The RPS Thinkosium: Book Now!

The London Games Fringe asked if we wanted to run an event as part of this year’s fringe. We said – hell yeah! To that end, on the night of October 28th we will be running the world’s first RPS Thinkosium downstairs at the Alphabet Bar in Soho, London. You are all welcome. While tickets are free, you have to book them in advance. And since the venue isn’t exactly enormous, you probably better get a move on. You can do so here.

But what is the RPS Thinkosium? Well, glad you asked…

Rock Paper shotgun is the world’s biggest PC gaming blog. Which is a funny to thing find yourself writing, but it seems to be true nevertheless. It is devoted to three . The clever, the stupid and the PC games. Their event as part of the London Games Fringe aims to pull all three together.

The basic set up is Question Time. Kieron Gillen acting as host to a panel of PC Gaming experts, including Mark Morris of Introversion (DARWINIA, DEFCON, MULTIWINIA) and Splash Damage’s Ed Stern (ENEMY TERRITORY: QUAKE WARS). Plus others to be announced when we’re sure they’re actually going to turn up. We gather questions in advance, and then ask them to the panel. They will then talk over the issues as cleverly and funnily as they can. The truth will be located.

Which is the clever – but there’s a twist, and it’s a stupid one. It’s also a drinking game. Whenever certain words are mentioned – which aren’t known in advance, and are only revealed as and when they’re spoken – everyone has to drink. The words will be, perhaps predictably, ones which are fairly likely to turn up in the debate. Like – say – “Piracy”. Everyone will end up getting a bit tipsy, unless you’re drinking soft drinks, and then you’ll get – er – a bit sugar rushy. Which is nearly as good.

There’s also some money behind the bar, so some drinks will be free too. As is the entrance fee, though you do have to book a ticket on this splendid page.

It’s a unique chance to come along and mingle (and mingle drinks) with other lovers of PC games. We demand your attendance. WE DEMAND IT.

As I said, tickets can be booked here. We’ll give updates about others guests when we actually know for sure, but promises to be a highly amusing evening anyway. The doors will open at 7 for canvasing of questions, while the actual questions will start at around 8 or so, continuing as long as it seems funny and/or we have questions. Probably the former.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you there.

[This event is part of The London Games Fextival 2008, so check out their website for a selection of the other, lesser events you can take a look at in the Big Smoke around the same time.]


  1. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    I can’t meet these demands!

    The airfare’s a bit much, especially in this economy.

  2. uncleb says:

    Would go, but Tuesday? With drinking afterwards? It’d be at least 4 before I hit bed then working Wed, so no chance.

  3. Mike Arthur says:

    Gone already? Boo :(

  4. Pijama says:


  5. Eli Just says:

    What Pijama said. If only I wasn’t in the US I would so be there.

  6. Matt says:

    Sold out already? :(

  7. Mister Yuck says:

    I think you should all fly out to Chicago to do this instead. That makes sense.

    I’ll let you camp out in my basement?

  8. Will Tomas says:

    Please please please can someone take a DV camera and a tripod? For those of us who can’t make it it would be a great thing to be able to watch. Failing that, Kieron’s dictaphone from the RPS audio broadcasts…

  9. Tims says:

    Argh!! booked out already?!! noooooo!

  10. Down Rodeo says:

    Dammit 700 miles awayness!

    That’s a bit of a gutter. Have a good night though guys.

    I second-third- actually God know what number it’s on now, umm, that you should be recording this.

  11. Tims says:

    any chance of moving to a bigger venue? or should we stand out the front and try to buy peoples identities?

  12. AsubstanceD says:

    We need more tickets! I want to go! tickets were pirated im guessing and so they aren’t supporting pc gamers anymore.

  13. andrewdoull says:

    Um… booked out already?

    Which is a shame, as I am actually in London (over from Sydney) at the time and I would have loved to have gone. Anyone have a spare ticket they’re willing to lend me

  14. whoaaaa says:

    What drinks are free?

  15. Rei Onryou says:

    Sold out? Say it ain’t so! Please tell me that I can just turn up and enjoy the awesomeness. There’ll be drinks in it for the four of you (you do take bribes, don’t you?)!

  16. wiper says:

    Bollocks, the one day I step away from the internet to do *important real-world things* (like finish my dissertation in time for Wednesday), this happens. Pants.

  17. Dean says:

    Problem with free stuff is if you wait long enough to find out if you can actually make it for real it ‘sells out’ to people that don’t…

  18. Raff says:

    Drat. Booked up. Am going to the EG on that day and this would have been a perfect addition.

    Move to Millennium dome please.

