GoG For All! Yes, Even You, Stinky

At last – Good Old Games, the lovely, cheapie, DRM-free (DON’T SAY A BLOODY BORING WORD ABOUT BLOODY BORING DRM) download service specifically dedicated to olde worlde classics of PC gaming – and often out of print ones at that – has finally thrown open its doors to the whole wide world. It’s no longer a closed beta, but an open beta – by which it presumably means ‘actually launched but “beta” sounds cooler’. Nonetheless – woo!

The beculted likes of Fallout, Sacrifice and Hostile Waters remain the headliners, but opening day brings with it some new sign-ups: publishers Strategy First and Piranha Bytes. The former most notably brings Jagged Alliance, and the latter the original Gothic. Oddly, Strategy First have also thrown the first Sacred in there, which is actually quite a new game by GoG’s standards. Still no Planescape: Torment though, sadly :(

The prices remain delightful: $5.99 or $9.99, which is practically nothing. Well, enough for a home-cooked meal. Or a fancy hat. Or a fortnight’s worth of cat food. But really not a lot.

The site is, of course, over here, and there’s a press release fulla factoids below.

GOG.com Open Beta Embarks; New Companies Climb Aboard

Everyone Now Able to Buy Value-Packed and DRM-Free Classic PC Games

Warsaw, Poland – October 23, 2008. GOG.com, or Good Old Games, the digital distribution site with DRM-free PC classics, today opened its doors to the public as it moved into its Open Beta phase after a highly successful Early Access Beta that saw tens of thousands of gamers satisfy their deepest desires… for classic PC games, you sicko! Additionally, GOG.com announced that two new companies have taken up arms in the battle to bring classic PC games at low prices to the masses. The award-winning worldwide publisher, Strategy First, is bringing hit titles Sacred Gold, Jagged Alliance, Disciples Gold and more to GOG.com, while a deal with Pluto 13 means that classic-games fans will have the opportunity to play Piranha Bytes’ acclaimed RPG, Gothic.

With Strategy First and Pluto 13 joining Codemasters and Interplay, the GOG.com Open Beta will expand in the coming weeks to offer more than 50 games from the 90s and 2000s, all optimized to work on modern PCs and packed with bonus content. Also, the games are inexpensive, leading to a minimal impact on international credit markets; GOG.com is doing its part to crush the current economic recession.

“We’re elated to welcome these new companies to the GOG.com catalogue. It’s a great demonstration of their commitment to gamers, and we’re sure that our extremely devoted community will welcome Strategy First with open arms, and will have a great time revisiting the immersive world of Gothic as the Open Beta begins,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of GOG.com. “The success of the Early Access Beta showed us that there is huge demand for DRM-free classic PC games, and it helped us to prepare the site for the public launch. We are endlessly grateful to the users for their support and assistance.”

Strategy First games will begin appearing in the GOG.com games catalogue with the release of Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold Edition on October 28, the same day that will see the launch of Piranha Bytes’ Gothic. More titles, as well as announcements of additional publishers, will follow in the coming weeks. Go to GOG.com and dive right into the world of classic PC gaming.


About GOG.com

Backed by CD Projekt, one of Eastern and Central Europe’s largest publishers and distributors, GOG.com – or Good Old Games – is the ultimate destination for classic PC games. The site offers gamers some of the greatest PC games of all time for a low price and free from copy protection. GOG.com is much more than just another digital distribution site, featuring an extensive community component that allows players to rate, review and discuss their favourite PC games, as well as insightful articles from respected games journalists.

About CD Projekt

Founded in 1994, CD Projekt is one of Eastern and Central Europe’s largest game distributors, with offices in Warsaw, Prague and Budapest, and employs more than 250 people across its diverse businesses. The company has used innovative marketing and distribution practices to invigorate the Polish games market and to position itself as a leader in the localisation and publishing of world-class games, having brought such hits as the Neverwinter Nights, Diablo and Warcraft series to the region with great success. CD Projekt Group includes the publishing and distribution companies in Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary; the dedicated Localisation Centre, which is the leading provider of cross-platform porting, quality assurance and localisation services in the region; CD Projekt RED, the development branch responsible for the hit role-playing franchise, The Witcher; Metropolis Software, currently developing the anticipated multiplatform sci-fi shooter, THEY; and GOG.com, the ultimate online destination for DRM-free classic PC games. More information about CD Projekt can be found online at www.cdprojekt.com.


  1. Pags says:

    $6.99? I’m getting an offer of $5.99 for most, looks like you’re being robbed blind Alec!

  2. Alec Meer says:

    Actually, I’m just blind. Fixed.

  3. M_the_C says:

    I took part in the closed beta and was very impressed with the service.

    Not many games that I want to get yet, but I did finally get around to playing Sacrifice.

    Roll on SS2.

  4. Flubb says:

    Battlechess! Castles!

