Fallout 3: Trench Warfare Trailer

It’d be fair to say that Fallout 3 is my… *counts on fingers*… fifth most anticipated game of the year, and I’ve actually largely been avoiding the coverage so that I can hit it fresh. Anyway, I couldn’t help but to have a look at this most recent trailer. I didn’t want to be disappointed: I know it’s the world and the RPGishness that will make it for me, but I am rather disappointed by the gunplay shown here. It’s the way the enemies do an “oh I’ve run out of hit-points” and fall over dead, that kills it for me. They need to be getting visibly battered by a torrent of lead, I need physics! Anyway, the environments look suitably derelict, and that missile-launcher is spectacular. Hopefully there will be enough awesome for this game to still be pleasing when we could to do that obligatory “games of 2008” round-up in December.


  1. Meat Circus says:

    So, Oblivion with Shit Guns then?

    Quelle surprise.

  2. Silver says:

    They need to be getting visibly battered by a torrent of lead, I need physics!


    Amen brother, amen!

  3. Meat Circus says:

    Also, as well as physics, I’d quite like shadows, good voice acting, well-designed missions, decently open roleplaying, a good story and a proper understanding of the Fallout Universe.

    Well, a man can dream, I suppose.

  4. Mr_Day says:

    Those weapons don’t seem to have much presence, do they? The chaingun barely registered hitting people until they fall down, and the rockets turn people into ragdolls rather than composite body parts.

    But I feel better about the pausing to aim at body parts now I have seen it in action, not quite as jarring as I thought it would be.

  5. Ian says:

    Despite the apparent lack of meatiness (is that a word?) to the guns I’m still quite looking forward to giving this a shot.

  6. Pavel says:

    I was just playing Mafia the other day (yesterday), and even this 6 years old masterpiece had animations for walking diagonally, as well as for all the other directions.


    Also, I wonder why do the shell casings dissapear in mid-air? Is it too much for XCrap’s memory to handle it?

  7. Sartoris says:

    Thank you for ruining one of my favorite games, Bethesda. This looks so awful and mainstream it makes me cry. Now please take Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, Planescape:Torment and Arcanum and administer the coup de grace to my childhood.

  8. pauleyc says:

    Oh dear. Bethesda indeed seems to have missed the point.

    By a few parsecs.

  9. Tei says:

    * random comment about Bioshok “ocean vault” more fallout-ish than fallout3 *

  10. Owen says:

    “oh I’ve run out of hit-points” and fall over dead, that kills it for me.

    Hmm me too. That really does look pretty crap. I’ve still got hopes for this game, but they’re no longer high hopes.

    *crosses fingers*

  11. Optimaximal says:

    In their defence, at least they didn’t use the damn bloody mess perk for once…

  12. GibletHead2000 says:

    I dunno. For me, Fallout was all about the story.

    I mean… Coming back to play it now, it’s not as if the combat is exactly compelling, is it? (Or do we all enjoy chaingunning our teammates in the back all the time because they’re too stupid to move out the way?)

    I’m much more interested in what other things there are to do, and how faithful the story & lore are to the original game. And I’m not going to find that out until I play it, because I’ve similarly been avoiding coverage of it, so I can play it untainted by hype.

  13. Gap Gen says:

    Personally, I prefer the STALKER/Deus Ex model of RPG, with actual combat (even if Deus Ex wasn’t the best combat ever). Still, I guess we shall have to wait and see how the thing pans out.

  14. Ian says:

    @ GibletHead2000: It has already been conclusively proven by Angry Internet Man that the story they haven’t played yet will be horrible. Please try to keep up. ;)

  15. Katsumoto says:

    To be honest, this looks fun enough, but just nothing at all to do with Fallout. Why didn’t they create their own original IP? I really don’t know – it’s not like Fallout is a big enough name with the console crowd for it to boost sales.

    If this has been something original I bet you the reaction to it would be a lot more positive.

  16. Katsumoto says:

    had* been! Damnit.

  17. dartt says:

    After watching this on the weekend I was compelled to go and have a run around in GTA IV. The euphoria animations give a fantastic feeling of your shots having an effect on your target; the enemies stumble and spin and fall over but keep on trying to keep their gun on you as they tumble.

    I’m waiting on the reviews for Fallout 3 but if I get it I’ll probably spend most of the game in VATS.

