World Of Goo Vs European Steam

Evil corporations!

We’ve had a few people contact us regarding World of Goo‘s sudden unavailability on Steam for European customers, so this is just a quick post to explain what we know. The game, which yesterday went straight to the top of Steam’s top sellers chart, has different publishers in the US and UK for the boxed versions. The US boxed game is available now, while the EU box won’t be appearing until around February 2009. There appears to have been some confusion regarding the contracts here, which 2D BOY are looking into. In the meantime, European customers can buy the game directly from 2D BOY with no problems whatsoever (and then just mount it in Steam, for goodness sakes).

EU customers who previously successfully bought the game from Steam will not have any problems.

Intrepid investigator Chris “Evo” Evans got hold of 2D’s Kyle Gabler, who told him the following:

“As part of our European agreement, we are restricted from selling the game on Steam in Europe. I’m thinking this was a clause that was accidentally left in, since I can’t imagine this kind of restriction is good for anyone. We’re going to try to reverse it. We live in the future. We shouldn’t even have countries and regions. Just one big Internet where everyone is equal.”

A beautiful a utopian future we’d all like to live in.


  1. Poet says:

    You guys should make a “compo” on this only good for Europeans.

  2. Andrew Wills says:

    “Copies purchased yesterday in Europe will continue to work” – Steam News.

    Phew! Glad I grabbed it a few minutes after release yesterday then!

  3. x25killa says:

    “A beautiful utopian future we’d all like to live in.”

    All I can say to that is fucking a man. Must merge Goo with Steam…

  4. Y3k-Bug says:

    On a somewhat related note, any idea when I can activate my pre-ordered copy on Steam?

  5. Monkfish says:

    I ditto Andrew’s “Phew!”. Definitely glad I got it yesterday…

  6. The Dark One says:

    I think they Valve guy in charge of getting games on Steam said that the magic keys we got would work “next week*.”

    *I think that translates to ‘a few months’ if remember my Valve time conversions

  7. Weylund says:

    I guess this is as good a place as any to ask: can someone explain the Steam teat for me? Why does everyone fall all over themselves to get a game on Steam versus… well, anywhere else? I love the fact that I’ve got an installer I can just slap on any computer (even those without internet connections). Is the Steam community totally awesome or something?

  8. Leeks! says:

    I would also like to say “fucking a man” to that as well. But also “fucking amen,” for propriety’s sake.

  9. Sideath says:

    I’m just amazed to bothered to update at half one in the morning.

  10. Lim-Dul says:

    I love the fact that I’ve got an installer I can just slap on any computer (even those without internet connections).

    Once you purchase a game on Steam and make a backup of it you can make it work anywhere without an internet connection.

    The community with achievement tracking and whatnot is quite cool as well, mind you – I think Steam Friends replaced ICQ/Jabber (and Gadu-Gadu) as my main communicator even though it lacks a bit in the feature department.

    The beauty of Steam, to me, is precisely that you DON’T have separate installers for all kinds of games that you need to carry around with you etc. – you can go to an internet cafe in Bangladesh and have the same games you have at home – provided the cafe has a fast connection. ^^

    I think that Steam has proven with its sales and millions over millions of accounts that “Duh, it requires an internet connection” (for certain tasks) isn’t a valid argument in the times we live in.

  11. Weylund says:

    Thanks. That actually sounds pretty good.

    The internet connection thing is valid for me — I don’t always have internet connections on boxes that I want to install on. But with the backup system you mention that becomes moot, I suppose.

    Nifty. Sounds like I’ll have to give it a try. Cheers.

  12. Shadowcat says:

    Once you purchase a game on Steam and make a backup of it you can make it work anywhere without an internet connection.

    Excellent!! What is the procedure for this? I hate having to load up Steam (it takes longer than putting in a CD-ROM), so this would be ideal for me, but I can’t find any obvious documentation for doing it.

  13. cam says:

    @x25killa: your idea of utopia appears to involve more man-fucking than mine.

    Any word whether the non-pre-order version can be connected up to steam properly?

  14. cyrenic says:

    It looks like they’ll be releasing the first chapter as a demo soon (maybe tomorrow). I’ll be sending it to several friends to see if they’re interested.

  15. Nick S says:

    Shadowcat: File->Go Offline and then the next time you load up Steam it will still take just as long, and still print the same messages about checking if you’re still on Valve’s good side, but supposedly it will work even if you aren’t connected. There is the advantage that you don’t have to close ad pop-ups from Valve after playing your game, since it doesn’t update the “news”.

  16. Y3k-Bug says:

    Chapter 4. Oh my lovely.

