Bioshock 2: The Sea Of Dreams Teaser

This news is spreading rapidly over the net. It seems that the PS3 is good for something other than playing your Blu-Ray discs. News For Gamers have completed the PS3 version of Bioshock, to discover a fifteen second teaser for the second game. It’s apparently called Bioshock 2: The Sea Of Dreams and you’ll find images from it beneath the cut. EDIT: Also, thanks to the comment-threaders, video. Go watch!

Initial impressions: Well, due to the extra few years, people are going to be able to write slash fiction about the Little Sisters without feeling quite as monstrous.

UPDATE: The Video…

Further impressions: Telekinetic sandcastle building is a splendid thing.


  1. The Hammer says:

    Is that a city in the second screenshot? Me likes!

  2. phuzz says:

    Ahhh, but will it follow on from the ‘good’ ending or the ‘evil’ one? Or will it be a prequel?

    (prequels == the new sequels)

  3. Ian says:

    Och, I really need to finish Bioshock.

  4. Paul says:

    I think it’s a graveyard in the second pic.

  5. CrashT says:

    The age of the “Little Sister” seems to imply a sequel not a prequel.

  6. Grant Gould says:

    It’s a sandcastle in the shape of Rapture.

  7. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    I think they’re meant to be sandcastles in the shapes of the buildings in the Bioshock logo, but it’s hard to tell without a better quality image.

    Also, they need to make that stuffed toy Mister Bubbles available with the Collector’s Edition. Me wants.

  8. fishmitten says:

    OOOoooooohhhhh! Videos please, PS3 Bioshock-finishers!

  9. Kismet says:

    Why the little girl hangs sackboy? It’s a 2k Marin vs Media Molecule thingie?


  10. fishmitten says:

    A Big Daddy Sackboy would be so awesome.

  11. Rook says:

    That’s what they should have put in the collectors edition.

  12. Tinkergirl says:

    Looks like it’s a grown up Little Sister, pining for her days at Rapture. She’s looking Beyond the Sea in a wistful manner, with her only friend in the world; a big daddy toy. Her big daddy never leaves her side and they have her own little sand version of Rapture to play in and remember.

    If colourful Rapture was all you knew as a child, if you had the biggest strongest protector ever who doted on you completely, if the ‘real’ world was strange, alien and hurtful – I imagine you’d have rose tinted specs about that beautiful, tragic world yourself.

  13. Malagate says:

    Those screenshots at a glance suggest Little Sisters plus good ending, drawn back to Rapture through dreams (see the title), misses or needs the Big Daddies.

    I would guess the whole “gene therapy causing mass hallucinations/shared memories” aspect from the first game (making the “ghosts”) reaches out to draw back the Little Sisters, probably directed by the Big Daddies which are still down there.

    It’ll either be playing as an ex-Little Sister to go back down and rescue the Big Daddies (then lots of twists), someone who’s not the original protagonist following an ex-Little sister down to try and save her from her dreams which brought her back, or someone other big name in Rapture has found a way to take control and is bringing them back against their will.

    In any case all this talk of Big Daddies reminds me of what I really disliked in the first one, how you go through a process of becoming a Big Daddy only for it all to somehow vanish and be meaningless when you reach the end of that sequence. Such a waste of potential.

  14. Mr Pink says:

    Malagate: Yes! That was the most annoying thing for me as well, but no-one ever seems to pick up on it. You keep getting told about it being an irreversable process, and that you are sacrificing your humanity. Then the “dome” on your UI disappears for the fight with Fontaine, and at the ending you’re a normal person again. WTF?

  15. Paul Moloney says:

    I thought you were only disguised as a Big Daddy, not actually converted into one?

    Ah, the “good” ending. That was not me sniffling, no. I’d just been chopping some onions earlier, honest.


