Little Machines Still Goes Deeper

Okay this is really fun. Indiegames dug up this little gem (oh, that’s a clever joke!) by OUEO, the makers of a previous RPS favourite, Debrysis. That really is a great game, and I still play it occasionally now. Anyway! Little Machines Still Goes Deeper is a game about digging down through the Earth to collect precious stones. You can control the general direction of your drill-machines by setting an arrow waypoint for them – but be careful, because boulders, gravel, or other digging machines will cause you to explode, and you have a limited number of little machines. Download it, play it. How deep can you dig? Not very, I’ll warrant. For other digging-based joys, play Death Worm. DEATH WORM!


  1. fearian says:

    I really didnt find Debrysis that interesting or fun – but ‘Deeper looks like something that will stay on my hard drive for quite a while :)

    Plus, what an awesome name!

  2. Culprit says:

    I really enjoyed little sessions of Death Worm for about a month. It was comical and wonderfully sadistic in many ways. I’ll have to check this one out when I get some spare game-time.

  3. NuZZ says:

    DEATH WORM!!!!!

  4. luminosity says:


  5. Ben Abraham says:

    I think I’ll add my voice to the chorus of

    DEATH WORM!!!!!

  6. Garreett says:


  7. Mystic Smeg says:

    DEATH WORM!!!!

  8. Junior says:


  9. manintheshack says:

    Personally, I don’t think there’s enough support for the common garden worm.

  10. Badly Named says:

    This is lovely, yet oh so very tricky. I’m rubbish at multitaking, yet its really fun and the character of it is great.