Dawn of War II: Space Marines

I’ve posted an oddly low-key GameTrailers game trailer after link: Dawn of War II‘s Space Marine campaign walkthrough. It’s narrated – in a manly way – by the game’s commanding lead designer chap, Jonny Ebbert. Ebbert is very tall, and he also knows a few things about making things explode in a manner which entertains the exploder. In this trailer he discusses DoWII’s unique squad abilities, the use of cover, and the role of the heroes units in the game world. It’s impressive stuff. But not as impressive as the orbital bombardment.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II will be out in Spring 2009.

Thanks, GameTrailers! (We haven’t forgotten.)


  1. arqueturus says:


  2. Dorsch says:

    I am one of the ignorant part of people who are interested mainly in the single player aspects of RTS Games, so this is very exciting to me.

  3. Optimaximal says:

    Haroo… Dawn of War 2’s Artillery is just Company of Heroes Artlillery with extra shiny boom…

    Liking the close squad focus though!

  4. CrashT says:

    Shit. Go. Boom. Me. Like.

    That is all.

  5. andy says:

    looks shiny and spiffified.

  6. Mono says:

    If this were to be the only PC game shipping in 2009, I’d consider it a great year. Can’t wait.

  7. eyemessiah says:

    Looks crazy awesome. Quite a bit more like WC3 this time round with the RPG elements and the small character driven squads?

  8. Ging says:

    I quite like the reduced focus, but the HUD wasn’t doing much for me in those vids, maybe it’ll grow on me when I actually play it.

  9. mike says:

    Throwing a bomb in an area filled with both enemy and friendly troops and yours get away unharmed? Come on.

  10. yns88 says:

    Dawn of War was very much lacking in the campaign department, so this looks like a definite plus. I’m just hoping they put in more campaigns than just plain old SPESS MEREENS.

  11. Calabi says:

    I hope they have an ork campaign, and it involves them building a machine, which makes walking, faster.

    Looks good and at least theirs a use for cover now.

  12. TooNu says:


  13. Fumarole says:

    Looks sexy as hell.

  14. Sp4rkR4t says:

    This video has really highlighted just how different DoWII is from the first title and it makes me want it even more, though they better hurry up with the expansions if they are just going to give us one races campaign at a time.

  15. Carra says:

    Use of cover sure reminds me of Company of Heroes…

  16. burny says:

    @yns88 & Calabi:
    I haven’t been following discussions in relics forum too closely, but from what I read so far it seems you won’t be able to play anything except for SMs in the campaign. :-(

    I’m sad to say this, but I’m really unimpressed by the trailer, as I don’t care for the explosions in the slightest. The levels I’ve seen here and in screenshots however seem really uninspired from a visual point of view. They look somehow like a more shiny version of what DoW offered with added destructible objects and I wouldn’t consider this a compliment to relic.
    The focus on customisation and smaller squads/heroes in SP can only mean an improvement over DoW and its addons but Ebert’s commentary sounded… unenthusiastic at best.

  17. Zeitgeist says:

    If it wasnt for the Tyranids i dont actually think i would be that interested, i dont like any of the changes i have heard of, the gamne doesnt actually look very fun anymore with the small squads and needing cover…

  18. Excalibur says:

    I was really excited at first, but it just looks boring now. No building, squads, slow and small scale gameplay make it completely unappealing. I’ll give it a shot, if there’s a demo. If it’s not fun, I’ll be at a Winter Assault LAN on launch day.

  19. rocketman71 says:

    Looks like a Company of Heroes Total Conversion.

    Anyway, I’m not giving money to Relic until they drop SecuROM, from this and from CoH. Putting SecuROM in the 2.x patch for CoH vanilla was a satanic movement that I still haven’t forgiven them.

  20. Lorc says:

    Deviations from genre convention must be punished, mercilessly.

    I’m being unfair. Sorry. I’m not trying to trash people for not liking the things they don’t like. It just makes me think about the problems of sweeping genrelisations.

    How the standardisation of RTS games alienates people who might want something that isn’t sending peons to mine credits to build a barracks to make soldiers to shoot the enemy construction yard.
    And so when something different comes along, it’s villified for failing to be what the genre devotees expected it to be (ref: Ground Control), while the people who might be interested have long since learned to interpret “RTS” as a stagnant dead end.

    The same kind of thing happened with first person shooters (“System Shock 2 was the worst FPS ever”) oks to be happening now with MMOs.

