Fallout 2.5

These’ll be of little interest to the more ardent Fallout 2 vet, who’s doubtless played all of these long ago, and is already preparing to spam-cry ‘OLD!’ below. If, however, if you’re coming to the game fairly fresh or are replaying it for the first time in ages due to excitement about Fallout 3 or because GoG.com‘s made it so cheaply available, you might find much to delight and enrapture your young mind here.

It’s Moddb’s round-up of the best Fallout 2 total conversions, from the quest-expanding Restoration project to the tri-part Wasteland Merc series. Oh, for more free time.


  1. Lukasz says:

    dear god.
    I am gonna fail my classes now.

    thank you very much.

  2. Pod says:

    Wow. I never knew there were mods for fallout :o

  3. Optimaximal says:

    I wouldn’t like to be the guy in the pic, armed as he is with his measly shotgun/hunting rifle/whatever.

    Hell, I wouldn’t want to take that lot on with the Avenger or Bozor!

  4. Jerr says:

    Forum for mods is at: link to nma-fallout.com

    For Fallout 1 fixes: link to teamx.ru

    I’d say the Fallout 2 Restoration Pack + High Resolution patch are must get mods for Fallout 2 and for Fallout 1 the unofficial patch by TeamX.

  5. KingMob says:

    Thanks for posting this. Long live Fallout!

  6. ShaunCG says:

    Say, was there ever a mod / fan patch that fixed the miniguns / armour piercing ammo issues in FO2?

  7. Fumarole says:

    That’s a lot of Wanamingos.

  8. AndyGusto says:

    I would recommend nuking from orbit, you know, just to be sure.

  9. YogSo says:


    The Restoration Project includes the ‘Unofficial Patch’ that fixes the AP issues you mention, amongst tons of other things. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to install the RP, you can download the Unofficial Patch separately here (but I think the version included within the RP is more up to date).

  10. Pantsman says:


    Any idea if mods are compatible with the GoG versions?

  11. Lysenko says:


    Should be. I’ve had no problem modding the games I’ve bought from them (though I haven’t done the Fallout games specifically). They’re all packaged and install the same way, though, give or take the occasional DOSBox frontend.

  12. obo says:

    All the mods I’ve tried are fully compatible.

  13. Shanucore says:

    Superb, thanks very much – I’ll have to replay FO2 now, for sure.

  14. YogSo says:

    @Shanucore, Pantsman and all the people who want to try FO2 + Restoration Project:
    I recommend that you wait a couple of weeks; the next version of RP (1.3) is going to be released before Fallout 3 (October 28th), and the author has said that savegames from version 1.2 will be incompatible with it. As 1.3 will add more content and fix some bugs from version 1.2, I think that the wait will be worthwile…

  15. Heliocentric says:

    To be honest i’ve always found that user made mods delivered to strict deadline turn out horribly. Even when just an update on an already made mod. That said, this may just be a compilation of finished works.

  16. YogSo says:

    Don’t worry, according to the author, version 1.3 was already finished two weeks ago, so it’s not really a matter of ‘rushing’ the mod trying to meet the deadline.

  17. YogSo says:

    Somehow, the link to the author’s post where he confirms the status of the mod does not appear in my previous post. It’s this:
    link to nma-fallout.com