. But I suck at those thing so I’m pretty proud of myself. Getting a better score would have been lucky in my case.

  9. nabeel says:

    Second try 5.61
    : (


  10. Austin says:

    Man – I had 1 .4 on the first trail, and then got worse each time after – I think due to rushing. I disagree with this scoring system :).

  11. ack says:

    First Try:
    Overall score: 3.40

  12. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    My best was 4.85, but it went swiftly down hill from there.
    I’m getting old :(

  13. UnrealMythology says:

    First – 4.18
    Second – 3.60
    Third – 2.53
    Afraid to try again, don’t want to ruin my improving streak.
    Lowering mouse dpi from 2000 to 400 may well be cheating, but it helps!

  14. IvanHoeHo says:

    first: 3.67
    second: 4.26

    Lower score because of a gigantic fuck up at one of the triangle center thingies, causing an error of 46(!!)

    Will try again, probably for the rest of the day.

  15. Nimic says:

    3.60 on my second go. My best ones are “Right Angle” (1.5, 0.0, 0.7) and “Bisect Angle” (0.3, 3, 0.3). In all the others I got at least one 3.6 or higher. Oddly it looks as if my worst is “Circle Center”, which I figured I’d be good at.

  16. Nimic says:

    Heh. I just noticed this on the site:

    “And thanks to LCD monitors, its possible to display geometry with absolute accuracy on a computer now. So what better way to try this game concept than to put it on the web! ”

    I don’t have an LCD monitor :x

  17. Sucram says:

    For more staring at your monitor madness, try Test Your Colour IQ

  18. sockpuppetclock says:


    …I always spaz to the nearest corner when I hold my mouse down!

  19. Therlun says:

    There should be a time component for proper eyeballing… or it becomes more mouse work and patience than actual… eyeballing. :p

  20. Fazer says:

    > For more staring at your monitor madness, try Test Your Colour IQ

    Great game, I’ve managed get 4 points at first try ;-) (the lower, the better).

  21. Dan Harris says:

    2.26 first go. Third in the table.

    Easy, no? :)

  22. YogSo says:

    7.44 on my first go. I succeded only one 0.0, but in my defense I must say I have a slight cold and a bit of eyestrain right now.

  23. Silarn says:

    Got a perfect 0 on the color test. 3.5 then 2.9 on the measurements. Center of the circle seems to be my toughest category.

  24. Pod says:

    3.68 pod
    I would have got better but I slipped on “bisect” one and ended up with a 10.7 :O

    also: I really suck at the parallelograms

  25. mist says:

    3.18 at first try.

    I suck at triangle center, and my best is right angle.

  26. Lambo says:

    I got 5.11 first go on the eyeballing and a perfect 0 on the colors. I feel proud :)

  27. hydra9 says:

    3.91, which seems okay for a guy with wonky eyes.

  28. James G says:

    6.08 then 4.31, no wonder I was always useless at woodwork. Still, its better than the pitch test run buy Manchester Univeristy a year or so back, I fall in the bottom 2nd percentile for pitch definition, that is, 98% of those sampled were better than me.

  29. Tom says:

    6.07 – go me.

  30. brog says:

    6.70. But my computer is away for repairs and this CRT monitor I am reduced to using is not pleasant.

  31. JamesC says:

    3.38 on second go at maximum squint-eyes-and-turn-head intensity, boo.

  32. A coin says:

    5.98 on the first try, with a headache. I could do worse I suppose.

  33. Thiefsie says:

    You can kind of cheat if your lucky, depending on your monitors ratio you’ll also be wrong.

    But the lines’ aliasing is a clue as to whether you are parallel as well, etc.

  34. EvilH says:

    Woo, 2.69 on my first go! I was made for this game.

  35. Willy359 says:

    3.67. I suck at triangles.

  36. rez says:

    2.7 first go.

    progressively worse after.

    i’ll give it some more time tomorrow when i’m actually awake.

  37. caesarbear says:

    CRT monitor. 5.7 and I keep getting worse. I can’t find a midpoint of a vector or a right angle at all, but I can do bisections and equidistants. I easily get a perfect color score.

  38. Tichinde says:

    8.59 first go
    7.67 2nd go
    7.26 3rd go
    6.62 4th go
    6.09 5th go

    Convergences are definately my strongpoint though :)

  39. Thermal Ions says:

    3.34 on first and only go (not helped by a 12 & 13 on two of them). Will try again tomorrow after some much needed sleep.
    I think I might end up playing this for longer than I played and enjoyed Spore. Oh, actually I already have :P

  40. StenL says:

    I got 2.84, but I am horrible at convergences, yet almost perfect at finding the midpoint.

  41. LukeE says:

    2.35 1st go :)
    Managed a few 0.0’s on the last time round – but got progressively worse at the triangle centre thing :)
    Went from 0.6, to 2.9, to 5.9.

  42. Thermal Ions says:

    Couldn’t resist having another go, and improved to 2.23 (5th from last 500 games). Actually got 2 x 0.0 midpoint and 2 x 0.0 circle centres :D
    I always seem to get progressively worse on 2nd and 3rd set for some reason though. Average for the sets this time – 1.19, 1.76 & 3.76

  43. Shadowcat says:

    3.20 on first and only try; not enthused enough to do it again. I didn’t do too badly for the most part, but I completely suck at figuring the equidistant point inside a triangle. I was getting errors of ~10 on those ones :/

  44. Tasogare says:

    2.06 and no.1 :) on 3rd try (on CRT monitor)
    still thers room for improvement
    first i had similar problem like Theory, only in my case it was 120 in first test