    (Was “genrelisation” indulgent? I hope so.)

  21. Tom says:

    The units are to small, they look just like CoH’s.
    But US-Marines ARE actually smaller than bloody Space Marines, somebody should go and tell them. And don’t give me crap about being to zoom in. Its not the same.

  22. Andrew says:

    Moan moan whine moan.

    This looks great although the tiny window that I watched it in means that some of the subtleties and details are lost. I’m frankly bemused by some of the criticisms in this comment thread.

  23. Gylfi says:

    I doubt whether the ability to simply revive squads is gonna make things too easy and disgruntle the tactics-craver

  24. Radiant says:

    That looked awesome.
    But why just after you emphasise cover do you send your squad to stand 1mm around the giant thrashing machine with claws?
    I love small squad RTS games. I’ve been playing through Act of War and disposability of your units just doesn’t sit right.

  25. Radiant says:

    edit please!
    “I’ve been playing through Act of War and the disposability of your mass units just doesn’t sit right with me.”

  26. Dizet Sma says:

    I’ll wait for the non Space Marine expansions, I think. I like the Tau, there’s a better focus on tactics rather than that unpleasant rush to close quarters with the attendant stabbing and slashing.

    Also the use of cover is “really important and you’ll need it to survive”… unless you can just rocket jump over the wall and knock over 20 opponents. Nice to see that a little outcropping of bushes have the ability to reflect a shed load of damage, I suggest the Orks make the leaves into armour!

    And the big bad robot thing, who’s really mean? Yeah, we’ll hand to hand him and get mashed, it’s not like we have some freaking great ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT weapon at our disposal or anything, is it?

  27. Weylund says:

    It does look pretty boring. I was expecting bigger battles. I’m all for small-scale tactical games, but I’m not sure the term “tactical” applies to a game in which ten Marines can cluster around an Ork Dreadnought and beat on it for thirty seconds while it’s completely unable to kill them, and they apparently it.

    They faded away from that scene because – you guessed it! – it was boring.

    I want BIGGER Dawn of War, with Tyranids. I don’t want Chaos Gate with crappy RTS controls and recycled meant-for-larger-scale-viewing DoW graphics.

    I’ll go play Final Liberation again.

  28. Radiant says:

    lol ur gme make no snse.
    We Pc uzrs r smart.
    wud like more xplosions

  29. Radiant says:

    Is this going to be capture and hold gameplay?
    I love the idea of c+h but the reality in single player games, is that it very rarely recreates the back and forth you get with multi-player.
    Admittedly I do find the scenarios were a loss is inevitable [see company of heroes hold out for x minutes] a bit deflating.
    It will be interesting to see what exactly relic have in store to expand the genre.

  30. Klumhru says:

    Wow, a PC only game.

    Cue GFWL logo.


  31. Jochen Scheisse says:


  32. Bema says:

    Mmm. I think i’ll get this purely because I enjoyed the original, but what i’ve seen so far hasn’t really sold it for me.

  33. BabelFish says:

    This is a edited version of the demo they showed off at PAX (to an absolutely packed theater I might add) and apparently game media outlets. Watching them play through the entire level was incredibly impressive.

    If I had to describe it, take CoH’s gameplay mechanics, add in 40k’s over-the-top atmosphere, and shrink the scale down to being very focused on a few very powerful squads and you get DoW2. I personally can’t wait.

  34. BabelFish says:

    Oh, @Gylfi:

    When you revive your squad leader, only he comes back, the rest of the squad stays dead.

    You have to either re-supply them at points in the mission (such as the shrine they showed), or call in a drop pod with the squad leader (one time per mission.) And if your wondering, yes, the drop pod acts like a really big assault marine (the jetpack guys) when it lands: things go flying.

    Also, for all those complaining about the scale: We’ve seen nothing about multiplayer yet. All this stuff is the singleplayer mission. Relic is keeping the multiplayer really close to their chest, although they dropped hints at PAX that they’ll release more details in early 2009.

  35. Legandir says:

    Looks distinctly meh….I’ll reserve judgement until it comes out and i see some reviews but i dont expect to buy this one. I loved DOW but this seems to have gone in a completely different direction and looks to be DOW in name only

  36. CrashT says:

    Reminds me of Ground Control. Which is amusing as the original reminded me of Ground Control 2.

