Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Remastered Demo

No, Shit, Sherlock.

Walker’s talked about the fact Frogware are “do”ing an improved version of their Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened previously, but there’s now a just-over 500Mb demo of the game available. Also, in French. You can download it and play it and similar. This is becoming something of a trend, what with the Witcher’s Enhanced edition and all that. And to that, we can say: Splendid.

If you need a reminder of the improvements, below the cut’s the video Walker previously linked to.

And Good morning, everyone. I trust your day is splendid.


  1. pkt-zer0 says:

    3rd person, neat. Too bad the game itself was pretty mediocre.

  2. x25killa says:

    Top shelf! Looks pretty.

  3. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Why yes thank you Kieron, the day seems to be going quite well. It’s rather sunny and my bike is finally going to get fixed. What’s happening with you?

  4. Alex says:

    How do you do? Also, Watson scares me in that picture.

  5. Confidence Interval says:

    Good morning to you too, sir. I never played the non-remastered version (the simply “mastered” version?) of this but the Holmes-Cthulhu cross-over seems at odds with the hyper-rationalist ethos of the original stories – the dog that didn’t bark, and all that. I like the 19th-Century US look of the thing, though.

  6. Forceflow says:

    Okay, let’s stop the sunshine-vomiting, already. There’s something terribly wrong with Watson indeed. Stiff upper lip, old chaps.

  7. phil says:

    Minor fixes aren’t going to help much. The game was a mess thematically, with none of the creeping dread of Lovecraft or the narrative precision of a good Holmes yarn.

    (SPOILERS:) The final bit in the lighthouse was just awful. After it seemed to be building to an epic confrontation were this paragon of the human intellect would be facing off against a pantheon of elder gods carved from pure malevolence, set to doom mankind to madness, you were left with ten minutes of clichéd, mundane cultist characters you had never seen before bellowing hammy lines whilst shooting at you, and an utterly anti-climatic big boss being killed by a wave. A Wave! There no actual conformation the supernatural threat was real. It was like Scooby-Bloody-Doo. There was even a surreal sequence involving a long lost pirate king. Where were the Goddamn Shoggoth? Home Base?

    This had so much potential. An adventure game similar to ‘A study in emerald’ I’d have happily forgiven all it’s little game breaking quirks for, but unless the enhanced edition includes a script rewrite from Neil Gaiman, I think I’ll pass.

  8. Someone says:

    There is a rather excellent book containing nothing but Sherlock Holmes meets Lovecraft mythos stories. It is called “Shadows over Baker Street”, check it out.

  9. Confidence Interval says:

    Sounds intriguing – thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Clovis says:

    I deduce that if the game now runs in 3rd person, then Watson must have to actually move around on his own. In fact, the video shows just that. I, personally, cannot condone a version of this game that doesn’t include “creepy Watson”. Suddenly having Watson appear behind you was the best part of the game!

  11. malkav11 says:

    So….it will now have third person view and have more modern graphics? Yay, I suppose. I’m not *nearly* as excited about that as that Frogwares guy seems to be. What I wanted fixed were, oh, I don’t know, gameplay fixes. Like taking out the stupid goddamn stealth sequence in the prison section the video briefly shows. That’s what effectively KOed my playthrough of the game. Some more intuitive puzzles with a bit more flexibility of approach would also have helped.