Trip Into Space: Astro Tripper Coming Soon

Shooting them up. Yes.
Noticed this mentioned over at Rllmuk, but it appears that PomPom are reworking their classic award-winning early-noughties Defender/Uridium-esque shooter Space Tripper (Which is no longer on Pom’s site, but has a demo here). Little is known about Astro Tripper other than it’s got fourteen levels, will be available “soon” and has a trailer which you’ll find nestling beneath the cut…

This reminds me of the time when I got Ste Curran to review Space Tripper for PCG. He gave it 92% and ranted until his little black heart exploded, and precipitated all manner of entertaining debates. And then later, with PomPom’s other game Mutant Storm, I started yelping about Crystalline Attack Sperm to Jim. Ah, those were the days.

Does make me wonder why PomPom are reworking their old material rather than trying something else, however. Hope they’re okay.


  1. KBKarma says:

    I remember some of those levels! Now I want to play Space Tripper again.

    I wonder if it’ll work under WINE…

    Also, they could be remaking it for XBLA or something. Don’t worry, I’m relatively sure they’re OK.

  2. Oddbob says:

    It’s for the PS3 isn’t it?

    I love Space Tripper. It was all downhill from there though.

  3. Oddbob says:

    Ah sorry, they’ve added a PC since the last time I checked the PomPom page. I’m a fool.

  4. Jon says:

    The Space Tripper demo I had caused me to sit and play for hours at a time, causing a mild occurance of RSI. I loved that game.

  5. Smee says:

    I don’t really see the point…? It’s exactly the same. I mean, exactly the same. Same levels, same design, same boss patterns, same enemy behaviour. The only gameplay difference is that the red laser now has a wider spread. Space Tripper was a great game, but really, couldn’t they have done something more than making the graphics brighter?

  6. subedii says:

    Wow, I remember buying both Space Tripper and Mutant Storm way back when. I was even a regular on their forums for a while.

    Although I was under the impression that Pompom had abandoned the platform after they managed to hit XBL, they never really visited the forums or made any announcements after that, none of their updates came to the PC, and their whole site pretty much stagnated.

    Now that I visit their site again, it says that both Mutant Storm Reloaded AND Empire are in the works for PC now as well as the new Astro Tripper.

    Wonder what’s going on. Several years without communication and it looks like they’re back from phantom zone and with a new site to boot.

    Shame they don’t have the forums anymore, those got locked after the site pretty much went quiet for years, and they don’t seem to have come back now.

  7. MeestaNob! says:

    Space Tripper and Mutant Storm were great fun.

    If I could get them on Steam I’d be very happy. Just saying. Happy.


  8. Alex May says:

    I love Space Tripper. It was all downhill from there though.
    I agree – I’ve been waiting for them (and cajoling them) to do this for ages, and almost lost faith when they started working on Bliss Island (too much time spent at the Indiegamer forums IMO) and shut down their forums rather than appoint a moderator to answer questions and fix the spam.

    Great news, look forward to it massively. Space Tripper is still one of the best shooter games I’ve ever played.

  9. thesombrerokid says:

    OMFG this is the best news i’ve heard all week!

  10. Digit says:

    I loved both their games, can’t wait for Astro Tripper. :D

  11. Alex says:

    The game is pretty good. It is quite difficult.

    I have put a video on youtube:

    link to