  5. Gorgeras says:

    There is no excuse now. Everyone buy Sacrifice. I will be, even though I have my original one right here with the box. Buy it en masse. Buy multiple copies for your friends. Just about any PC can run it on high settings now. Did you know that you can install ‘spawn’ copies of it’s multiplayer off just one disc for epic LAN battles? Do it.

    We may yet see it: Sacrifice 2, with HDR and Havok physics. If you BUY IT this time.

  6. Meat Circus says:

    I think I may have asked this before, but do their version of Fallout/2 support the hi-res patches?

    Also, they need to use magics to find a way to get PS:T on this mother sharpish.

  7. Diddledoo says:

    Meat Circus: Or I could just pirate it and hope my vote gets counted.

  8. Diddledoo says:

    Was funnier before the censorship kicked in.

  9. Shamanic Miner says:

    Die by the Sword and Limb from Limb expansion!

    Uncoordinated chuckles here I come.

  10. Pags says:

    Quick question: is Die by the Sword any good? I know it isn’t asking much to part with $5.99 for two games, but I’m seven kinds of broke right now and any expenditure is unwanted expenditure.

  11. Tei says:

    I have downloaded Giant Citizen Kabuto, or something alike (forgot the name). I don’t plan to really play it, as is a very old game.

  12. The Dark One says:

    @Meat Circus

    Yes, I can say that their version of Fallout supports the hi-res patch. It means you see edges to areas that would normally be obscured and the HUD’s text is a bit eye-squinty, but that’s to be expected.

  13. LionsPhil says:

    Ooh. I like their terms. Shame they don’t have System Shock or Syndicate in their catalogue. :/

    Meat: they actually state the patchlevel of the game you get; for Fallout 1, it’s 1.1.

  14. Klaus says:

    Sacrifice, from what I read, seems awesome, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to get that.

  15. Nimic says:

    Die by the Sword there?! Epic multiplayer.

  16. Pags says:

    LionsPhil: I’m not entirely sure how legal it is, but I’m pretty sure you can get Syndicate as abandonware; but then don’t take my word for it, abandonware is always a hazy issue.

  17. Meat Circus says:


    I would never pirate these games. GoG seem to be the very embodiment of Internet Lovely, and I want to smother them with my money-kisses.

  18. RichPowers says:

    GOG is such an awesome idea; I’m surprised something like this wasn’t created sooner. Hopefully strong sales of existing titles will encourages more publishers to sell their back catalogs through GOG.

  19. Shamanic Miner says:

    Pags: I loved DBTS at the time, I’ll know in a while if it’s aged well.


  20. Mr Pink says:

    The only tragedy is that the dollar is currently soaring in price…

  21. Dolphan says:


    Apologies if you’re kidding, my ability to tell goes downhill day by day. If you’re not: play Giants. It’s fantastic, and there’s been very little of anything much like it. Ever.

  22. Tei says:

    @Dolphan: I lied a bit, I am on the 3th level (level?). It seems awesome big, and I think I have all the tools (reads: not). My companion (Tel?) is crazy.
    Now, to give suggestions back. If you havent not played Sacrifice, get it. Is awesome RTS gameplay with cool graphics and coool ideas.

  23. Meat Circus says:

    What is Sacrifice and why are lots of people telling me to buy it?

    My retrogaming time is currently taken up struggling through the X-COM pack on Steam.

    Flip me, it’s hard.

  24. Smurfy says:

    And still no digital distribution services have prices other than dollars. Come on, get with the freakin’ program.

  25. mbp says:

    I really hope gog is a roaring success but I think I may have discovered a flaw in their business strategy – I already have most of the games in their catalogue :( . That said It probably worth spending $5.99 to get their “guaranteed to work on a modern pc” version than trying to install and patch from my original copy (floppy disks???). Their forums are a great place to discuss older games – I have already done my best to toot the horn for Sacrifice.

  26. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    DRM-free download! Manual! Wallpapers! Soundtrack! Guaranteed XP + Vista support!

    Steam should be this good; and I’m a big fan of Steam. GOG is the best thing that’s happened to back-catalogue games.

    So I now own Fallout, Fallout 2, Freespace 2, and Descent.

  27. Shadowcat says:

    Tei: Enjoy! Giants is one of my all-time favourite games. I’m glad you were joking about not playing it!!!

  28. Ergates says:

    It’s a bit like Chaos – in that you have a character that exists in the game world and you fight battles by magicing up units and casting spells. But not turn based. Or 2D.

    It’s decidedly weird and whacky and very super. Enourmously replayable too – you get to pick which battles you fight, which in turn determines which units you get (you get new units by beating other gods – or capturing them in combat, I forget). And it has earthworm Jim as a god. And another god who has a helium filled balloon for a head.

    Typing this is making me want to play it again…

  29. Noc says:

    One of my great sorrows is that I could never get my friends to pick up Sacrifice, so I could never play them in it.

    If only I had badgered them harder!

