Penny Arcade Teeny Trailer Bonanza

To the point.

A trio of trailers have appeared for the next instalment in the “Penny Arcade Adventures” as it’s so mercifully being abbreviated to in most circles. The first part of the episodic adventure-cum-RPG was really rather fun, so there’s good reason to have your looking aimed forward. All three videos below.

Oh, okay, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two Papercraft Contest! Their exclam. The rather dubiously titled “Comical Cutscene” in the middle seems a bit like it was the bit that was meant to be cut, but the other two show off the game’s cartoony combat, and the pleasing role torture will be playing in the game.


  1. sbs says:

    I see they have upped their selection of beard styles.
    Looking forward to this, the 1st Episode I liked enough to play through it 2 times. The combat is just really fun.

  2. Mivehind says:

    Woohoo! GT returns!

  3. Benjamin Finkel says:

    “Pull the left lever again.” Now that ought to be fun.


  4. Glenn says:

    You’ve got to love the fact that these guys spend a lot of their time hacking on games, then they have the guts to go & put their own out there. Seriously putting your money where your mouth is.

    And this is why internet distribution of games is the future, no major label was going to pick this up, but they’re still going to sell heaps of copies.

  5. Okami says:

    “I punch people.”

    Best dialog line in an rpg ever.

    Also: Are these rhino testicles in the first video?

  6. Meat Circus says:

    I immensely enjoyed OTRSPOP:Ep1 for what it was. It reminded me of Mario & Luigi on the GBA, but with more Lovecraftian humours.

    Do want next episode.

    Though I really want to play DeathSpank more. Hurry up please, Hothead. Good boys.

  7. Bobsy says:

    Is… is that guy in the picture in blackface?

  8. danielcardigan says:

    Tried the demo for the first one and didn’t care for it.

    I like PA, but more for the editorial than for the strained toons.

  9. Richard Beer says:

    Seriously, are these the worst teaser movies of all time? I played a demo of the first episode (because I’m actually quite a fan of Penny Arcade) but these movies leave me totally cold. And wasn’t there supposed to be a comical cutscene? Or did they mean ‘comical’ in the ‘looks like a comic’ kind of way?

  10. Cypher3au says:

    There’s a much better trailer on the official site, under downloads.

  11. danarchist says:

    I caught myself actually laughing while playing through the first one. Like laughing out loud, not just chuckling. Only sam and max has ever been quite so funny to me. Er….well day of the tentacle was hilarious but I had a mullet at the time and parachute pants, so it doesnt count