Ex-plo-sion! Call Of Duty Trailer

A new trailer for World At War has arrived, and it’s brief but ever-so-explody. This latest transmission from developers Treyarch shows off the flamethrowers, the bombs, the tanks, and the destructible scenery. And there’s quite a lot of all of those things. It’s all in-engine, but only a teensy bit appears to be “in-game”, if you see what I mean. Mmm, perhaps we shouldn’t start the day’s posting with explosions, it can only be downhill from there.


  1. Senethro says:

    Did flame tanks really exist?

  2. skuwiph says:

    Yes, horribly enough, they did.

  3. Dreamhacker says:

    I read a book on the D-Day, where a crewmember of a flame tank talked about the landings. He said it was quite horrible to see the results of the flame tank.

  4. Ben Abraham says:

    Senethro obviously didn’t play Company of Heroes. =P

  5. Sainted says:

    And how much of that was scripted?

  6. Aftershock says:

    Looked to be a lot of scripting there.

    And since when was there rocket artillery in the Pacific Theatre? AFAIK, it was only the Russians that deployed rocket artillery in WWII.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    I think they are Russians? I know there’s a Russian section, for one thing.

  8. darthpugwash says:

    Very explodey. Hopefully it will turn out to be in the same ballpark as COD4. I have to admit though that I’m more interested in whatever Infinity Ward’s next game will be.

    BTW, it wasn’t just the Russians that used rocket artillery in WW2, the Germans did also (nebelwerfers). I think the rocket truck at the start is meant to be a katyusha, so yeah that’s the Russian front, not the Pacific.

  9. Zoso says:

    The British and Americans used rocket artillery too, albeit in smaller quantities, but with much better names (like Xylophone, Mattress or the confusingly designated T34 (not that T34) Calliope).

  10. darthpugwash says:

    Though Company of Heroes would have you think that every third Allied tank was a Calliope. ;)

  11. Klumhru says:

    The Allies also used converted LCTs, designated LCT(R) that were laden with massed rocket tubes (1000 or more) and launched in volleys of 50-100 60lbs rockets at short intervals.

    Allied land based mountings were fairly uncommon though, with the calliope only produced in low numbers, ditto the British (originated from the Z gun AA system) Land Mattress system.

    In the trailer though, the truck mounted launcher is a Katyusha mount, seeing as the same sequence shows a tank advancing through a village, which is either a T34/80 or an IS-1. The infantry in the sequence looks distinctly Russian as well.

  12. araczynski says:

    i hope those were console graphics, because they looked seriously weak.

  13. Erlam says:

    Is the AI still blindingly awful? How about ‘infinite respawning enemies until you cross [x] line’? I learned a valuable lesson with CoD4 — any good idea can be ruined with bad designers.

    As an aside, what the fuck is with games making it look like some guy/tank/whatever waltzes in with a flamethrower, and actually lights people on fire 10 feet away? The vast majority of flamethrower related deaths were asphyxiation, and they were used to drive people back, not actually wipe out entire companies or whatever Rambo bullshit this game will have you do.

  14. SirNuke says:

    To note, there are two campaigns in CoD5 (I don’t care what Activision calls it): one is with the US Marines in the Pacific, the other is with the Russian Army attacking Berlin.