  17. Kyle Gabler says:

    Yep, just posted some demo download locations:
    link to

  18. AbyssUK says:

    Steam = middlemen

    Buy direct from 2dboy then they get more of your money, so why bother with steam you idiots. Much better this way.

    Also i second the fact that steam takes longer to load than a cd, I hate the damned thing.

  19. klo8 says:

    I for example, can’t buy it directly because I don’t have a credit card.

  20. Nuyan says:

    “We live in the future. We shouldn’t even have countries and regions. Just one big Internet where everyone is equal.”


  21. Lukasz says:

    Indeed awesome. Now I feel bad that I didn’t give them any money.
    but I am broke :(

  22. Rudolf says:

    as it is, we’re no yet in “his” future of a world without borders.

    What baffles me is the ignorance displayed by many publishers trying to defend local turfs. Seems like the internet is that huge tank rush you were’nt expecting that destroys your bubble of influence. Pathetic!

    Reinventing the Lemmings with particle physics, deserves better publishers ;)

  23. DiGi says:

    Buying directly from 2DBoy is for Europans cheaper that over Steam – because Steam is adding VAT. VAT depends on your country. I don’t know why I should pay additional 19% of price for buying/downloading exactly same game as others.

  24. AbyssUK says:

    If you don’t have a credit card then quite frankly you shouldn’t buy anything from the internet, visas/mastercards give much more protection over anything else.

    Also 2Dboy should really read the small print before signing such agreements, let this be a lesson for other devs. Get a real lawyer to check things over.

  25. Shortbread says:

    Ha! I’m glad i bought it as soon as I could

  26. MeestaNob! says:

    Who are the Euro arseclowns publishing WoG?

  27. Valentin Galea says:

    I got it only on Wiiware and to me it seems harder with the Wiimote :( I miss the instant acceleration of a mouse…

  28. Ginger Yellow says:

    What MeestaNob! said. Why are they throwing money away? Who’s going to wait until February to buy this game when they can just get it direct? The internet makes all this regional timing nonsense completely futile, even without piracy.

  29. MeestaNob! says:

    The bigger issue is why they not only want to wait 4 months to sell something that’s available everywhere now, and worse, why they want to clear the Christmas splurge as well by a whole 2 months.

    It’s madness. Who are they? If I was a shareholder I’d be be angry, frankly (but to be honest, WoG revenue will be a drop in the goo for most publishers, but it makes sense to actually try to make money).

    Seriously, $20 isn’t a lot of money but there will be those who hold out a short while for one reason or another – but honestly, is there really going to be anybody left in 4 months who doesn’t have this who wanted it and is still willing to pay full price?

  30. Nero says:

    The publisher in Europe is RTL Playtainment. This thing just blows. I doubt this will see many retail sales in Europe which then the publisher can blame something on. I’m glad I bought it on so the developers got my money.

  31. Carra says:

    Already bought it through steam.

    Relaying a release by 4 months in one region is the best way to increase piracy…

  32. Rosti says:

    Well, I’m toying with the idea of grabbing it again on the Wii – this depend entirely upon how the Wii-specific features work. I’ve heard nice things about co-op, for example and if the ‘exclusive new content’ is actually exclusive, although it sounds like a Moon-based version of WoG Corp. at the moment.

    But yes, no Euro-Steam distribution isn’t going to help the EU publisher as much as they might like.

  33. MasterBoo says:

    If I mount it to Steam, do I get the achievements even though I didn’t buy it from there?

  34. MeestaNob! says:

    I imagine you would, as when you go to download through Steam it will grab the Steam copy. I doubt they will be hosting two versions. Ace huh?

    Regarding the Moon levels, I recall reading something about them being released as an addon for purchasers through 2dBoy… once again I imagine Steam users will just get this patched into their existing copies.

    Everyone = WINNARS

    For what it’s worth, people holding out for the Wii version might want to reconsider, it will only act to encourage this RTL Playtainment bunch who are presumably also publishing that version. Wankers!

  35. The Klugman Revolution says:

    Walker, when you say “mount” do you mean you can use your unlock code from a 2DBoy purchase to activate and download a copy of World of Goo from Steam (in the same way you can with Prey and a few select other titles)?

    That is, rather than just add the already installed game’s executable to your Steam’s Games pane, which doesn’t allow for Goo to be downloaded wherever I can access my Steam account.

  36. Sandutje says:


    so why bother with steam you idiots.

    Well, you certainly know how to construct an argument, I’ll give you that.

  37. rocketman71 says:

    And this is yet another way publishers are fucking PC gaming. But what do you hear from them?. “Oh, look, PIRACY!!!!”.

