Consolevania: The Incomplete Kevin Leddins

Yeah - I was sick. Yeah, the mushrooms were wrong. But I fucking reviewed that game.

Following yesterday’s Consolevania post there was some in-thread discussion around Kevin Leddins. Which prompted Cheeba to actually put the first part up on Youtube too. which means we can present the Complete Kevin Leddins. Kevin Leddins is… well, it was kind of in response to the fallout around (“Don’t mention the War!” – Ed). It’s mocking several people, but, mainly – I fear – me. To be honest, the first time Jim saw it, after watching the end he said “Yeah – that’s pretty much what it’s like”. We fucking reviewed the game. Both vids beneath the cut…



  1. Irish Al says:

    Can open. Worms everywhere.

  2. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    The was some Kevin Leddins action in videoGaiden series 2 as well, see here. I’m sure there was more than one Eternal Pixel segment, but youtube isn’t forthcoming.

  3. Crispy says:

    lollerriffic :D

    “I know, I’ll watch some ‘Indy’ films!”

    “Catcher in the Rye” !

  4. parm says:

    Well, I lol’d.

    And after having originally ridiculed New Games Journalism, I think that compared to the standard of “traditional” games journalism we see on the interwebs (Top 10 Massive Pairs Of Tits In Games! Another Review Where We Give 80% To A Distinctly Average FPS Whose Publisher Took Us Out For A Really Nice Meal And Paid For Some Hookers!) I think I’ll take thoughtful articles about the personal impact of games (with occasional rude words) any time.

  5. ZenArcade says:

    wait, so new games journalism is real?


  6. ZenArcade says:

    Uuh, i think i misread that last post. Oh well. Anyway, sorry to say but I think the Consolevania piss-take is spot on. It’s propsterous. I love RPS and your writing, guys, but the piss take is incredibly funny and spot on aswell.

  7. Dexton says:

    Parm been visting the Games Radar website recently?

  8. kwyjibo says:

    There’s more Kevin Leddins in videoGaiden series 2, where he does a weekly roundtable discussion in the style of Newsnight Review.

  9. Confidence Interval says:

    Wow, that was a pretty involved piece of satire. Flattering that they see you as the Second Coming, though.

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    Well, it’s more that they’re saying that I think I’m the second coming. Which is also funny, because it’s true.


  11. The Klugman Revolution says:

    I’m not enjoying these videos at all and I usually think quite highly of the Conselvania/videoGaiden bunch.

    But this feels less like satire and more like puerile mockery. Isn’t the singular message of these videos “New Games Journalism is a bit pretentious”? Which is a very easy thing to accuse anything that seeks to “go against the grain” of, especially if you’ve got a Scottish accent and are unselfconsciously fat.

    I very much admire, what I perceive to be, the intentions of NGJ (there, I acronym’d) and don’t see any reason to delight in what feels like a serious of tediously simplistic put downs, even if they are seemingly endorsed by Mr. NSJ himself.

    Or is it all far more light-hearted than I’m appreciating and I’m entirely missing some kind of larger joke here?

  12. Ergates says:

    He dis you bad.

  13. Alec Meer says:

    It’s actually a lot funnier if you know Kieron.

  14. mpk says:

    But this feels less like satire and more like puerile mockery.

    Don’t know much about the Scottish mindset do you? You’ve just encapsulated the basis of all jokes told north of the border. It’s the inferiority complex we have.

  15. ZenArcade says:

    i think it’s because NGJ could potentially lead to some sort of intellectual snobbery. Something which scares me, because there’s been a recent trend in giving things names in the industry as of late. I.e. casual gamers, hardcore gamers, etc, it’s all a load of shit. and NGJ could lead to pure snobbery. Snobbery in an industry which, lets face it, is primarily about caving in zombies heads in with axes and tearing mutant freaks to shreds with big guns. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves Someday we’ll be playing games that are intellectually engaging, but right now? We’re just blowing people away with big guns. Lets not get all pretentious about it.