  19. Aftershock says:

    I’ll just file this one as another part of the “having the nicest beaches tax”.

    Stupid geographic isolation.

  20. Mort says:

    maaan booked up!


  21. phuzz says:

    Biggest brit blog? Well, erm, I can’t think of any bigger ones, wait a mo, what about Warren Ellis? He must have loads of readers, or what about some british musician? But apart from that, all hail our tea drinking RPS overlords!

  22. Feet says:

    Bah. I dilly-dallied on whether to come and now it is too late. And I’m only up the road from London too, could have got there in an hour.

  23. Seb Potter says:

    Damn, wish I’d seen this yesterday. The Alphabet Bar is just around the corner from my office, and a regular haunt.

  24. Bobsy says:

    Ah well. I couldn’t have made it anyway. Important work event happens the following day. Attendees! Try your best not to get into a drunken rage and impale Introversion employees with barstool legs!

  25. Crispy says:

    Got the ticket, now I just hope I get the time of work (yes, I’m a late worker).

    For anyone who for some reason doesn’t have a ticket, I’ll be sure to let RPS know they have a spare one going if I can’t come, but all signs at the moment are pointing to games plus boozing, schmoozing and more boozing! \o/

  26. AsubstanceD says:

    Im still waiting for you wonderful guys to announce more tickets or a bigger venue… Ill add it to my wishlist along with fallout 4 rpg edition. Shotguns on any spares by the way!

  27. Crispy says:

    Okay, AsubstanceD, for using the magic word (and being first to ask) you have dibs on my ticket if it goes begging.

  28. Kieron Gillen says:

    I’ve just opened some more tickets, gentlemen. GO!

    Just as a “in passing thing”, we opened up the tickets to RPS subscribers for a few days before we opened it up to the general readership. If we do something similar in future, that’s how we’ll be running it as well. Which is only fair, really.


  29. Crispy says:

    Define ‘subscriber’.

    RSS bottom-feeder? Gravatar owner? Regular poster? Forum member? This word needs clarity, sir!

  30. AsubstanceD says:

    Cheers RPS! I will be london bound, appreciate the gesture though crispy but I get to see you there now!

  31. kororas says:

    ‘we opened up the tickets to RPS subscribers for a few days before’

    /looks around

    Where? :-(

  32. Kieron Gillen says:

    We mailed everyone who subscribed on Saturday, to their paypal address.

    (Actually, one mail bounced and continued to bounce. God knows how he pays us every month via that account.)


  33. kororas says:

    That was probably me then :-(



  34. Kieron Gillen says:

    Kororas: Drop me a mail with the name of your paypal account and I’ll change it on the list.


  35. Crispy says:

    Oh, the “We the undersigned” type of subscriber.

    When I stop earning a fraction of a mere fraction of diddly-squat (tester pay), I may consider it. Or sooner if I’m feeling foolhardy (the Scottish word for ‘generous’; I am not Scottish).

  36. roBurky says:

    I think you should announce the subscriber perks more prominently in the future. As has just been demonstrated, not enough people even know about it. Plus it’s no longer begging for money if you’re giving people stuff for it.

  37. Rei Onryou says:

    Fantastic! Got meself a golden ticket!

  38. Matt says:

    Sold out again :( I need to up the hits on your site more frequently

  39. The_B says:

    I have tickets, I’m just a little worried about accomodation, as I doubt I can get back to Lincoln the same night…

  40. Ergates says:

    Just to be boring:
    If you created a Paypal account with your current email address, then [for instance] changed ISP, your Paypal account woud still function even though the email address was no longer valid.

  41. Ergates says:

    And this prompted me to subscribe (I meant to earlier, but forgot) so hurrah for that. (even though I can’t go down to London on a Tuesday – what with having a job and all…)

  42. Crispy says:

    Ergates, that’s what holidays are for.

    “I’ve lived within an hours cheap train journey of London during term for two years and gone there precisely twice (for a protest and for live).”

    404 – Church not found.

  43. Owen says:

    Never even knew you could subscribe actually, but will do so shortly.

  44. Morgo_the_Monkeygod says:

    PC games ‘n booze…made in heaven. Anybody tried drunk driving in racing sims?

  45. Paul says:

    Damn, missed out – any more tickets going up for this?

  46. Ging says:

    The_B: I can guarantee that you can’t get back to Lincoln the same night – past about 11:30, you’re looking at a 6 hour wait at Newark… I suppose you could walk from Castle to North Gate really, really slowly?

    I felt bad about ad blocking the site for a while, so figured throwing a single pound (roughly) a month towards the hive minds tea fund would make up for it.

  47. Larington says:

    Wow, this sold out fast, how well, maybe next time.