    Damned bastards.

  38. Morningoil in Japan says:

    Yah, I’m with the people who can’t buy from the 2DBoy website. I was really looking forward to getting back home and playing [World of Goo – WoG is just so wrong], and now I can’t. So instead I am looking forward to locating the offices of the game’s European publishers and flamethrowering them. The publishers, not the offices. I couldn’t give two figs about their workplace – it is their tinny robot screams I want to hear echoing in my ears.

  39. roryok says:

    i’m one of the lucky few who got in at the beginning. If only all euro-delayed games had a tiny window of opportunity before they went dark.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying it a lot, its like looking into Tim Burtons spleen.

  40. kyrieee says:

    This makes me f’cking mad
    I saw it on there but didn’t buy it because I didn’t have time to play it right there and then ayway

  41. roryok says:

    let me clarify that last statement

    If only all euro-delayed games Were Not Delayed at all, then there would be some justice in this world and we would not have to fantasize about crucifying publishing company suits on giant, spiked metal representations of their company logos, in front of the vindicated masses of loyal PC games, while they helplessly beg to be allowed one more chance to release the game here at the same time. Also, I there would be refreshments.

  42. Koldunas says:

    Was never really a fan of platforms like Steam, but I registered just to get this awsome thing ASAP. :)

  43. Pishtaco says:

    My experience: I’m in Europe, and tried to preorder it from 2D Boy, but paypal would not accept my credit card (they didn’t say there was any problem with it, just that they wouldn’t accept it).

    So I gave in and tried to get it on Steam, although this is not perfect because I find the Steam client slow and clunky. But I live in a different country from my credit card issuer, so I have to email Steam for permission each time I want to buy something. It took about a day for them to reply.

    I got the game and was playing it yesterday evening. I hope it still works. Okay game so far.

  44. mrrobsa says:


    I’d stick to your installers. Because I was without net for a while last year, I couldn’t play Portal, Half Life 2 or Counter Strike (against bots), even though I’d already ensured they were ready for offline mode. Offline mode doesn’t always work properly in my experience, and it got me so mad that I couldn’t play a singleplayer game I’d paid for without internet. *shakes fist*

  45. Lim-Dul says:

    As to the questions about Steam backups that are still overdue – you still have to start Steam to play these games BUT you start it in offline mode.

    To backup games you go to the File -> Backup Games… menu and follow the instructions. :-D

  46. mrrobsa says:

    Oh and my flatmate Ben had a similar incident when we moved to our new flat a month or so back, so my problems weren’t unique.

  47. roryok says:


    if you’d bought Halflife 2 or the Orange box on DVD like I did, you’d still not have been able to play them as they require online activation

  48. Thomas says:

    :D I picked it up as soon as it came out and I’m so glad I did! Sucks for everyone else though. :( Hope they get this sorted soon.

  49. frymaster says:

    yet on the other hand I’ve never had an issue with steam offline mode at all. go figure..

    weyland: i like the fact I can slap the game on any computer I want and I don’t even _need_ an installer :P I had to go netless away from home for about a week recently, so my laptop got all kinds of stuff downloaded onto it, really painlessly

    this is perhaps more of an issue for me, as I tend to lose game CDs or game boxes/manuals with cd-keys on them, but I like the fact that I can’t ever lose my games, no matter how disorganised I am

    re: Steam community… it’s really really good for source games, because you get the integrated “join the server your mates are on” features, and a consolidated server browser. Achievements are a big fat meh for me otherwise (unlockables aside), though some communities take advantage of the calendar feature to advertising specific events quite well. For non-source games, I can take it or leave it.

    I suppose the other advantages of Steam are all for the developer and/or publisher: automatic patching, pre-release encryption, distributed content network, multiplayer auth / achievement / streaming APIs and whatnot. So again, a bit “meh” from my point of view. But having access to a fairly large back catalogue of stuff from some very good publishers, for reasonable prices (the old stuff anyway), is a big draw for me.

    Good old games? Brilliant, and I’m using it… though not as much as I’d like, as they don’t accept my card or paypal. (Steam doesn’t accept my card either; it does accept paypal). My issue is, I have “account fatigue” – I don’t like the multitude of accounts I have to remember. Steam is easy coz it’s so ubiquitous, gog i’ll remember for similar reasons (I’m using it a lot) but if I ever lose the details for Precipice of Darkness, for example, it’s getting re-bought on Steam.

  50. Rob says:


    I second this caution about Offline mode, it seems tempremental and sometimes simply (and lastingly) will not accept that you don’t have an internet connection and will refuse you access to your games.