Geek Lust: USB Atari Controller

Clearly horribly impractical for most fancy-doodle modern games, but god it’s lovely:

What would you play with this, lovely readers?

(Via Blues)


  1. Nuyan says:

    World of.. Goo?

    Should be playable.

  2. eyemessiah says:

    Mirrors edge.

  3. Okami says:


  4. Hieremias says:

    I’m certain that thing would reduce my hands to useless, aching stumps in about ten minutes. I challenge anyone to find a controller with worse ergonomics.

  5. eyemessiah says:

    Try this.

  6. Reid says:

    Or try the Atari

  7. Reid says:

    Er. . . , I meant to post this link:

    link to

  8. Dan Milburn says:

    Also, that style of joystick is completely useless for us left-handers. In general I mourn the passing of the digital joystick, but not in that style..

  9. TentSalesman says:

    There’s only one game I can think of right now that could do this justice: Sensible Soccer.

  10. Bobsy says:

    Ugh. Bring me a USB Zipstick and I’ll be interested. The Zipstick was king of digital joysticks.

  11. Schadenfreude says:

    What Bobsy said. This one right here in fact. Loved that joystick and no matter how many games I play on WinUAE it’s just no the same without it.

  12. Gap Gen says:

    Battlezone 2.

  13. theleif says:

    Why cant they do a similar release for The Bug for Amiga? Or am i really the only one in the world that loved it? Simply the best joystick ever for playing Gravity Force!

  14. Reid says:


    I remember playing it a while ago (shareware that wasoff a PCG disc I think, not sure exactly) – seems to fit perfectly with the idea here (both being classics remastered for the modern(er) era of gaming

  15. Love Albatross says:

    Schadenfreude, what about this?

    It’s quite nice, has lovely clicky buttons and stick.

  16. Khargan says:

    @Schadenfreude: Why not try a Competition Pro? link to

  17. Graham says:

    I think i’d have to dig out my copy of Sensible World of Soccer for some one button football madness.

  18. El Zomba says:

    I would play on my mother’s heartstrings until she bought me a Quickshot 2 Turbo (6 mircoswitches and Autofire, pew!), so I could throw that vile lump of plastic in the bin, just like I did twenty years ago.

  19. mashakos says:

    I wouldn’t pay for THAT. A Quickshot II Turbo on the other hand? HELL YES!

    I don’t what El Zombo is talking about, unless he got jealousof how awesome that joystick was.

  20. Jim Rossignol says:

    The Competition Pro is best.

  21. Manwe says:

    I was going to put down New Zealand Story, as this was one of my fav games back in my Amiga 500 days (My neighbours were Atari fanboys with their 520 st), but then I saw Graham’s post above mentioning Sensible World of Soccer, and it would have to be this. Furious two player of course.

    Also, Speedball 2. Man, those two games had so much playability, not least because of the satisfaction of beating your mates, but the style in which you could beat them.

  22. Mulayim says:

    SWOS will kill that joystick in 20 minutes.

  23. Khargan says:

    @Jim: Amen to that, I just ordered one. Anyone remember the Amiga game Projectyle?

  24. mashakos says:

    dirty secret: I still play with a joystick :o

    Logitech Force 3D Pro that is.

  25. Bobsy says:

    Wasn’t the Bug that funny-looking one with the tiny stick that you wedged between your index and middle fingers?

  26. Downloads_Plz says:

    World of Warcraft.

  27. Richard Beer says:

    I was more of a Kick Off 2 man, myself. Sensible was just too simplistic. Aftertouch for the win. Literally.

  28. Optimaximal says:

    I had a Bug… It was usable for all of 2 of the games I had on my Sega Master System – as that syntaxerror link pointed out, most of the older game controls were heavily targetted towards pads.

  29. phuzz says:

    Gah! I am internet man and I am angry!
    Clearly the joystick of kings is the Cruiser.
    Still got mine, the ring at the bottom of the stick let you change the tension, although it’s pretty loose on every setting now :(

  30. Jason Moyer says:

    My only criticism is that there doesn’t appear to be a set of USB paddles available anywhere.

  31. Heliocentric says:

    I played on my a600 with a genesis pad. It just worked. I had a mouse for games that suited it obviously. But best of all was access to autofire pads for those times.

  32. Schadenfreude says:

    Re: Competition Pro.

    The world is a wonderful place. I didn’t know they existed but now I must have one.

    I intend to spend many a happy hour playing Chaos Engine with it. :D

  33. kf76 says:


  34. Heliocentric says:

    I said genesis.. I forgot that mine was a master system, too much retro media is american.

  35. Heliocentric says:

    What? No? Mega drive. Bring back edit!

  36. AbyssUK says:

    meh use the keyboard amatures

  37. AbyssUK says:

    meh learn to spell stupid AbyssUK

  38. Novotny says:

    link to

    I went through i don’t know how many joysticks in the 80s. You could break a Quickshot just by looking at them quickly. The Competition Pro was another matter though, proper switches and everything. *sigh*

  39. Fumarole says:

    Peggle should work nicely.

  40. mashakos says:

    “meh use the keyboard amatures”

    DOS/PC n00b !

  41. terry says:

    Zipstick. Just… Zipstick.

  42. notlimahc says:

    Doesn’t anyone else have an arcade stick?

  43. Nero says:

    Give me this as an USB stick and I will be happy. Wonderful stick to play C64 games with. Even Decathlon 1500m couldn’t brake it. Gimme gimme.

  44. roryok says:

    that’s so weird because i’ve spent the last two days researching how to turn old Console controllers into all in one emulators / controllers.

    The plan is to shove a USB pen drive and USB Keyboard controller inside a megadrive pad, joined together with a USB hub. Once connected, it’ll auto-launch a megadrive emulator from the pendrive and auto-detect the usb keyboard, to which the pad buttons will be carefully mapped.

    I’m sure it would work for the atari stick too

  45. gnome says:

    The ideal controller for the brand new retro remake of the hopelessly dirty and imperialist Custer’s Revenge! What would we do without you oh RPS?

  46. LST4R says:

    Easy! Cave Story!

  47. cheeba says:

    Seriously Alec, I had two fo those atari sticks back in the day, and they were bloody rubbish. As has been mentioned here by a few peeps, the Comp Pro and Cruiser were truly the Sticks of Champions.

  48. cheeba says:

    Oh, and I’d play Trials 2 (while humming the Kikstart 2 theme, natch).

  49. chesh says:

    Mighty Jill-Off. Or that Pogo game posted the other day, which I haven’t actually launched yet and which may or may not work for this.
    Also, You Have To Burn The Rope.
    Passage and Rohrer’s other stuff. Tons of great indie games that would be ideally playable with this I think.