Spectraball Enters Steam’s Pipes

If Samus played Monkey Ball.

Spectraball has arrived on Steam, from indie devs Flashcube Studios. For a mere $9 (plus taxes), it’s somewhere between Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, with more bloom effects than the Chelsea Flower Show. We’ll have more thoughts on it once we’ve had a chance to play it.


  1. Dorsch says:

    Is this good? I like marble games, but they rarely bring anything new to the table.

  2. Cronus says:

    This looks a lot like Switchball. I’d be very interested in hearing comparison’s if anyone has played both. Otherwise I doubt I’ll spend the money on this when I can go back to switchball and beat the last collection of levels.

  3. scott says:

    Bad ass !!! I love ball rolling games. I’ll definitely post comments after I get a chance to play it

  4. Kennel says:

    Hmm.. there have been many marble games, but can anyone name this?

    -About 10 years old
    -10-15 levels
    -Possibly freeware
    -Quite crude 3d-graphics with some nice particle and lightning effects
    -Ramps, loops, trampolines, cannons, power ups etc.
    -Last map had a castle

  5. Stuk says:

    This was almost an impulse buy, but I couldn’t find any reviews and no demo. And it does just look like another rolling ball game….

  6. Tanner says:

    @Kennel: Ballance?

  7. manintheshack says:

    The first review is on my blog. link to deadpixelpost.blogspot.com

    Check it oot. It’s a really fun game, but you need to stick at it and get past the initial frustration.

  8. Kennel says:

    @Tanner: Ballance?

    Nope, older than that. All game objects (well except the castle) were very abstract and colorful.

    (I’m not sure why I’m asking for this, because I wouldn’t play it more than 10 minutes. And these all are pretty much the same.)

  9. manintheshack says:

    It’s not far off Ballance, but because the levels are timed and there are online leaderboards it turns it into something akin to trackmania with spheres.

  10. Masterdog says:

    Nothing beats Marble Madness. My first favourite game.

  11. noggin says:

    marble blast? (no more marble games for me…)

  12. shinygerbil says:

    Kennel: it’s a long shot but maybe you’re thinking of Neverball? I’m pretty sure that isn’t 10 years old though!

    As for this one, I’m a sucker so I bought it – crashes on startup.


  13. ryanb says:

    @ shinygerbil: yeah, you have to download physx; the installer with the game isn’t working with steam quite right as of right yet but its being worked on. This thread should help:

  14. Dave says:

    The music from Marble Madness started running through my head as soon as I read the words. That was an awesome soundtrack.

  15. pepper says:

    This game definitely looks like fun! Il get it ASAP so i can give it a go. You can hardly go wrong with those amounts of money.

  16. shinygerbil says:

    @ryanb: thanks for the tip – but it didn’t work. ;) Well, I’ll keep trying anyway!

    Sigh…my computer crashes with lots of things these days. Something to do with most of the components being well over 5 years old, methinks…?

  17. scott says:

    Kennel: Only thing I can think of is “I got some balls”…

    link to caiman.us

    It’s not quite 10 years old yet (almost) but it sounds very similar to your description. I love that game BTW. There is a castle level although it’s not the last level.

    Another great ball rolling game that everyone should play is the Metaball mod for UT2k4. Very very refined gameplay for a mod. :-D Too bad the author canned part 2. :(

  18. Jetsetlemming says:

    I’ve been told the game is shit- extremely buggy and unfinished.

  19. isolated1 says:

    It doesn’t seem to be as well programmed as Switchball, it looks worse, its not as smooth. I probably wouldn’t have paid for it if I had tried a demo before I bought it. Its a bit amateur.

  20. scott says:

    From the video though, it looks to be a lot more dexterity based. Switchball is basically just a bunch of “Here’s a physics puzzle where the solution is relatively obvious” Solve it, move on to the next one. Etc.

    I desperately wish I could play this thing right now but, alas, I am too broke at the moment :(

  21. pepper says:

    I just played it a bit, after giving it a go at school this morning. It didnt run well on those computers and the ball was rather hard to control. But on my own rig with my own controls at home it worked just like it should.

    The first few puzzles are pretty straight forward, after this they can get quite challenging and presume you have full control off the ball, and insight in how it will react. This is also were the fun starts, here you need to think, time and coordinate your actions to solve the puzzles. Which give quite a satisfactory feeling when you finish them! I have to leave house in a bit, but if i wouldn’t need to then i would be playing this game all evening. Definitely worth the 10$!

  22. Oliver says:

    Kennel that would be marble blast gold. That is one of my favorite games of all time by the way.

  23. Harvey62 says:

    Went back and forth with Steam about crashes at startup for a few days. Finally went to the forums and fixed the problem in a few minutes. Neat game

  24. Vinraith says:


    “We’ll have more thoughts on it once we’ve had a chance to play it.”

    You guys have been thinking about this one for a long time, I guess. :)

    Seriously, though, DID you guys ever play this one? I notice it’s $5 on D2D right now.