World At War Beta Strikes

Earth VS Saturn in ultimate battle!

Call of Duty: World At War, the fifth game in the CoD series, is now in multiplayer beta mode. The series has gone back to WWII for this instalment, developed by Treyarch (who take care of the odd numbered games, Infinity Ward doing the evens).

The game’s been betaing on the 360 for a couple of weeks, and now finally the PC version is ready to roll. You can get the 850mb of code here or here, but to be able to take part you’ll need to create an official account here.

In the beta are four playable sides – US Marines, German Wehrmacht, Russian Red Army, and the Japanese Imperial Army – along with four game types. They be Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, CTF and War.

There’s three maps to play it all on. The Japanese and Marines play on Castle (set in an ancient Japanese castle) or Makin (a nighttime Pacific assault), while the Germans take on the Russians in Roundhouse, putting tanks against people in Europe.


  1. rupert says:

    its cod4 with a new skin and crap guns ;/
    should be called cod4.5

  2. Ben says:

    Well, yeah. It is kinda COD 4.5. That said, I have problems with the sound design– too tinny and high-pitched compared to COD4’s bass-heavy thud-ridden war soundtrack. In addition, the gameplay just feels…. loose. I don’t really know how else to say it.

  3. Max says:

    I’ve heard nothing but bad about this, but mostly from COD4 fanboys, so I’ll give it a go.

  4. Reid says:

    This is Reid:

    Hey Max. Wanna cyber?

  5. Max says:

    Eh, I’ll pass thanks.

  6. RiptoR says:

    Have played the beta a couple of hours now. Had great fun with it. At first the gameplay feels weirdish, but once you’re used to the slower movement compared to cod4, and you get to level 10 or so, it really starts to become great fun imho. Gameplay is a mix between CoD2 and CoD4.

    Gotta agree with Ben about the sound though.

  7. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Oh they’re using the level system again? I’ll pass thanks. I like my multiplayer games to be as even as possible. There’s enough twitch gaming in a game like this as it is.

  8. JakeB says:

    Heh, The level system is the only thing that gives this game depth. The maps are pretty horrible, horrible voiceovers, and ugly facemaps :P

    But at least the dogs are fun..

  9. Max says:

    I signed up, confirmed my email account, went to my profile on and I have no beta key for some reason.

    Sod it, too tired for this…

  10. majorbromly says:


    Your’re exactly right. Not to mention how awful this PC port feels.

  11. bemo56 says:

    A Mix between CiD2 and 4, so basically its CoD3 – the last Call of Duty masterpiece (extreme sarcasm) made by Treyarch? I pretty much dislike every game released by them.

  12. Serzus says:

    Had a go for a while… It’s alright, I guess. Feels more like a mod for CoD4 than anything new. I’ll save final judgment for when I play with some teamwork later in the week.

    Biggest complaint: Normal bolt rifles don’t kill in one w/o a headshot. Screw on a scope however, and your bullet magically does 20//30 more damage… Annoying because I am fond of the bayonet and irons. The scopes just don’t feel right, probably because the beta maps are the same size if not smaller than CoD4 fare.

  13. Malagate says:

    I read the title and instantly thought someone was making a “War of the Worlds” FPS, so I’m kind of disappointed that it’s really all WW2 again rather than people in tanks vesus aliens in walkers with death rays. I got tired of this WW2 setting before the new millenium began…

  14. Quercus says:

    I like it although the sounds do feel muted and (as has been stated) the bolt-actions should do more damage out of the box.

    Yes it is CoD4 ported over to WW2 but as a fan of the previous CoD games, I don’t have a problem with that.
    (I’d much rather see another WW2 game with the diversity of weapons, theatres and sides than another modern “Americans against insurgents” or “Americans against Chinese” game). Yawn.

  15. rabbitsoup says:

    Its Fun, but if i spawn under another arty strike i might cry

  16. Rii says:

    “…developed by Treyarch (who take care of the odd numbered games, Infinity Ward doing the evens).”

    Call of Duty (1) was developed by Infinity Ward.

  17. Paradukes says:

    My first thoughts on hearing the guns fire was “Good grief, did they actually add pop-guns and air rifles to this game?”
    The really stupid thing is the fact that the sniper rifles still have a sonic boom, but a really high-pitched one. I don’t suppose anyone knows of any mods that change the sounds?

  18. Bilocationist says:

    I totally agree about the scope thing (more damage, than just iron sights) – really hate stuff like that.

    Mixed feelings on the beta so far. I prefer more ‘realistic’ style shooters generally, but there’s so few around (still playing H&D2). Tried to get into ArmA, but there’s just something about the movement + aiming that just feels laggy to me, even with good fps…

    I just wish it took it’s self a bit more seriously (at least in Hardcore mode). Some times reminds me of Day of Defeat Source a little. Graphically some areas are done really well, whilst others seem a bit twee/Disney, which I don’t really dig on.

    I think all the Perks + stuff can be turned of server side, but I’ve not yet found one running with these settings… + even on HC you still get icons come up when you hit someone through cover, or if they have a certain perk…

    Finally… I know I’m in the minority gaming on a 30″, but it’d be nice to actually have some higher res loading/menu front end screens + be able to scale HUD element like UT used too. I hate large HUDs + loads of giant text on screen…

  19. Xizor says:

    Just let Infinity Ward do CoD5 in a modern setting.. haven’t we got enough of WWII already?
    I don’t understand why anyone would find old weapons more fun than new weapons seriously.. Maybe if they participated in the war or something, but that can’t be their targetgroup.