  37. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Still waiting on news about the IG. Are they gonna wait for an expansion first?

  38. Gylfi says:

    @Babelfish: Uhm no i didn’t mean reviving the squad LEADEr, the demo shows that those marines went to the dreadnought to get, uhm, incapacitated, to show the squad LEADER ability to revive ANY marine, clearly stating that there’s no “perma” death of a marine.

    Now, I like (hope) that every “encounter” can be solved in many tactical ways (cause choices today are just too important), but if you’re succesful at the encounter with even only one leader standing and you can revive any marine, isn’t it gonna make every encounter way easier since just one “reviver” is enough to proceed, eliminating the risk of having too few survivors to complete the map?

    And im thinking of Bungie’s Myth, here.

  39. Ginger Yellow says:

    “Looks like a Company of Heroes Total Conversion.”

    Which is exactly why I’m so excited.

  40. Jochen Scheisse says:

    The IGz won’t be in teh original, same as Chaos. There’s just Eldar, Nids, Marines and Orks.

  41. Jochen Scheisse says:

    And let me say, I like how they’re taking this in a new direction, and this might enable us to play with preconstructed armies for point value in MP. From what I’ve seen up to now, I urgently need a new PC.

  42. The Hammer says:

    might enable us to play with preconstructed armies

    Oh god, yes please!

  43. Okami says:

    looksh nice… though it doesn’t feel 40k.. concept sounds good, it’s relic, so gamplay bound to be good. but the thing.. the thing is – nobody’s ever done a true 40K game. I want the artwork of John Blanche to come alive. I want fascist ultra religious brainwashed nazis in space imperium and not heroic us marines in space with funny sound samples.

    give me the inquisition! give me billions of people killed by viral bombing, because one guy on a planet read the wrong book!

    This ain’t true 40K – this just a good RTS with a few new ideas with a games workshop paintcoat on all the assets!

    note to self: domnt post wehn wdrunk.

  44. TheDeadlyShoe says:

    Cue GFWL logo.

    The GFWL in DOW2 will have all the gold features without having to pay for them. Microsoft has apparently decided that the old GFWL model is a failure.

    @Babelfish: Uhm no i didn’t mean reviving the squad LEADEr, the demo shows that those marines went to the dreadnought to get, uhm, incapacitated, to show the squad LEADER ability to revive ANY marine, clearly stating that there’s no “perma” death of a marine.

    Now, I like (hope) that every “encounter” can be solved in many tactical ways (cause choices today are just too important), but if you’re succesful at the encounter with even only one leader standing and you can revive any marine, isn’t it gonna make every encounter way easier since just one “reviver” is enough to proceed, eliminating the risk of having too few survivors to complete the map?

    It is only the sergeants that get revived. They’re permanent characters that gain experience and abilities; guess it would be weird if they died. You can only reinforce squads from certain capturable objective structures. IIRC there’s also a drop pod ability which lets you reinforce in the field but it only works like once a mission. You might not even be able to save in mission, as the game is constructed so you can lose every mission and still reach the end point. (You’ll be weakass and your score will suck i think.)

  45. fanciestofpants says:

    Looking forward to this mainly BECAUSE it’s deviated from the standard base-building, resource-nabbing, tech-tree-expanding formula.

    Also I’m a GW nutcase, but aren’t we all?

  46. Alex says:

    @Okami – Wod brother….word. I recon every bit of your comment. Even when I´m not drunk atm.

  47. MonkeyMonster says:

    Ahhh, nice bit of orbital striking – just the thing to get you all excited in the morning. Am liking the upgradeable characteristics therefore allowing you to take your team a certain way and play type – giving nice replay value too. Wasn’t too sure of the slightly retarded send 3 to a two person house, 2 of the 3 man squad sneak in and the numpty of the group goes round and shows himself off to the orkz and sets it all off…
    But still – wheeeeeeeeeeeee Can’t wait!

  48. Nallen says:

    Veeeery nice

  49. Bobsy says:


    I invented the word “genrelisation” about four years ago. YOU’RE A THIEF! A WORD-PIRATE! Pay me royalties!

    In other news, listen, listen, listen. I was never interested in Warhammer as a kid. I didn’t grow up with it at all. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So believe me when I say I don’t auto-care about anything Warhammery and none of these games are doing much to sway me. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  50. rocketman71 says:

    God, I’d forgotten about that.

    GFWL + SecuROM = Fuck Relic