Far Cry 2: “Money, Diamonds, and Blood”

Far Cry 2 is almost upon us, and I’m seething with anticipation. PC Gamer’s Tim Edwards telling us that it effectively kills off the entire linear shooter genre doesn’t do anything to ease that. His review in the latest PC Gamer UK is worth reading. If he’s right – and I dearly hope he is – that will stand up as one of the best game reviews of 2008. Of one of the best games.

While Far Cry 2 is very definitely just a shooter, Edwards’ review suggests that Stalker’s “wide corridor” model (that I loved so much) is going to be made to look shabby by this seamless 50km world, as executed by a talented, well-funded studio. I can’t wait to get to grips with the kind of freedom in an FPS that has previously only really manifested itself in GTA games. This latest trailer doesn’t make the longing any better, showing off loads of the open world stuff, including character dialogue, gun-play, speeding vehicles, and the ubiquitous fiery explosions. The dynamic story-telling perhaps doesn’t lend itself well to trailers, but trying reading our previous interview with the lead designer to get your head around that a bit better.

It’s out on PC Oct 22nd in North America, and on the 24th on the rest of the world.


  1. Koopa says:

    That trailer did it. Preorder, here I come!

  2. RichPowers says:

    That looks amazing.

    After playing GTA non-stop for the last week (thank Steam deals!), I forgot how much I enjoy the open world sandbox stuff.

  3. Erlam says:

    “Edwards’ review suggests that Stalker’s “wide corridor” model (that I loved so much) is going to be made to look shabby by this seamless 50km world, as executed by a talented, well-funded studio.”

    Did that just imply the team behind stalker is untalented?

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    No, it didn’t. It *stated* that Ubisoft Montreal is talented. Would I write this if I thought GSC had no talent?

  5. Erlam says:

    PS. “Corruption here is like sand – it’s everywhere.”

  6. Erlam says:

    No I realise it’s saying they’re talenting, but it sounds (to me) like “Stalker, with a huge 50 km area, done by a well-funded (which the stalker team wasn’t) talented team.”

    So I’m just reading that as “Stalker, done by a team that is better funded, and better talented.”

    I don’t mean to accuse you or anything, I’m just pointing out that’s how it reads to me.

  7. Jim Rossignol says:

    The GSC team was actually pretty well funded, both by THQ and by their previous huge success with the Cossacks series. Ubi Montreal probably had a significantly bigger budget overall, but then Stalker was at least as ambitious as this, with a team that was definitely less experienced, even if they made up for it in raw talent. So what I mean is: I’m really glad that a big studio is tackling this kind of shooter, and taking a direction that the Ukrainians helped define.

    Ubi Montreal have managed to get great tech and some competent game designers onto this, and I’m hoping that it’s an improvement on the same kinds of principles that made Stalker so much fun. I didn’t get that out of Clear Sky, so I’m hoping this will fit the bill.

  8. Fumarole says:

    This looks to provide the most fun in a shooter this year, until Left 4 Dead arrives, of course. I’m really looking forward to this.

  9. Ian says:

    I hope it’s more Just Cause than GTA (up to San Andreas at least) and you actually can go ANYWHERE from the start. I tried to just drive around in SA with the hour or so I gave it before my badass ganstah was stopped by a toll booth.

    I don’t doubt the core gameplay will deliver, I just hope the storytelling works as they hope it does.

  10. Nuyan says:

    One thing that really bothered me with a previous well-known Ubisoft game called Assasins Creed was the storyline, it was so overly careful and simplistic, while it had so incredibly much potential.

    Voice-acting here doesn’t sound amazing, but I still rather like that trailer.

  11. Deuteronomy says:

    Just completed Clear Sky with the 1.5.05 patch (without a single crash mind you). I’m going to give it an 86/100. 5 points off for the damn homing grenades.

    Having a giant landscape to roam around in is great, but let’s see how Far Cry 2 handles the RPG-like aspects. Inventory, weapons, npc schedule (faction wars?), and giving the player something to do. Artifact hunting in CS is addictive and something it feels like you need some patience and skill for. Warhead got great reviews but it wasn’t 1/10th the game (literally if you count hours I’ve played) of Clear Sky.

    I’m leaning toward getting FC2 over Fallout 3 for next month’s game but somehow I feel like it’s going to be more like a Crysis without boundaries than a Stalker-type game.

  12. dhex says:

    crysis without boundaries sounds awesome.

  13. A-Scale says:

    I haven’t even read this article yet but I would like to thank the RPS guys for an excellent selection of article topics today.

  14. Colthor says:

    If they use limited installs and online activation for this I’ll be a Sad Panda, because then I won’t be able to buy it.

    Either way, it’d be nice if they told us.

  15. garren says:

    I bet ten imaginary bucks that one of those your friends is jackal. And it depends on what you do in-game, so anyone can be him.

  16. Downloads_Plz says:

    And I’m sold.

    *Throws my wallet at Ubisoft*

  17. CrashT says:

    Well that’s a slightly better idea than the one I feared they were going to use.

  18. Tim E says:

    Thanks for the compliments, Jim. I can’t wait for you, and everyone else, to play this.

  19. Fire_Storm says:

    Tim, after I hugged you you said you were worried that perhaps this game might not justify your review score.

    After playing it for most of PC Gamer Showdown I can say that your score is more than fair.

    … just for that flamethrower….!

  20. Vivian says:

    I’m sure this has been argued about in abundance, but what exactly does this (fantastic looking, admittedly) game have to do with far cry? Theres not going to be fucking rocketproof mutant wildebeest in the last half is there?