  16. RiptoR says:

    Movie (from same original post) : link to

  17. Malagate says:

    Paul, were you not paying attention during the voice-changing sequence? You know, the bit where they ram sharp bits of metal of questionable hygiene into the protagonist’s throat to give him the big daddy wails?
    It was a definate conversion, although I suppose he has free will enough to remove his suit (unlike the normal big daddies) but that wouldn’t change his voice back.

  18. Number47 says:

    Is it me or does the Bioshock sign (First picture) seem even more coroded and rusty than the one from the first game?

    link to

    If so it might sugest that the game could take place in the furture.

  19. aldo_14 says:

    link to

    Doesn’t tell much. Did note some interesting possibilities;
    1/ Alma?
    2/ Butterfly on the logo?
    3/ Gives a precise location
    4/ I’m hungry.

  20. Timexy says:

    You disguises as a Big Daddy, don’t become one.

  21. eyemessiah says:

    I’m not convinced she’s legal guys, so I’m not sure how much of a timeskip this represents.

    I hope we forget the endings all together, kinda like the transition from HL to HL2.

    I really, really want to play LBP (I keep wanting to say LBA). Someone sell me a PS3!

  22. eyemessiah says:

    Telekinesis sandcastles?

    I’m still hoping for a prequel.

  23. Yak Jazz says:

    If you build it, they will come!

    …and play water polo.

  24. Rogue says:

    She could do with a hot meal.

  25. Mr Pink says:

    Timexy, let me point you in the direction of the script:

    Fontaine: You think turning yourself into one of those tin men is a two-way street? The Kraut’s holding auditions for the Frankenstein parade, and you’re first in line!

  26. cyrenic says:

    Bah, a prequel had so much more potential. Rapture is gonna be all crusty and barnacley now.

  27. The Shed says:

    That’s what you said on the youTube page. Looks pretty interesting, especially how fungal and overgrown the logo looked. Little hints.

  28. Dogman says:

    There are in fact barnacles on the new logo.

  29. Marianna says:

    Oh God. Wonderful video. I really hope the game will be as good as BioShock. And, why the butterfly on the logo?
    Oooh, I must replay the first one…

  30. Kris says:

    Mr Pink,
    Let me point you in the direction of Suchong’s radio log that states that the full benefit of the Big Daddy suit is achieved by directly attaching the person’s organs to the insides of it. You just put it on and receive a damage reduction. This along points to the fact you are not a full Big Daddy. I agree your vocal chords / voice box are altered, but there is no indication of any other permanent bodily alteration. You just wear a helmet, suit and carry an R34 thingy. Its not far fetched to think that Tenenbaum reversed the process prior to leaving Rapture and in point of fact your character never speaks in the credits and could conceivably still have his Big Daddy voice.
    You may have also noticed that Fontaine lies and its in his interests for you not to become a Big Daddy and follow him.

  31. qrter says:

    Fontaine: You think turning yourself into one of those tin men is a two-way street? The Kraut’s holding auditions for the Frankenstein parade, and you’re first in line!

    To be fair though, Fontaine is the last person you should believe on any subject.

    I was disappointed too, though – when it was revealed that you were to be transformed into a Big Daddy, I felt sick to my stomach thinking of the implications, saving the girls and the city but leaving me this lumbering, moaning hulk walking along the oceanbed. It would’ve been a depressing and fantastic downbeat ending, but alas, it was not to be.

  32. qrter says:

    Wow, my quotage imploded.

    It would be interesting to play a post-puberty little sister.

  33. Gap Gen says:

    Yeah, I do like the Big Daddy doll. Given that they were given electroshock therapy to want to be near Big Daddies, it’s a nice touch.

  34. Ging says:

    The Big Daddy gear is knocked off you at the start of the final boss fight, when you get slammed against the wall. It’s certainly not a full conversion, but it’s as close as you can get without having your organs strung up inside a deep dive suit.