  18. Quine says:

    Just me who read that as French Warfare then?

    It was creating interesting pictures in my head for a few moments…

  19. Owen says:

    Oh yeah, the Euphoria physics are just incredible. Combat where your opponent stumbles, sways and falls as you expect just adds so much. Certainly the lack of it, or something similar, in FPS’s from this point will be very noticeable I feel.

    When I first heard about Fallout 3 I would never have guessed it would look so much like a ‘standard FPS’ (within reason). Maybe they’re just choosing videos like this to demo it for crazed console kids, hell-bent on blowing shit up.

    It just doesn’t feel right to me. but obviously there’s only so much you can base on a handful of videos. I’ll say one thing though. The vidoes put me off pre-ordering. I’ll instead wait to hear what RPS and PCG have to say.

  20. aldo_14 says:

    This game seems to look worse and worse every time I see it… stilted animation, weedy weapons, slow gameplay (excluding the deliberately slow VATS stuff of course) and poor sound.

    I realise it’s not a shooter, but surely if they’re going to do that view and that gameplay they can at least make it convincing-er?

  21. MacBeth says:

    Disappointing, I have to say… the chaingun might as well be a death ray for all the impact it has.

    If you want weapon impact physics on enemies, Left4Dead will bring you joy…

  22. Carra says:

    Meh, games of the year should be in January when all games have actually been released and we’ve had some time to play them.

  23. yhancik says:

    The lack of hit animation is terrible indeed. Now that kind of issue still plagues too many games.
    It’s surely more unforgivable for a Big Budget Game with more than decent graphics and such nice environment.

    So far it looks like I’ll probably prefer VATS to “real time” ;)

  24. Jason Lefkowitz says:

    Man, that Halo IV video is awesome!

    Wait, what do you mean it’s Fallout 3 and not Halo IV? Oh dear.

  25. StalinsGhost says:

    It is a pretty dire trailer it has to be said. Combat has looked pretty interesting – thanks mostly to VATS – elsewhere, but the run and gun type action looks more than a little clunky. Still. Reserving judgement on it till I get my hands on it.

  26. SixStringSamurai says:

    what are your other 4 anticipated games then?

    shit, this is dissapointing

  27. Dominic White says:

    This is one of those damned either way situations. Yeah, they could have gone for a more realistic tactical shooter style, with guys getting knocked around or outright flattened by weapons fire.

    And then the ‘This isn’t an RPG anymore! It’s a retarded FPS!’ crew would move in and start setting fire to things.

    Anyone remember Fallout 2? You could pile minigun fire into a super-mutant, and they’d flinch a little, but nothing else, then they’d return the same favour to you, and you’d continue until either of you ran out of hitpoints, or scored a magical ‘bypasses all armor’ critical and exploded the other guy instantly.

  28. yhancik says:

    @Katsumoto :

    But it goes for many sequels, especially when it’s done by other people. I’ve come to accept that sequels are “sequels” because of laziness & marketing, but basically they’re new games with big references to other game(s) and some trademarked name on the box.

    Still, if Bethesda hadn’t licensed the rights to make a new Fallout, and if the game was called The Röntgen Chronicles instead of Fallout 3 (or Wasteland 2 ;p), the reaction wouldn’t be a lot more positive, juste slightly less negative, I’m afraid…
    “Poor 3Ddumbedownconsoleyfps Fallout rip-off” instead of “BLASPHEMY!” ;)

  29. yhancik says:

    Oh, btw, the sysreq have finally been released
    link to fallout.bethsoft.com

  30. Lukasz says:

    Dominic is right.

    Did you see characters being visible battered in Baldur’s Gate? or in PS:T?
    What about Might and Magic 6?
    or more recent KOTORs and NWNs?

    RPG is about story, about choice, about character development, about npcs, about the world.
    Silly things like not seeing a person flinch after getting shot in the knee is not something important in that genre.

  31. AsubstanceD says:

    WHY!? I don’t know whether its the fact that the shooting seems to be so uniteristing, and that tough mutants seem no challenge, or the fact that running and gunning, plowing down a load of enemies takes away the fallout atomsphere. Also the fact that the whole death-is-always-round-the-corner-for-everyone feeling is gone when you have mutants just falling infront of you as you run at them, wheres the tension!? Actually the list could go on…

    Why couldn’t they have invented a new post apocalyptic world and left fallout as a dream for the fans of the original games.