  30. Paul B says:

    “And it has earthworm Jim as a god. And another god who has a helium filled balloon for a head.”

    Sounds good to me. I’ll have to try it :)

    I’ve already downloaded Freespace 2 from GoG, and applied the community patches. I just hope GoG becomes successful and lots more old games are added to this service.

  31. Mo says:

    What’s the verdict on Fallout Tactics? I remember it getting pretty good reviews, and Metacritic seems mostly positive. How does the story/atmosphere/etc hold up? I’ve tried so hard to get into Fallout 1/2, but just couldn’t get over how awfully dull the combat was, so I figured Tactics (and 3) are the best way to get my fix of post-apocalypse. :)

  32. Skurmedel says:

    Been on GoG for almost a month now, it’s awesome. The site spanks Steam and any other download service, it’s just extremely well implemented.

  33. subedii says:


    Awww, this was my one chance to make mention of DRM in a positive post and you’ve ruined that for me. Thanks a lot.

  34. groovychainsaw says:

    I agree with others here, ive been in the beta for over a month – its slick, easy to use, has lovely extras (soundtracks, wallpapers etc. with each purchase) and really seems to listen to their users (so faR). It gets 9/10 from me (just needs more games! and maybe prices in £s so that the value doesn’t start to drop now that our currency is in the crapper)

  35. Pags says:

    While I’m downloading it, may as well ask, who wants to engage in clumsy and comical swordfights with me in Die by the Sword?

  36. N'Al says:

    Swordfights against Gary Busey?!? I think not!

  37. Pags says:

    You’re overcome with fear I see. Fear. F. E. A. R. That stands for False Evidence Appearing Real [/busey quote]

  38. Zeno says:

    I was in the “closed” beta, but didn’t buy anything. They just didn’t have anything that I wanted to play that I didn’t already own.

  39. Down Rodeo says:

    Odd question, but any ideas on how it runs on the Linux platform? As many of these games are old I’d imagine that the performance hit is not major but if anyone’s had the experience then, you know, it’d be cool to know.

    Well saying that, I suppose a few of these run on DOSBox anyway? Here I begin to show my ignorance.

  40. LionsPhil says:

    Given that the downloads are apparently self-extracting EXEs, Linuxry would (as ever) be a faff; but once unpacked, unless they’ve seriously been meddling, DOSBox’s compatability is pretty good these days.

    Bear in mind that many of those (e.g. Fallout) are Windows games, though.

  41. Butler` says:

    So I now own Fallout, Fallout 2, Freespace 2, and Descent.

    Actually not, you only own a licence to play them!

    Dear lord, did I just take pedantry to a new level?!

  42. LionsPhil says:

    This is the Internets—pedantry overshot that long ago. Just you wait until someone gets you for using two punctuation marks, when you clearly meant an interrobang.

  43. Erlend M says:

    Independence War 1 working on XP omgplz omgplz omgplz

    I loved Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos, but I never found the first game. Did anyone here play it? Is it as good as I want it to be in my mind?

  44. Kismet says:

    Down Rodeo, I haven’t tried myself yet, but this thread should help. :)

  45. teo says:

    They have kingpin!!!

  46. Ecko says:

    Bugger. RPS, I am in my first year of university and you have so far made me buy in the few weeks I have been enlightened by you: World of Goo, Fallout (Had FO2, never occured to me for some stupid reason to get the first), Sacrifice

    World of Goo was brilliance, but onto the topic at hand, goddamn, Sacrifice is fun!

  47. jonfitt says:

    I-War 1 is in some ways better.
    You are the commander on a corvette bridge so to do things like target missiles at locations, you switch to the weapons officer’s screen. Most things can be done from the main pilots seat, but it’s a nice touch and the only game to ever get close to that starship captain feel. It makes it harder to play though :)
    The game consists of highly scripted missions, and not the Elite-like open exploration. I like that sometimes.

    The shield system is punishingly hard though.

    I just brought my I-War1 CD back from the UK with the intent of trying it again, and finally finishing it.
    Also brought back my original PS:T CDs too :)

  48. jonfitt says:

    I had Sacrifice and enjoyed it. Don’t think I competed it though. Might be worth a reply.

  49. jonfitt says:

    On Die By The Sword:
    It had a completely unique sword scheme where the 9 Num pad keys (Or Mouse?) corresponded to where you wanted to move your sword to in space, so swipe right/left, you pressed 6 – 4.
    Swords didn’t pass through objects so you actually impacted enemies, and realy blocked, and limbs could be chopped off.

    The game modes were deathmatch, deathmatch vs the computer, or Tomb Raider-like story mode.

    All sounds good, and once you got the hang of things you could be a bad-ass, but death came quickly (a beheading is a beheading with 1 good hit), and no matter how good a player you were you *always* looked like a spaz*.

    * Or modern PolCorrect equivalent.

  50. jambamagamba says:

    If they manage to get hold of Omikron i’ll freak.