  20. Bilocationist says:

    Oh, another thing… The default fov is 65 – Which I have major issues with, feels like I’m running round ‘zoomed in’ all the time. Why all fps games these days seem to be reducing the fov I don’t know (console thing?) but I find it VERY annoying (and always have to alter it), just feels really unnatural + gives me very little awareness of my surroundings + makes it much harder just moving around the maps for me…

    cg_fov 80 (the max allowed) fixes this, hope it’s not considered cheating…

  21. The Non-Cybering Reid says:

    Seems I’m on the bandwagon too then. Haven’t enjoyed any of Treyarch’s efforts so far and doubt this one will be any different. They aren’t bad games as such but they just simply don’t live up to Infinity Wards standards. Seems they are employed just to keep the brand name ticking over in peoples minds and keeping the sequel cash-cow thouroughly milked.

  22. Heliocentric says:

    I remember gt legend being said to be better than gt 2 because the cars are less perfect.

    Well i like ww2 because the guns were less perfect. A bullet to the head is still a bullet to the head but designs like the machine gun were born on the principle that the guns were crap. Guns in cod4 are on occasion sniper rifles and automatics at the same time. This would heighten teamwork(as in arma) but people can respawn. Or at least have little investment in living, in few fps games can suppressive fire even exist. World war 2 rifles can allow for meaningfully different classes of soldier (within a close quarters shooter) without the need for realism rending features (like tf2).

    Also, if you need to level up to 40 to get the triple grenade perk GO FUCK YOURSELF!! I am not buying your game to get grenade spammed by little bitches while i try and eek out enough points to level up. And not even be able to spam back.

    Seriously fuck right off!

  23. Heliocentric says:

    Also i need to add a big fuck you to bf2142 which you have to unlock all sorts of shit from grenades to automatic turrets.

    But at least in that game tanks are free, its not like i need to be level 50 to get in the attack heli.

    But it cod there is no heli or bomber you can pilot (the addition of tanks in 5 might shut me up though.) so the most devestating weapon in the game (triple grenade, 3 indirect balls of death) is only for the people who have 40 levels under the belt and as a result a personal experience advantage.

    But fucking unlocks made cod4 sell more so it’ll be a staple of the series now. Good bye cod multi, i knew ye well.

  24. Heliocentric says:

    For a wide screen i find anything less than 90 uncomfortably cramped, 120 is lovely for driving or piloting when awareness > precision.

  25. Paradukes says:

    The tanks kind of suck anyway (At least to my experience). Personally, the reason I like hardcore is that you can stand toe to toe with a rank 55 (or 65 now) and still stand a good chance even at level 1. Softcore is for people who’ve made it to the highest rank and just want to kill people who haven’t.

  26. Nero says:

    I can’t create a online profile when starting the game. I read on the forums that a reinstall might help, it didn’t. Oh well, not gonna buy it anyway. Oh well, I will have L4D to keep me busy with some real zombie killing.

  27. IvanHoeHo says:

    A few problems:
    voice acting sucks
    sound design majorly lacking
    the slower running speed’s fine, but the animation is completely out of sync
    various exploits still open (e.g. people using macros to turn semi-auto rifles into autos)
    the “aperture sights” do not belong

    They’ve still got a couple of weeks, though, so I can’t see why all this cannot be fixed

  28. cowless says:


    You can perhaps solve your HUD and FOV problems by just sitting back a bit.

  29. Bilocationist says:

    I’m surprised more people don’t have issues with these tight FOVs to be honest. I’m sure a few years ago 90 was standard. Ok so we have wide screen monitors now, but surely that doesn’t justify a drop to 65, as I said it just feel totally wrong to me, as when some fps games have the weapon way to big on screen, so it feels like the camera’s in your torso or something. Anyway… Bugs me…

  30. RiptoR says:

    Isn’t a comparable FOV value different for each game/game engine?

    Could be mistaken though.

  31. Bilocationist says:

    Do you mean 90 in one game will look different from 90 in another? In which case, no afaik it’s simply a camera setting. Lots of games will have a different FoV for the arms and weapons (player mesh) than the environment (or used to at least).

  32. Alonzo Harris says:

    I’m quite enjoying the beta, at least what I’ve played of it, but it isn’t an entirely positive experience. The maps are definitely smaller and more open than in CoD4 and respawning seems faster, which effectively destroys any flow the fighting previously had (which wasn’t very much – the moving spawns certainly made for a balanced and fast-paced experience, but it was hardly very focused). On a positive note, Treyarch have managed to create an excellent atmosphere in their maps – Makin in particular has a very bloody feel to it, providing the multiplayer much more personality than CoD4 which, to me at least, felt like a very generic military setting.

  33. Eschatos says:

    I really love the way the game crashes five seconds after I open it, every single time.

  34. Bilocationist says:

    Yeah, I’m enjoying it too – on the hardcore servers. Not had any crashes yet, just can’t join any games if I hit ‘refresh.’ So have to refresh, quit, start again and join. Oh well ;)