Red Faction, Fresh Explosioneering For 2009

As conoisseurs of The Explosion we are keen to sample both new blends and vintage detonations. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a fresh formulation of popular a traditional recipe, and it’s looking no less delicious for that. The footage that follows shows off RFG’s multiplayer action, where many explosions occur, thanks to the trademark destructible scenery, the giant guns, and men with excellent jetpacks. Any series of explosions that can be topped off with a dude escaping the blast on a jetpack is okay by us.


  1. mpk says:

    It’s pretty I guess but I always found the Red Faction games to be all mouth and no trousers.

  2. jakson says:

    Why so many games nowdays have to be from 3rd person… I feel more in game when it would be from eyes…

  3. rez says:


    Here’s hoping it plays as well as it looks.

  4. ZenArcade says:


  5. Theory says:

    GFWL logo at the end there.

  6. x25killa says:


  7. Kommissar Nicko says:

    Vaguely reminiscent of Tribes, says I.

  8. BorderlandsGuide says:

    Meh, I saw this trailer the first time it came out. It was called The Rocketeer.

  9. Nick says:

    Actually MPK, they were all mouth and destructable trousers. The novelty of which wore thin fast. Much like the lining of the trousers.

  10. Larington says:

    For some reason the visuals reminded me of Chrome.

    But third person?
    For f***s sake – Gears of War has a lot to answer for.

    I think its criminal that the subtler aspects of what made HL1/2 & DX1 and (Insert numerous other genre classics) don’t have the best bits carried over to subsequent games… But then third person view, or call of duty regenerative healing comes along and suddenly it becomes a game of ‘lets all jump on the band wagon’.

    Seriously, can they please stop.

  11. Pags says:

    @Kommissar Nicko: most games with jetpacks tend to be reminiscent of Tribes.

    Have to say, the previous Red Faction games were pretty rubbish, so unless they’ve learnt a lot about making an actual enjoyable shooter, as well as all this mouth-flapping about destructibility, I don’t think I’ll be jumping aboard this ride any time soon.

  12. Tom says:

    Looks potentially awesome.
    Think I’d be the sneaky bastard running around cloaked, planting explosives and detonating them when a building’s full of fine folk trying to kill each other.

  13. alan says:

    Why so many games nowdays have to be from 3rd person… I feel more in game when it would be from eyes…

    Supposedly, they changed it to 3rd for this game because otherwise it was very easy to suddenly die from being twatted on the head by falling debris.

  14. Whizzo says:

    Having been in the 360 beta any possibility I had of buying this was kicked into touch very quickly, it was awful.

  15. Down Rodeo says:

    Hmm. The physics looked very Ageia-like. It also looked rather fun, but we shall see.

  16. Dreamhacker says:

    Note: Red Faction 3 is not Red Faction. Neither is Red Faction 2.

    Better RED than DEAD!

  17. spd from Russia says:

    looks bland and generic. hope it plays better than it looks

  18. spd from Russia says:

    Whizzo elaborate, what was so bad about it?

  19. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    BorderlandsGuide: That quip would work a bit better if it was in response to this game.

  20. Smurfy says:

    Ha I remember this. I got RF with my PS2, and I liked it (building tunnels with the Fusion Gun is awesome) so I got RF2, which was cool but I couldn’t see how it had anything to do with RF. And now this looks zany.

  21. Mungrul says:

    How can the guys who made Freespace 1 & 2 be so shit at making modern games?

  22. Wedge says:

    I played this at PAX some on the 360. I thought it was incredibly fun, though I spent as much time as possible ignoring any combat and just decimating buildings. The environment destruction is genuinely impressive and if it actually has level creation tools on PC, could sort of be the coolest thing ever.

  23. MeestaNob! says:

    Almost makes you glad they aren’t going near making FreeSpace 3.

  24. manintheshack says:

    @Man Raised by Puffins

    The first time I saw Dark Void I couldn’t help but pity the developers. Not only did they come up the most generic, meaningless name for the game, but they were selling it on their astoundingly revolutionary ‘vertical cover system’. Y’know like Gears of War, but going up. Truly terrible…

  25. LionsPhil says:

    Generic. Shame: for all its criminal shortness, underused gimmickry, and lack of polish, Red Faction wasn’t that bad.

    And I can’t wait for pixel-shaded jelly-like energy effects to go the way of lens flare. Ugh.

  26. LionsPhil says:

    Hunh. No editing any more?

    Anyway: RF also had the rail gun from Eraser, complete with through-walls scope. That alone has got to be worth 5%.

  27. Urael says:

    Played the original, which promised the moon-on-a-stick but delivered almost nothing beyond an average corridor shooter, despite it being set on Mars. It even forgot about the endlessly destructible environments after a few levels in. The awful betrayal put this game in its coffin, while the bland sequel hammered more nails in and then nuked the entire graveyard. Nothing I’ve seen in the trailer for this new iteration above looks any different: just another bland, average, samey, wannabe action shooter.

  28. Bobsy says:

    Nobby: Is anyone going near Freespace 3 though?

  29. MeestaNob! says:

    I think there is a pretty good (but publisher-relevant statistically small) amount of gamers which would clamber over their own mothers to see FreeSpace 3 on the beige wonder machine, but I fear if they couldn’t see a way of making it work on a console (and of course consequently fucking it for everyone who actually cared in the first place) then it probably wont happen.

    The thing to remember is that the same people who would kill for FreeSpace 3 to happen, are the exact same people who to this day picket loudly for X-Wing or Tie Fighter (but not X-Wing VS TieFighter) 2, and that’s definitely not a small group.

    The real issue is, do we trust the owners of these properties anymore? Volition post FreeSpace 2 is frankly cack, and LucasArts haven’t made a good game (or outsourced to make a good game) since Grim Fandango. That’s a very long time ago.

    The numbers can be made to work, either game could be a success (the Star Wars property, even used and abused as it is today, especially), but it has to be handled right. If money men see the words Simulator anywhere in the genre column they’ll feint, but change it to Arcade Action (or similar) and the Angry Internet Men will burn something down. While the occupants are still in it.

    If I was the sort of person who slept, I’d dream of Valve buying the FreeSpace series and doing something lovely with it.