    I’m not accusing keiron of snobbery here, i dont think anyone is, i’m just saying there’s probably some very silly people on the internet that could mistake NGJ as an excuse to get all snobby on halo playing teenagers.

    I would love to see games become an art form, but lets keep our feet in the ground as well.

  16. Senethro says:

    Are you suggesting that you’re somehow too good to be entertained by puerile mockery every once in a while?

  17. Confidence Interval says:

    mpk is right. I failed to make a lot of friends when I first moved south of the border because I tried to establish relationships on the basis of exchanges of puerile mockery. Took me a while to figure out that that’s a particularly Scottish thing that people elsewhere don’t always get (or appreciate).

    In the spirit of New Games Commenting-on-websites and making fancy artistic and historical references: you can see the roots of this in e.g. the Flyting of Dumbar and Kennedie: link to

    Just for your education :-)

  18. The Klugman Revolution says:

    Are you suggesting that you’re somehow too good to be entertained by puerile mockery every once in a while?

    It tend only to be entertained by puerile mockery when I believe the subject of that mockery deserves it.

  19. phil says:

    In terms of mockey, their NGJ stuff is actually fairly sophisticated, for contrast they’ve also claimed Rare’s girlfriends served as fluffers for Bungie’s girlfriends and that Rare mothers collectively ‘grabbed their goolies.’

    link to

    Their Christmas special with Dominic Dimond was well, special.

  20. The Klugman Revolution says:

    Muh! Where’d the option to edit posted comments go? Its typo city in Klugmanland today.

  21. Rab Florence says:

    First off, I promise I’m not here because I’m googling for any mention of Consolevania – I’m a regular reader of this site. HONEST.

    Just wanted to say what I’m sure I’ve said before about these bits. The Leddins bits were making the point that in the hands of a gifted writer like KG the whole NGJ thing is a force for good, but in the hands of shit writers empowered by that manifesto it would be a fucking nightmare. As it proved to be in many cases.

    Also, swearing and puerile mockery.

  22. J says:

    Firstly, Consolevania is brilliant.

    I think being worried about intellectual snobbery is a bit silly.

    There’s so much snobbery in gaming already.
    I.e The Sims, Console FPS, Casual Games, PC v Console, Strategy gamers looking down on action gamers (and vice versa), idiots dissing consolevania, Performance etc.
    Just look at poor Alec’s posts on Civilization Revolution.

    I swear the whole idea of hardcore gamers has been around forever.

    I don’t see why a little intellectual snobbery will make things much worse.

    The way I see it there’ll be some vaguely overly intellectual stuff, it will anger anti-intellectual people and they’ll abuse the overly intellectual people.

    Some of that will be stupid stuff. Some of it will be funny.

    See: Kieron being called HP Warcraft for his Darwinia review, said Consolevania sketch (though I think calling Consolevania anti-intellectual is probably unfair).

    People who want intellectual-ish stuff about games get it, people who don’t can ignore it, everyone gets some jokes.

    Win Win situation.

  23. Meat Circus says:


    I’ll take the swearing and puerile mockery, if that’s fine with you.

    As far as I can tell, RPS’s overlords spend so much time mocking themselves that we poor minions barely get a look-in.

    And it’s just another form of racism.

  24. Kieron Gillen says:

    Rab: Brettonians? Geek.


  25. Julian Montebartholemieau, Esquire says:

    U got merced innit.

    Julian FCKN Rignall FTW

  26. Rab Florence says:

    You’re no stranger to a can of Chaos Black primer, Kieron.

  27. The Incomplete Kobzon says:

    Soon games will have ads in them and be free. This way the need for games journalism will be eliminated. No one will miss it

  28. Meat Circus says:

    In the future, all games reviews will be written by the semi-sentient slime that encrusts the sides of comments threads of Eurogamer articles.

    All one needs to know, after all, is whether or not a game is (a) gay, and (b) better than Halo 3.

    Everything else is an implementation detail.

  29. The Klugman Revolution says:

    Can a game really be gay? Discuss.