  21. CrashT says:

    Well it’s got handgliders in it, does that count?

  22. Leeks! says:

    Damn. That’s a helluva trailer.

  23. soviet_ says:

    Already pre-ordered, can’t wait. What’s going to happen when Fallout 3 comes out on the 31st though?!

    That wait for Left4Dead might go a little bit quicker now…

  24. CrashT says:

    So Tim, since you appear to be lurking, what’s the performance like for this? Is it upgrade time again?

  25. Radiant says:

    “garren says:

    I bet ten imaginary bucks that one of your friends is jackal. And it depends on what you do in-game, so anyone can be him.”
    I’ll bet ten bucks that the jackel is a myth and that YOU end up becoming the jackel.
    Take that Alistair MacLean.

  26. Radiant says:

    Also a quick google leads me to believe that the article isn’t out in the wild for me to read.
    Come on internet let me see these words for free; it’s what I pay you for.

  27. Eli Just says:

    damn, I guess I should pre-order on steam

  28. Poet says:

    It’s on Steam btw, preorder is 5$ off (at least for us Americans).

  29. Saflo says:

    Far Cry 2: Cry Farther

  30. CrashT says:

    How about some cross game contamination… Far Cry 2: Cry Some More.

  31. Deuteronomy says:

    Far Cry 2 is $5.00 off at Direct2drive as well.

  32. Friday says:

    I really hope this game delivers, I trust it too be good but I just can’t read first reviews. I remeber pc gamer had the first for crysis and they gave it a 98, which was atleast a BIG 10 points more then it deserved. But I dont read that shit anymore so it cool.

  33. Radiant says:

    Far Cry 2: Find Carver

    Who’s drunk?

  34. mrrobsa says:

    @ Friday:

    PC Gamer 98’d Crysis?! Really?! I mean, I only played the demo, but 98?! Someone tell me otherwise.

    Oh and Farcry 2 looks grand.

  35. Konky Dong XXX: The Dong of Konky says:

    Crysis got the Doom 3 treatment. It’s an enjoyable enough game, but the flashy whiz-bang visuals pumped up the review scores to something more than what the game actually deserves.

    Now we’re in the backlash phase, where the next wave of FPSes comes out and Crysis is regarded as shit for the next year or two (much like Doom 3 was after HL2 hit). After the buzz we get from Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead and the like wears off, we’ll revisit Crysis and say, “Hey, this game isn’t that bad.” and finally give it an honest assessment again.

  36. Bhazor says:

    Certainly seems a step above the corridors of Crysis where the walls were trees and abject boredom of having nothing to do if you veer off the path.

  37. ScubaV says:

    My fear is that it will be an aimless sandbox game that makes you create your own fun rather than provide fun for you. I’m interested, but definitely taking a wait and see approach.

  38. Katsumoto says:

    @ mrrobsa

    It was the US PC gamer that gave Crysis 98, as opposed to regular PCG which did this review. If that helps.

    Also, as ever, this is only on Steam in North America. Godfuckingdamnit etc. But nevermind, I’ve recently rediscovered a passion for lovely boxes! :)

  39. Katsumoto says:

    Not to say that US PCG isn’t “regular”. Damn lack of edit function!

  40. futage says:

    “game that makes you create your own fun rather than provide fun for you”

    My favourite kind of game, that.

    My feeling is that this is going to be Boiling Point done well.

  41. Aftershock says:

    Saw the steam update news, “Far Cry 2 coming to Steam”

    and then the fine print.
    “only available in United States, Mexico, and Canada”


    They’ve finally worked out a semblance of region locking on PC. Sigh.

  42. Klumhru says:

    Regionlocking = not buying.


  43. Bhazor says:

    Reply to Klumhru

    Awww, that’s so cute.

  44. Colthor says:

    Considering you can get the game a good £10 cheaper from online shops than you would be able to through Steam anyway (if it were sold here) it’s hard to really be upset that it isn’t…

  45. Charlie says:


    I read that with Comic Book Guy’s voice.

  46. Deuteronomy says:


    Honestly I would be hard pressed to say whether HL2 was better than D3. Maybe a hair better. Crysis vs Far Cry 2 is going to be interesting.

  47. Hernan says:

    I’m amazed at how many cliched pearls of wisdom they managed to fit in.

    “You don’t find the Jackal, the Jackal… finds YOU”

    Watch out Confucious!

  48. Chris R says:

    Yup, I’m in for a pre-order via Steam as well. PLEASE BE GOOD Far Cry 2…

  49. fanciestofpants says:

    Never been particularly impressed with anything Far-cry or crytek related. Not particularly impressed here either. I’ll play it if someone I know buys it, I guess.

    This from a guy who friggen’ LOVES sandbox stuff.

  50. Chris R says:

    @ Fanciestofpants: Well then you’re not really a lover of sandboxes sir. What is your definition of “sandbox”?

    Here’s mine to name a few (I own all of these, and they are currently installed on my machine):
    All the GTA’s and its clones.
    Crysis and Crysis Warhead
    Stalker 1 and 2

    To me the term “sandbox game” = any game in which you create your own entertainment, rather than the game ‘showing’ you the “fun”, as is the case with heavily scripted games (COD4, Bioshock, HL2 and expansions).

    So I call BS that you loved all the other sandbox games, and yet are failed to be impressed with Far Cry 2.
    I enjoy sandbox games the most, and loath scripted games, and from everything I’ve seen, Far Cry 2 is amazing. If you love sandbox games, how could you not be excited by FC2?