Zombie Cow Wants You (Well, Your Face)

Fame awaits. Tiny, tiny fame.

Ben There, Dan That developers, Zombie Cow, have a rather spiffy competition going on at their place. They’re offering to put you into their next game, the freshly announced sequel to BTDT, Time Gentlemen, Please. (Enter now before Richard Herring and Al Murray sue them out of existence.) Details below.

Dan Marshall, rival freelancer and indie developer, has created an exclam-free version of the compo details especially for us. It goes like this:

Here’s a pretty cool prize: how would you like to see a tiny pixellated version of yourself in one of those trendy ‘Indie games’ everyone’s going on about these days?

I’m giving away a cameo in the upcoming Ben There, Dan That sequel Time Gentlemen, Please, so if you’ve ever wanted to see yourself digitised, reduced to pixels, and making inappropriate jokes about wanking on peoples’ computer screens the world over, here’s your chance.

All you have to do is come up with an interesting character that you’d play. Maybe you’d like to be a Space Pirate called Ian, or a ghost who thinks he’s a piece of bacon. Maybe you’ll go all meta and play a man who won a competition to appear in a video game.

Whatever your stupid and diseased fetish, type it up in words and send it in.

No doubt you’ve already played and enjoyed and donated to the FREE and EXCELLENT Ben There, Dan That so you’ll know that pretty much anything goes in our universe – we can wangle near any monstrosity of a character into our improbable plotlines, so let your imagination run riot. Maybe you’d play a character whose imagination has literally run riot, and he’s constantly chasing after it with a net. Who knows?

Full details at www.zombie-cow.com.

And while you’re there, give them some money, you tight-fisted arse.


  1. Ian says:

    They mentioned the name Ian, and my name is Ian. Does that mean I automatically win or something? What with clearly being the only person called Ian on the entire internet, etc.

  2. Optimaximal says:

    I thought they weren’t doing a sequel… Sellouts!!!!

  3. WeakLemonDrink says:

    John, this is the second Lee & Herring derived reference I’ve heard you make in as many days. I think I love you.

  4. mellowF says:

    Ian, you only win if you really are a space pirate

  5. Ian says:

    I thought they weren’t doing a sequel… Sellouts!!!!

    Pre-release backlash is everywhere, nowadays. ;)

  6. Ian says:

    @ mellowF: (double post as we can’t seem to edit any more) I had a green parrot once, does that count?

  7. Little Green Man says:

    Green parrot! I want one!