Crysis Wars Free Weekend, Trailer

Crysis Wars is the multiplayer accompaniment to recent Crysis… paraquel? That can be a word, right? Anyway, it’s the multiplayer project that came along with Crysis Warhead, only its been a bit delayed. To make up for this lag in release dates the Crysis Wars teams are allowing people to register on the official site for a weekend of free Crysis Wars play from the 10th to the 12th. So if you’re at a loss for how to sink your idle hours this weekend then this might sort you right out. Of course you’ll need to be a fan of fast-paced multiplayer FPS games, and be comfortable with the idea of being punched to death by that guy who is miraculously incredible at the game, despite having only played it for half an hour. You know the one.

A pacey trailer that features a lot of nanosuits getting spectacularly whacked follows after the jump.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    If paraquel isn’t already a word, I’d trademark it quick.

  2. Duke says:

    Please please please with extra sugary sweetness on top,
    stop using GAMEVIDEOS!
    The thing will take 15 min to load a 2 min video for no apparent reason.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    Strange, GameVideos always loads instantly for me.

  4. Legandir says:

    Gamevideos always take aaaaages to load, even on the really fast internet in college.

  5. Shadowcat says:

    “Parallelequel” is more fun to say.

  6. The Klugman Revolution says:

    I also have a deep aversion to videos hosted by Gamevideos. They need to work on their streaming software. GameTrailers, by comparison, never lets me down.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    Yes, I have much better luck with Gametrailers, and my connection is relatively fast. That said, it’s behind a uni firewall so certain things could potentially be limited by the sysadmin.

  8. Aftershock says:

    Gamevideos works fine for me.

    I’m really really really tempted to grab the Crysis+Warhead pack, but … i shouldnt. Not until after exams.

  9. jerichau says:

    Things that have changed between Crysis multiplayer and Crysis Wars:
    – More weapons and vehicles
    – More maps
    – Camo does not give off an easily spotted purple fizzle anymore, now you’re pretty damn invisible apart from the camo sound. So you’ll rush into a room, hear that distinctive fizzle, and frantically spin round trying to find the source for a few seconds until you get a shotgun to the back of the head.

  10. Po0py says:

    I always have to turn off my adblocker for gamevideos. Annoying but it usually works fine then.

  11. Tunips says:

    I have to agree on the slow gamevideos. My bandwidth monitor tells me that despite it taking ages to load, it’s using my full bandwidth to do it, and thus takes a whole lot of megabytes to show. This is unpleasant to us in the land of small monthly download quotas (Australia).

  12. Mogs says:

    Gamevideos does indeed suck copious amounts of balls.

  13. Paul Moloney says:

    Count me as someone else who can’t get Gamevideos to work, even on a 10mbps line.


  14. Thiefsie says:

    Back to the topic at hand, I heartily encourage you to try this, and realise that Crysis Warhead is a budget priced action spectacular as long as you have some sort of decent hardware. Well worth the money, and the multiplayer is a good change of pace to boot. let’s hope they patch it a tiny bit still though.

    I’ve been going back through Crysis again after doing warhead and I’m amazed (got about halfway through it before on a substandard computer) it really is a great fps. I even like the alien bits everyone hates!

  15. subedii says:

    Not everyone disliked the Alien bits. I also thought those were a pretty cool change the pace, the design of the Alien ship was amazing.

    As for Crysis Wars, I still say that Crytek would have benefited FAR more if instead of trying to create a competitor to Battlefield / Quake Wars style games, they had gone with developing two player co-op instead. Crysis is a game that’s practically crying out for decent co-op support.

    Crysis Wars is decent, but like most games of this sort, only really comes into its own if you’re playing with a group of people that you can co-ordinate with. Most of the time if you’re just playing public, the game devolves into “every man for himself”. With the added suit dynamics and solid gameplay, I can see it being really fun to play with people you know, but I haven’t really had the opportunity for that yet.

  16. Maximum Fish says:

    Gamevideos apparently sucks. All i get is a grey screen with a little white dot on it, for like 5 minutes. I thought i was just unlucky, but i guess not.

    Gametrailers really pisses me off with their we-are-sooo-clever quips opening every one of their reviews (asking if Spore is “a natural selection”, if Lost Planet gives them cold feet, and so forth) -it’s facepalm city, but at least their videos work.

  17. Deuteronomy says:

    As someone said above the cloak is actually useful now, and you can take a lot less damage in CW. This means the weapons feel meatier, you can snipe people dead from across the map while “hiding” cloaked on some random roof. They have smaller maps now with only two control points plus the the prototype facility, which makes for a lot more action packed game when you have less than 16 players.

    It doesn’t have the intensity of Quake Wars or Red Orchestra, but all in all a very fun diversion that I can see myself coming back to once in a while.

  18. Gap Gen says:

    Maximum Fish: Yeah, I don’t bother with anything other than raw trailers on Gametrailers. If I want quality games journalism, I have plenty of other places to look for it.

  19. subedii says:

    I actually like gametrailers reviews. I agree with them more often than not (there’s always going to be a few you disagree with), and Geoff Keighley provides a good, clear and concise voiceover for the video. Unlike most other video reviews, which either have rubbish narration with lots unclear speech, pauses and “ums” and “ahs”, or they tend to focus the footage on the host that’s giving the narration instead of showing the game. Protip reviewers: If I wanted to avoid seeing the game in action I’d READ a review. You’re using a video format to showcase the games, so showcase them. We don’t need two minutes of a five minute review to be the camera focussed on you whilst you read your piece.

  20. Bema says:

    Aye, GameVideos is always slow and lazy for me. Epic frustraiting. Only works when I activate IE tab – which is a bit phail. Plus the adverts annoy me.

    Regarding the trailer: Meh. Not itching to play it.

  21. theineffablebob says:

    I hate GameTrailer’s video player. It’s terrible.

  22. Mman says:

    Considering how much I usually suck a semi-realistic (damage/hitscan wise) FPS games going on Crysis Wars and seeing all the boneheads running out in the open with no use of nanosuit powers, and “hiding” with lasersights in full view and being complete fodder made me appreciate how realistic the AI in Crysis is.

  23. subedii says:

    Haha, yeah, it’s amazing how many times I’ve seen people cloak but still have their laser pointers on and pointing at people. “What this? Oh don’t mind this, it’s just a trick of the refraction, I assure you I’m not really here.”

  24. Turin Turambar says:

    Gamevideos is around 5 times slower than youtube.

  25. Nimic says:

    Crysis wars is excellent, no way around it. I had some fun with the Crysis multiplayer, but this makes some good changes. The cloak, which some people have mentioned. Also, energy drains slower and recharges quicker now, so it’s not only there to stabilize your gun anymore.

    One of the maps, Battleground, is god damn perfect. It’s a relatively big map, with a large bridge in the middle and weapons and vehicles spawned all over the map. It works best with the new Team Instant Action mode (team deathmatch). I just love the way you’ll see your teammates all rush to get a rocketlauncher when you hear the familiar sound of the helicopter, or even worse, the VETOL.

  26. x25killa says:

    I watched the trailer and this is my reaction:
    “Good… wait, cloak and snipe? Good… hang on, oh for **** sake there is a grenade launcher.”
    Looks good, might give it a go if I can get my PC up and running.