Soloing A 36-Man Raid…

VG247 spotted this one on Ripten: a guy on the forums who plays with 36 WoW accounts, across eleven PCs.

It costs me exactly $5711 in subscription costs per year with 36 accounts on the 6 month pay schedule. Not bad considering I’m looking at it like it’s a hobby and there are more expensive hobbies out there than World of Warcraft.

And I thought my three simultaneous Eve accounts were excessive.


  1. Ryx says:

    Holy.. good…

    My GOD.

  2. cliffski says:

    Why not just… play an RTS game then? That is effectively what he is doing.
    Would be a tad cheaper…

  3. feffrey says:

    With eve it could be justified since you can pay your subscription with game money, but wow? why??????

  4. Klaus says:

    What’s the point of playing then?? And to be perfectly honest, when I saw the picture I thought this was some military headquarters.

  5. Arnulf says:

    This is absurd!

    if there ever was a way to make WOW unpopular, then this is it

  6. Southpark says:

    this reminds me of the southpark episode
    “how to kill someone who has no life”

  7. Ging says:

    I just can’t understand the viewpoint of $5711 a year being not bad for a hobby!

    Sure, there are more expensive hobbies than WoW, but for the normal person that’s like, bowling once a week and not flying in the redbull air race championship…

  8. Klaus says:

    Actually, I think some of the other WoW players in the Ripten thread are doing that all themselves. They’re pretty malicious, especially the one comment where some guy says he wants to murder the player.

    I haven’t been that unnerved on the internets, in some years.

  9. Kadayi says:

    With that many accounts you’d think Blizzard would cut him a discount….

  10. c0wb0ys7y13 says:

    If he must to play a horrible game, at least hes playing it right.

  11. Indian says:

    Soloing a raid…. what’s the point of that?? We all know there are extremists in the world, but this is going to far. Get a life.

  12. Thiefsie says:

    Poor, poor soul driven to do that.

  13. Koopa says:

    Never understood the need to solo a multiplayer game.

  14. Leelad says:

    Magma totems either side of drek with a cheeky 36x earth shock for anyone who makes it in…one way for horde to win AV in the 70 bracket!

  15. kuki says:

    If it isn’t a fake, that guy is simply sick. I thought that people who has 2 or more accounts are “stupid”, but i seems I need to change my judgment scale :) This is absurd.

  16. andrewdoull says:

    Think of this as more of a 7337 gamer challenge – you know, like speedrunning Half-Life.

  17. Lorc says:

    Sod snap-judgements and stereotypes – this is an impressive undertaking.

    Why do it? Because nobody else has done it and to prove that it can be done. The world is a better place for having people like this in it.

  18. HellFire says:

    And……. he has a copy of Everquest as well! Wow!

  19. Rob says:


    Other people have done it, in the thread itself a guy with 50 boxes is linked.

    If he enjoys it without prejudice to the enjoyment of other people who can’t afford the setup nor the time then more power to him. If he manages to macro sufficiently well to raid one of the level 70 10 men or 25 men dungeons at level 70, or level 80 dungeons at level 80 then I will indeed be in awe.

  20. Carra says:

    $5711 in subscription costs per year

    Sure and the cost of all the hardware / electricity.

    Even if I wanted a setup like that, I simply can’t afford it ;)

  21. Xilnold says:

    I don’t really get the people calling him a loser with no life.

    If he has the money to support it, and he enjoys doing it, who are we to judge? I see nothing in the article about him doing it 24/7, just him doing it in bulk.

  22. ZenArcade says:


  23. Pod says:

    It’s a sad sad day when RPS links to Ripten.

    re: The topic. Does it give him 36x more fun? Or is it diminishing returns and he’s only on about 12.8x the amount of fun a single person can have?

  24. CakeAddict says:

    What a waste of money.
    It’s not like you can actually manage a 36 man raid by yourself, you’ll need a several heads with brains and a lot more arms with multiple hands attached to it.
    The levelling is doable with /follow but I really can’t see what he is gonna do with the accounts after that…

    ( gotta be a pain in the ass to yust equip all those chars )

  25. Vivian says:


    No it isn’t. Thats like saying the world is a better place for having a man who can fit 10 50p pieces up each nostril.

  26. Aftershock says:

    I laughed when i saw he uses trackpads.

    Then i marvelled. He can’t possibly effectively control them all independently, at the same time..

  27. Vanderdecken says:

    Magma totems either side of drek with a cheeky 36x earth shock for anyone who makes it in…one way for horde to win AV in the 70 bracket!

    Now that really was another language. I think there may be a level of geek above myself.

  28. yns88 says:

    I see where this guy’s coming from.

    Take a mundane, low-interaction game and play it on two computers simultaneously, and it starts to actually become kind of fun. Play it on four at the same time and it becomes a balancing game. After that it’s just a challenge to see how far you can go and still manage.

    If it weren’t so fucking expensive I’d play three EVE accounts at once; as it is, I have no real interest in MMOs.

