Holy Batinstaller (Trad): Lego Batman Demo

Many people have wondered whether Batman and Robin is a pedophilic relationship. Of course not - it's a paedophilic one. PROPER ENGLISH.

We go to sleep, and in the morning… there’s demos. Lots of demos. By which I mean, two. Firstly, there’s the 400Mb-and-a-few-bricks demo of the Lego Batman electronic videogametacular. Opinions are a little split internally over Lego Batman actually. Walker really likes it, liking its sheer size. I’m mildly liking it, mostly because it’s not as funny-for-grown-ups as Lego Star Wars. But maybe more on that in a verdict or something. Go download and make up your own mind. And here’s the launch trailer to explain this concept of Lego and Batchap to you…

Oh, that Clayface, you are a muddy-funster.


  1. Ginger Yellow says:

    Loved Lego Star Wars. Bought Lego Indy. Wondered what it was about Lego Star Wars I loved.

    Was LSW really as good as people remember, or did the novelty of it disguise the incredibly shallow game that was there all along?

  2. Ging says:

    Lego Indy went off the rails slightly, it was good, just not as good as LSW – Batman is a return to form (to a point), they’ve lost some of the humour but the game is more fun than Indy was from a gameplay point of view.

  3. Ginger Yellow says:

    But looking back on LSW, there wasn’t much to the gameplay then. Find lego blocks, hold button. Encounter enemies, press button repeatedly. It was the humour that I enjoyed. I just find it hard looking back on it to believe that I’d let a few amusing cutscenes override everything else.

  4. Dr. Ham says:

    I think Batman is a full return to form, much more amuing than Indy. The level design is muh more varied, the suits adding a needed layer of diffrent abilities.

    Even my girlfriend likes it…

  5. Theory says:

    Go AND download! Resist US English at all costs, brothers chaps!

  6. Irish Al says:

    I hope it’s less puzzle-based than Indy.

  7. mrrobsa says:

    Ginger Yellow: You were young and foolish back then. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

  8. terry says:

    I really enjoyed LSW with the exception of some of those “pull lever to stop enemies respawning…for 10 seconds” puzzles and a couple of the vehicle levels (that one that was like thrust was pretty cool however).

    I found in Indy the respawning enemies was a genuine pain in the behind – Indy’s combat abilities were so annoyingly poor that I almost always used the secondary character. Also I tend to despise jumping puzzles so the camera angles/ai buddy pushing you off ledges wasn’t my cup of tea.

    I will probably give this a go, however.

  9. MeestaNob! says:

    The demo is bugged. It’s bugged all over the internet, don’t download any of them until it’s sorted out please, you’ll just be burning 500mb of your precious downloads.

  10. IcyBee says:

    I wasted a couple of evenings downloading the bugged version :-(

    Fortunately – the link now points to a fixed version – I just downloaded from there – really quick as well ATM!

    Aaaand my joystick doesn’t work properly, just like Indy. No sale – I don’t like playing Lego games on the keyboard.