    And its not Halo IV, its clearly as someone said in another thread, Hellgate London.

  32. Squirrelking says:

    My god, have all the haters come out to play or what? This is a freaking trailer, don’t base you opinions on how the whole game will be on it… You will need to actually play it for that.
    I think the combat looks fun, especially the “low level” action, like in previous Fallouts. I always had less fun when I got into the power armor and had to use big guns/energy weapons.
    People seem to forget that Fallout is (was) the game YOU make it out to be, while these trailers are what they are forcing you to see. Don’t like “plowing down a load of enemies”? Then don’t. Make it YOUR game. Like you could in Fallout 1 and 2.

    I think that if Bethesda fails at letting us make it our game, then Fallout 3 will not be… well, Fallout. But let’s wait and see, shall we?

  33. Malagate says:

    Quote Dominic:”Anyone remember Fallout 2? You could pile minigun fire into a super-mutant, and they’d flinch a little, but nothing else, then they’d return the same favour to you, and you’d continue until either of you ran out of hitpoints, or scored a magical ‘bypasses all armor’ critical and exploded the other guy instantly.”

    I recreated that in the very first level of Fallout: Tactics, whereby my character and a bandit were standing about 50 cm apart shooting at each other, missing even with the burst fire option and taking a stupid amount of time to finish considering my sniper killed their target from about 10 times the distance with only 2 shots.

    It does nark me that not every game has even slightly realistic character reactions to being hurt, but of course RPG’s have always taken the piss when it came to that. I remember Oblivion so well for my huge heavy hammer strikes not having any noticable effect on my enemy until he dropped down dead, similarly Kotor having the least satisfying lightsaber fights I’ve ever seen. RPGs do so well in other areas, it would be nice for once to see a part of the enemy being crippled or at least flinching in pain.

  34. drewski says:

    Yeah, the Fallout franchise is totally all about realistic projectile impact physics.

    I know I just won’t be able to enjoy a Fallout game unless every single bullet is impacted using it’s own core of the CPU. Have these guys not played the Fallout games at all? The combat is so realistic!

  35. phuzz says:

    The bit that annoyed me the most was the waste of space demoing the game.
    Now we’ve seen a lot of this guy playing on trailers recently, who ever they are they’ve obviously only been playing these new fangled computer game things for a little while, and they could really do with a bit more practise.

    Specifically in this trailer, the bits where your screen is going red, and it sounds like you’re being shot, but there’s no enemies on screen?
    That means there’s someone behind you mate, the bullets going past you from behind was the give away moment.

    Honestly, can games companies find someone who knows how to play the bloody game to demo them please?

  36. Roy says:

    They need to emphasise exploration and adventure over shooty-shooty in these videos, because taken solely as an FPS it looks pretty thin. But, as has been already said, it’s the Angry Internet Men who have missed the point of Fallout – the combat was always secondary to the setting, and the world Bethesda have made looks spectacular.

    Opinion, away!

  37. Big D says:

    Lets just hope that the Mod community mod it to feck and make it a bit better, i still going to get this game but I do fear for the combat. I would not mind using VATS for it all to be honest!

    I think it will be ok in the end, lets just get the game and play it first!

  38. UncleLou says:

    “Silly things like not seeing a person flinch after getting shot in the knee is not something important in that genre.

    It is, if you decide to go full 3D with a non-isometric perspective. Because there’s no room left for your mind to fill the gaps, so inconsitencies that don’t matter one bit in a slightly more abstract, isometric game stand out like sore thumbs all of a sudden.

    Either make an isometric game, or make a proper first-person/third-person game. What Bethesda are doing just looks half-arsed at the moment, and dated.

  39. Calabi says:

    That does look awful, it looks more and more like it will bare no resemblance to the originals, which if it doesnt then why the feck did they choose the IP.

    But I’m sure it will be hailed as the second coming when it is released, even as people turn away from games because of it and others. Then eventually the whole industry is dragged into the bottom level of hell where they weep and it is cold. And Bethesda would be stuck in the coldest bit, where they are hit whenever anyone walks past. But that isnt often, because the smell and it is very cold. After a time they get to a stage where they welcome the hitting as its the only contact they ever get.