  29. The Hammer says:

    Magma totems either side of drek with a cheeky 36x earth shock for anyone who makes it in…one way for horde to win AV in the 70 bracket!

    I’d see him as more likely to defend Frostwolf Graveyard, personally! :D

  30. kwyjibo says:

    What a cunt, no other explanation.

  31. Aftershock says:


    If you really enjoy pushing 50p pieces up your nose, and it makes you happy, then do it. The world is better for having another person who can be happy without it being at someone else’s expense.

  32. Arsewisely says:

    It’s an interesting spectacle, if ever so slightly creepy. It’s an embodiment of one of my gaming pet hates though – when it becomes an excercise in mathematics, economics and precision management. I hate it when people basically become robots cus they know the game inside out, and exactly how to play it with maximum efficiency. Where’s the fun in that? There’s no soul to it. I had a housemate who did exactly this and I could never beat him at Wii tennis. The git.

  33. Vivian says:

    I can see how its not worse, but how is it better? What benefit does it have?

    My friend Jim actually COULD fit a 50p up his nose, it was frightening.

  34. Pete says:

    Honestly, and I say this as a WoW player, you have to be a special kind of freak to enjoy and justify this. Damn.

  35. Sum0 says:

    Oh no, the angry internet men strike RPS!

    Yeah, it’s a little weird, and the guy could be doing better things with his time, but I don’t hate him.

  36. sana says:

    He could’ve done something better with the money.. like sending it to me..

  37. Leelad says:

    Been trying to find a vid the that Jap guy who Multiboxed Karazhan solo.

    That’s more impressive i’d say, He had all 10 accounts across 2 PC’s how he managed tanks, healers and DPS using key cloning software is mindblowing.

  38. dash says:

    There are hobbies and there are also unhealthy addictions…
    This one is a former and this guy seriously needs help.

  39. dash says:

    ehm i mean “later” lol

  40. Rob says:


    I agree that that’s more impressive and is something I’d truly like to see, if you can find the link.

  41. Lim-Dul says:

    Geez – it’s his money and stuff – don’t judge him by the amount of money he’s willing to spend. Also, nobody knows how much he plays the game – I’m pretty sure it’s less than some people with just one account.

    Also, the fact that he spends so much money must mean that he has a job and some form of normal life – again, not something many WoW can boast with.

    The only thing I find very, very weird is that WoW is a massively MULTIPLAYER game. I’m not a fan of WoW in the first place but when you take away all social interaction (because you’re playing with yourself – pun intended) then it really becomes incredibly crappy.

  42. ADamnFox says:

    Yeah, screw this guy for enjoying himself, AND for spending his time and money the way he wants to!

    Grrr! Etc.

  43. Fat says:

    How is playing 36 characters at once any ‘sadder’ than playing 1. The guy is quite possibly loaded and the subscriptions might be pocket change to him, in which case he’s not really sacrificing anything to play so many toons.

    Plus it’s the challenge, getting all that stuff working together and then getting used to running all those toons around and working in sync.

    Some people are sad, but it’s not generally the ones who spend money they already have on a game/hobby, it’s the ones who judge them because they either have no interest in it, or no money/time to do it themselves.

  44. Matt says:

    I guess not getting drops in Kara does things to you…

  45. Chris says:

    Reminds me of playing in chess simultaneously along side 15-20 other players many years ago. Why not i say. Remember its people like this that find new play styles and what not:)
    I would like to see far more wide spread misuse of games.

  46. Ergates says:

    The hostility displayed towards him is just basic bigotry – “I don’t understand it therefore I hate it”.

    You can make the “waste of money” and “why do it” arguements about any hobby. Why play computer/video games at all? (surely and argument that anyone gamer has encountered at some point). Why build a scale model of the Titanic? Why paint pictures of flowers?

    @Vivian: It’s not the act of inserting 50ps into the nose that makes the world a better place, or the end result of 50ps being in a nose either. Firstly, It’s the fact that someone is happy from doing something that is harmless to others – happiness is good, the more of it there is, the better the world gets. Secondly, it’s about variety. It’s the spice of life, and the more of it there is the better – if everyone enjoyed exactly the same things the world would be a duller place.

  47. Kommissar Nicko says:

    It’s like an orgy. Why buy one hooker if you can buy 36? Sure, you can’t possibly do anything with 36 hookers, and this guy clearly stated that he actually fucked ONLY eight hookers, and using complex software, programmed the other 32 to do the can-can. At least he’s getting traction out of the rest rather than having those damn lazy hookers sit around.

    Lazy hookers.

  48. DigitalSignalX says:

    My father spends about 5k US$ on model railroad equipment and various trips to related events. Pretty sure no one would come close to the degrees of insults ppl have for this guy.

    Making a combination of WoW and parallel computing a expensive, time consuming hobby is just someone else’s flavor of obsession. More power to him.

  49. Vivian says:


    I absolutely promise you that if everyone enjoyed playing 36 characters at once on WOW then the world would be an almost unbelievably duller place.

  50. Nick says:

    At least he’s not spending it on crack or sending it to the IRA.