  35. Wurzel says:

    I’m thinking it would be very interesting to make the protagonist a little sister. I doubt they’d be brave enough to remove guns in favour of loads of plasmids (though that’d be cool) but it just has lots of story potential. Just as long as it doesn’t fall down in the last act like the original, and possibly presents actual moral quandries rather than whether not you want to kill a little girl.

  36. Nny says:

    I still haven’t played the first game, guess it’s time to buy it now :)

  37. Caster says:

    Ging, nice to see you around.
    The Hidden is a great work.

    I believe Bioshock 2 will be good.
    My impression for the trailer.

  38. MeestaNob! says:

    Having played the first one through to the end, I’m distinctly uninterested.

    It’s a clear lesson in how to create the illusion of brilliance and then deliver tangible rubbish.

    My feelings on the game are admittedly all the stronger for the complete nose dive the whole thing takes after that scene (think golf clubs, spoiler fans). Complete mess after that.

    I’d rather pay another (insert your local equivalent value of a full priced game here) for a final third of the game that was as good as the start rather than see another unfinished game get pumped out.

    No thanks Irrational, if that is your name.

  39. Colinmarc says:

    I loved Bioshock, but I have to agree that the ending was pretty weak. Like others have said, there was much more they could’ve done with becoming a Big Daddy. It always bugged me that your hands looked normal when you put on the gloves.

  40. Pavel says:

    Am I the only one NOT wanting a sequel (or prequel)? Bioshock was great, but it was nice selfcontained story and I just wish they would move to some awesome new IP instead.In the genre of Immersive Sim of course (meaning, more like Deus Ex and less like Bioshock).

  41. AbyssUK says:

    I like the idea of being a grown up little sister! With uber powerful jedi like abilities, going down to cleanse Rapture of all the still alive Big Daddies and now very powerful splicers..

  42. Ian says:

    Oh balls. I’d managed to avoid Bioshock spoilers. I guess that’s what I get for reading a thread and replies about a sequel. :(

  43. Duoae says:

    Sea of Dreams…. From the look of it my little diversionary thought that Bioshock was actually all about a guy in a coma could be closer to the truth than i could ever realise… kinda like the Silent Hill thing they do…..

  44. Reid says:

    Does this feel like a wet Fallout 2 to anyone else?

  45. aldo_14 says:

    I was disappointed too, though – when it was revealed that you were to be transformed into a Big Daddy, I felt sick to my stomach thinking of the implications, saving the girls and the city but leaving me this lumbering, moaning hulk walking along the oceanbed. It would’ve been a depressing and fantastic downbeat ending, but alas, it was not to be.

    That was pretty much what I expected, too. Perhaps it was – apparently multiple endings were the publishers’ ideas.

    Also, isn’t that German woman whose name I can’t spell still down there? And Cohen?

    Maybe the sequel will have you returning to a Rapture that’s been overtaken by a complete ecosystem (rather than splicers and delipidation), sort of like how the earlier version of Bioshock had an animal/insect ecosystem. Albeit I suspect it’s more likely they’ll change the setting – revisiting Rapture would surely leave too little room for variation.

  46. aldo_14 says:

    Oh damn it, that first paragraph should have been a quote of qrter. Grumble.

  47. Tom says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome .
    More Bioshock is never a bad thing.

  48. phuzz says:

    @Ian, if it helps most of the spoilers in this thread have been for the last bit of the game, which is, as you may have gathered, pretty rubbish. Bioshock is worth a play, there’s some fabulous moments in it, just a shame the last part is a bit generic really.

  49. newt says:

    link to

    C’mon, make it happen!

  50. Mr Pink says:

    Ian: Don’t worry too much, I don’t think the really important spoilers are in here. I’d play it as soon as you can though, I’m impressed that you’ve managed to avoid the biggy up to this point!

    On the subject of spoilers, we need a spoiler tag RPS!

    I’ll take other people’s point about Fontaine being less than trustworthy, but at the very least it was a missed opportunity.