  40. citizen kobzon says:

    Oh, so you can shoot off limbs in real time mode as well. Good news. As long as there are cold hard numbers behind the shooting, I won’t care about the animation (much). It’s all terribly formal anyway, your damage modifier against enemy’s armour bonus, that’s what you’ll think of, no time for evaluating animator’s work. But that’s only if there are cold hard numbers and not oblivious treacherous treachery of oblivion. Oh no!

  41. coreyw says:

    Yeah… Bethesda’s marketing strategy seems to be, “We know that most likely, AT LEAST the majority of the core Fallout audience will be buying this game already. Therefore, we should probably just focus on selling it to people who like to shoot things.”

    To me, it seems to be working for them. I’ve noticed a lot of hype surrounding this game. As for the rest of us, it just comes down to whether or not you have faith that all the RPG stuff we’ve been promised is actually in the game. I’ve thrown my money down already.

  42. ZeroByte says:

    Watched all three gameplay trailers on GameTrailers and yeah… we need something other than a combat trailer. Nothing really interesting there, then again a story trailer would be pretty spoiler-ific. I actually quite dug the trailers where they demoed how you could blow up the city with the nuke, that at least felt RPG-ish. So, meh combat trailers, bring on the real meat of Fallout gameplay, come on Bethesda! You’ve played to the “gunz-lol” crowd enough, show whats in store for the old school fans! Unless of course, there isn’t diddly squat all in the RPG side of gameplay.

  43. mpk says:

    Part of me is beginning to hate Fallout fanboys. I’m actually glad I haven’t played a Fallout game, so that I can go into number three with an open mind and no canonical expectations.

  44. Paul Moloney says:

    I agree with the “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” comment above. Mods for Oblivion were created because people thought the physics was overdone – enemies flying backwards from weapons hits. The physics in this trailer seemed more realistic; a portable minigun isn’t going to knock someone over. Hopefully Bethesda will bring out the construction kit so that people can have the physics any way they want.

    Looks good to me, but then I’m an Oblivion nut and have never finished the original Fallout games, so I’m a stumble-minded heretic; one of the first things I did with my new XPS laptop was to load up Oblivion so I can place a nasty khajiit thief character and finally do the Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood quest lines. Roll on Oct 31st.


  45. Turin Turambar says:

    Mpk said: “Part of me is beginning to hate Fallout fanboys. I’m actually glad I haven’t played a Fallout game, so that I can go into number three with an open mind and no canonical expectations.”

    Uh? I don’t think the Fallout fans are worried about the canon universe, how the plot and characters are translated from the odl games to the new game. They (me included) are worried about the gameplay itself, not the canon.

  46. coreyw says:

    To be fair, if NMA is any indication, it seems to me that Fallout fanboys are worried about everything in this game. Not that I’m not one.

  47. mpk says:

    Uh? I don’t think the Fallout fans are worried about the canon universe, how the plot and characters are translated from the odl games to the new game. They (me included) are worried about the gameplay itself, not the canon.

    I can see that, and can understand it. But it’s a transition from a 2D isometric turn based game into a real time 3D combat mechanic; it was never going to be the same unless Bethesda cribbed the Final Fantasy method and made every combat a kind of instance where the rules changed and everyone waits kindly for their turn. What, really, were the expectations?

    Comments about physics not being good enough, guns not being meaty enough, animation not being animaty enough… it’s nitpicking, it’s Angry Internet Man thinking and it just annoys me.

  48. mrrobsa says:

    @Dominic White:

    Just wanted to agree with you sir. I literally finished Fallout 1&2 over the weekend for the first time and the fights look about the same, minus the turn based aspect.
    All the ‘hit’ animations were little flinches, ’til the guy falls over dead.
    I’m not saying they couldn’t have improved it, but at least it’s not got any worse.
    (Hope the combat still has a tactical bent though)

  49. garren says:

    What, now people are saying that because ten year old games didn’t have realistic physics engines and smooth 3d animations, Fallout 3 doesn’t need them either?

    With all the emphasis put on 1st/3rd person shooting (judging from the videos), yeah, they could do better.

  50. n3utr0n says:

    UncleLou: Surely by that argument all fp games released before a certain stage are no longer effictive at drawing you compared to modern games because they lacked the tech for Realistic getting shot flinching or Realistic physicslol.