Consolevania: The Incomplete Kevin Leddins

Yeah - I was sick. Yeah, the mushrooms were wrong. But I fucking reviewed that game.

Following yesterday’s Consolevania post there was some in-thread discussion around Kevin Leddins. Which prompted Cheeba to actually put the first part up on Youtube too. which means we can present the Complete Kevin Leddins. Kevin Leddins is… well, it was kind of in response to the fallout around (“Don’t mention the War!” – Ed). It’s mocking several people, but, mainly – I fear – me. To be honest, the first time Jim saw it, after watching the end he said “Yeah – that’s pretty much what it’s like”. We fucking reviewed the game. Both vids beneath the cut…



  1. andrewdoull says:

    Rab Florence: Have there been that many “shit writers empowered by this manifesto”? Other than me?

  2. Maniac11919 says:

    It’s both terrible and hilarious that the only two exceptionally tan individuals in these pieces are misrepresented. To me that just says “they’re all the same” and sounds much like the subtle racism we’re used to seeing from that England place with the rain and the tasteless food… And I have to say I find it hilarious.

    I know I’ll pay for my sins eventually…