    Also @ Rab:


  30. Cousin says:

    Rock Paper Shotgun vs Consolevania: The Warhammer Battle?

  31. Meat Circus says:


    THERE IS ONLY WAR (and occasional kissing with tongues).

  32. parm says:

    Klugman: Google “Cho Aniki” sometime.

    In the future, games will be reviewed by putting a 30 second snip of the first level up on YouTube and then letting 13 year olds comment on it. The more stupid you feel after reading the comments, the better the game.

  33. ZenArcade says:


    Fair play – i’m in a rare position of being able to enjoy most games of most genre types. I have gameplay elements that i obviously prefer, but really I don’t have solid preferences. So when I see little rivalries like the ones you mentioned in your post, it’s disapointing, like the whole strategy v. action “gamers” is weak.

    I’ve know conflict has existed between “types” of gamers for an aeon, i just discounted it as peurile fanboy arguments, as little internet message board arguments that didn’t matter much. and it doesn’t. But now we have acctual marketing terms. “casual” gamers, etc. It’s really sad to see kids (and adults) describing each other as these ridiculously unfair marketing terms. We’re now being targeted as mere statistics and consumer figures by publishers who put profit before the players.

    And the “potential snobbery” really wouldn’t help either, so I hope it doesn’t get like that.

  34. Kieron Gillen says:

    Rab: Yeah, but *Bretonnians*.


  35. The Klugman Revolution says:

    Google “Cho Aniki” sometime.

    parm: Explain!

  36. Okami says:

    @parm: Beat me to it…

    @Klugman: link to Explanation enough?

  37. Doctor_Hellsturm says:

    Can i just say that the ongoing dissing about Bretonnians and “being no stranger to a primer of Chaos Black” cracks me up. I think you clearly tie in the nerd contest. And HP Warcraft, good one.

  38. parm says:

    No explanation needed. JFGI.

    (unless you want an explanation as to how I know, in which case… uh… I have a reeeaaaally good reason that I’d love to explain, but… Look! Over there! Ponies! *runs away)

  39. Weylund says:

    Kieron, don’t hate on the Brets, man. They’re not completely stereotypical. They just really, really like horses.

    God, I hate Fantasy. Why can’t WAR be WAR 40K? Why!? And why can’t the same level of thought and detail that went into the Fantasy rules be applied to 40K? Aaagh!

    As for the NGJ jokes… yeah, that’s pretty funny. We Americans enjoy puerile mockery too.

  40. Mike says:

    I think the two here are funny in that sort of completely-off-its-head way. But the Videogaiden stuff was just great. I think it’s more representative of the way things like the Guardian handle games, rather than the ‘inner circle’ of journalists do.

    Anyway, good stuff.

  41. Mike says:

    Also, Kieron? I’m sick of you constantly sexualising Princess Peach.

  42. Mario says:

    As long as I get ma 60% he can sexualize her as much as he wants.

  43. Akirasfriend says:

    Oh fuck. A war between CV and RPS. WHICH SIDE DO I TAKE?

    Sorry boys, I’m with Fat Rab and Not As Fat As Rab But Still Fat Ryan on this one. NSJ, yeah?

  44. Fumarole says:

    Wow, from the perspective of someone who has never visited Consolevania nor heard of NGJ (or NSJ) this is a highly puzzling set of videos and posts to match.

  45. Nick says:

    Don’t diss the Bretonians or they’ll do their Mighty Ducks charge at you.

  46. J says:


    Yeah, I’m the same but I guess I never quite managed to completely ignore those rivalries so I always saw there as being a bit of snobbery around. Yours is probably the better attitude to have.

  47. KindredPhantom says:

    What happened to being able to edit your own posts until the concrete set?
    I just noticed Kieron has his own entry in Wikipedia and shamingly it mentions nothing of RPS. It also made me wonder why RPS doesn’t have its own wiki entry as it seems to be on the external links for a lot video game related entries.

  48. Jim Rossignol says:

    Edit function is broken at the moment, we’ll fix it as soon as we can.