It’s An RPS Roadtrip!

Only room for two up front.

Look at us, all excited, packing our bags and fighting over who gets the front seat. RPS is getting ready for its first ever roadtrip! If that road is in the sky. As tomorrow, the four of us are off to Seattle to visit Aunty and Uncle Valve.

But don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you. There’s plenty of food in the fridge, and we’ll be calling every day to check things are fine. In fact, we’ll be posting State side, so it will be like we’re not even gone. And hopefully we’ll be bringing you amazing Valve facts, maybe an interview or two, and of course all the Episode Three and Portal 2 news you could hope for*. And if worst comes to worst, a horrible sound quality podcast from a bus shelter after we get lost and can’t find our way back.

Of course we’re out there to look at Left 4 Dead – a job that literally takes four people. Expect to hear match reports of RPS vs. the Valve cleaning staff, and stories of how Kieron got scared and had to go and hide in a cupboard until he calmed down.

So, wrap up warm, don’t answer the internet to strangers, and no wild parties while we’re gone.

Someone remembered the giant crab claws!

*Possibly a lie.


  1. Jubaal says:

    I’m definitely not raiding the drinks cabinet at this moment in time, no siree.

  2. Kroenen says:

    Gah, get you scuttling off like dirty little rock stars.

    Can’t argue with the cause though.

  3. lobsterjohnson says:

    Podcast witch Gabe, make it so!

  4. George says:

    Is this one of those things where journalists get flown in to “review” a game on company sofas, in front of company TVs, with company provided free food and drink to make you feel at home? Hopefully you are just there for a preview.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    I love the idea of a podcast witch.
    “So, what do you think of Left 4 Dead?”

  6. Larington says:


    Cue that beastie boys song.

  7. nabeel says:



  8. subedii says:

    Heh, looks like you guys are going just in time for the elections too. Of course, you’re going to cover more important things.

  9. dartt says:

    Woo, have fun!

    Have you been saving up the subscription money or have you all got non-RPS related work to do out there?

  10. t. carl says:

    If you have time you should visit us over here at Popcap.

  11. Alex McLarty says:

    Could you please stuff me in your luggage?

    I need to speak to Gabe about creating Mac versions of all his products. Scratch that, I need to speak to Gabe about quitting PC gaming (it’s dying you know!) and moving solely to the Mac.


  12. Ging says:

    Make them give me a job!

  13. cyrenic says:

    Get Chet to do a podcast with you guys.

  14. Dinger says:

    So now that you’ve got a slice of the $10 Million, try to parlay it into a piece of the $700 Billion

  15. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    You lucky buggers! I hope once they get you hooking on an IV of L4D you’ll come let us shoot at you when we inevitably switch the RPS server over.

  16. Gap Gen says:

    How about a L4D game where RPS have to fight against zombies played by the RPS readers?

  17. Jimmay says:

    WOO! Be ready for an 8 hour jet lag!!!

  18. Zuffox says:

    Meanwhile, citizens of RPS can go play Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.

  19. Senethro says:

    V:TM for $9.99. But I’ve played through twice already.

    Oh, damn you Steam! Why these decisions.

  20. Mako says:

    Seattle is great – I was there just last weekend. Have fun.

  21. Arathain says:

    It’s a bit… electiony over here. By a bit, I mean a lot. Just for warning.

  22. Calder says:

    A flight to the other side of the planet just to WORK? Don’t get bogged down with all that hassle and jet lag Mr. Walker, I live just a few scant miles from their Bellevue offices and volunteer my time to attend in your stead.

    You’ve worked quite hard to provide us readers with good reasons to stare at screens over the last year, and taking your place on this tiresome business outing is the very least I can do to show my appreciation. I will of course be sure to provide you with a written full account of the meeting.

    No need to say thank you, I assure you you’re quite welcome. Just forward this comment to Mr. Lombardi and have him contact me with the fine details.

  23. mandrill says:

    So Jim’s not going to fanfest then?

  24. mpk says:

    Bring back the truth about cake.

  25. The Poisoned Sponge says:


    There already is truth. And it’s a lie.

  26. Joinn says:

    This had better not be one of those “What happens on road trip, stays on road trip” kind of road trip!

  27. James G says:

    Hey, enjoy, and if you can get a sneaky vote in on the 4th (after all, we did use to own the place, its only fair) then all the better. But, more importantly, smuggle out as much info as you can about what is comming after L4D.

  28. John Walker says:

    Like John Oliver, I refuse to recognise the independence of America, and as such will be declaring the winner myself.

  29. James G says:

    If its anything like the WAR compo then we’ll be waiting until July before we hear the result. :: Ducks and runs away very quickly* ::

    * I realise that the result has probably actually been decided but not announced.

  30. Arathain says:

    Oh, and you’ll be setting up a US-only competition while you’re there, of course. Looking forward to it. Good chaps.

  31. Fede says:

    Have a nice trip, have fun, take care!

    Pssst… people, what about a part sunday night? Any multiplayer game to suggest (maybe freeware to get more ppl)?

  32. _Nocturnal says:

    Meh, Seattle. Meh, Valve.
    Do come to the Balkans sometime, though!

  33. mpk says:



  34. Aftershock says:

    Needs more Australia love.

  35. Eli Just says:

    I’m jealous. How about I come up from Portland and take over for Kieron when we gets scared? Sounds like a plan!

  36. kafka7 says:

    Remember to bring to bring toothbrush and underwear. No need for laxatives, as Left 4 Dead footage will provide this function.

  37. Iain says:

    Okay, I’m quite jealous. I still remember Seattle fondly from my trip there two years ago (is it really that long?) to preview SupCom. Wave hello to the Space Needle for me, and I hope that tramp has managed to kill the ninjas and avenge his father by now…

  38. Tuor says:

    Welcome to Seattle. Please enjoy the rain we’ve dialed up to enhance your stay here.

    Beware of Dog.

    That is all.

  39. Ben Abraham says:

    AWESOME! I want blow-by-blow recounts of ALL the Left4Dead matches.

  40. Krupo says:

    Remember to try Top Pot donuts, simply because I forgot to do that when I visited. Let me know if it’s worth trying them. It’s like halfway between the Space Needle and downtown to get to their factory, I think.

  41. mutasplode says:

    It’s a trap. If they come back at all it’ll be as Infected.

  42. OldManTick says:

    Not to hijack the thread, but I’m getting VTM:Bloodlines to play for the first time. Which patch do you recommend, the True Patch or the buff patch?

  43. Larington says:

    RPS on a plane… More scary than Snakes on a Plane?

    This and other news coming to a blog near you soon.

  44. YogSo says:

    It depends on you, really. If you are a purist, like me, and all you want is to experience the game in the way Troika (R.I.P.) intended, but bugs-free, you should go with the True patch. On the other hand, if you don’t mind changes and additions (for the sake of it, if I may dare to say) in your game, as well as the bug-fixes, then the Unoffical patch is the answer you are looking for.

  45. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Be sure to see the Sci-Fi museum when you get there.

  46. DigitalSignalX says:

    Who will take care of Dexter? Surely he won’t be left to his own devilish destructive devices? Or perhaps wanton revenge-for-absence mayhem is exactly what he needs with all the amazing games occupying your attention this holiday season.

  47. parm says:

    Say hi to CargoCult for us all!

  48. bbot says:

    Hey! I’m in Seattle! How dire.