Mercenaries 2 Gets Political

Terrorist! Arab! Etc.

Well here’s a weird one. G4 are reporting that come November’s first DLC update for Mercenaries 2, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin will become playable characters. (Note: the DLC is not confirmed for PC, but it’s also not not confirmed. We hope. We’ll ditch this story later if I’m stupid and wrong.) It sounds like an unseasonal April Fool’s, but there’s a video to prove it.

G4TV report Pandemic Studios’ Tom Stratton saying,

“Mercenaries 2 is a game seemingly ripped straight out of today’s headlines and fuelled with the same type of over-the-top action found in the best summer blockbuster films. It only makes sense we inject the game with a spin on current affairs. The timing was too good to let pass.”

Please post your variants on “I’d like it better if I could shoot at [insert candidate here]!” below.

Via Shack. Thanks to TPS.


  1. MonkeyMonster says:

    If there was a more london based one and I could drive (in a tank) over Boris Johnson – I’d buy it :)
    But still – nice modelling.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    What about McCain? He’s the only candidate with combat experience. You could have a “press X repeatedly to survive torture for 5 years” minigame, too.

  3. AndyK says:

    Wer Ter Fer?!

  4. Iain says:

    @Gap Gen: They couldn’t put in McCain because if they did, every time you took control of an aircraft it would have to be immediately shot down.

  5. crying_minotaur says:

    I want a Joe the Plumber character. And Joe the Six Term Senator. And Joe Six Pack.

  6. Chris Evans says:

    I wish there was a McCain in it =[

  7. Bobsy says:

    Shock pictures of Obama engaged in terrorrorrism on his day off!

  8. Jonas says:

    One thing I never got about Mercs 2 (though I’m fully aware that asking any logic-based questions about this game is futile) is the tank hijacks: Would you really want to jump into a tank after killing its crew with a hand grenade? I imagine it must be sort of like taking control of a can of tomato paste.

    That said, this DLC is hilarious. I wonder what they did about the voice acting, though. Sarah Palin with Jennifer Hale’s voice? That’s just wrong…

  9. Urael says:

    I doubt this appearance will be as satisfying as Maggie Thatcher and Ron Raegan’s appearance on that old zx spectrum Spitting Image game. At least then you could re-enact global geopolitics as espoused through the metaphor of a good old fashioned punch-up.

  10. Ed says:

    Isn’t McCain a bit old to be running around war zones?

  11. AndrewC says:

    Of no use unless all the enemies are Mooses.

  12. MetalCircus says:

    McCain would be more fitting as I imagine Mercs 2 is what he see’s in his minds eye when he thinks of his own sense of patriotism.

    The cunt.

  13. Ben Abraham says:


    I think they got Tina Fey for Palin, natch. (Sheah right, in our dreams!!!)

  14. cyrenic says:

    It needs the full roster of characters from The Political Machine. Particularly Dick Cheney.

  15. Jonas says:

    Well as long as they haven’t actually got Palin herself to record the voice-over, because then I’d have to completely re-evaluate my opinion of her.

    Myself, I would’ve cut together the AI barks from assorted soundbytes, Barack-roll style :)

  16. Burb says:

    I wouldnt mind taking a shot at Bloomberg and the NY city council for deciding the public doesnt need to vote on silly things like term limits.

  17. Gap Gen says:

    No, no! Of course! An Arnie the Governator character!

  18. born2expire says:

    This game went from bad to worst. Never before has a game been such a pile of commercial bullshit.

  19. Skunkabilly says:

    That is pretty cool! I was LOLLING the whole time.

    If this were real and I could be Ron Paul I think I’d buy it….

  20. Cataclysm says:

    Is Mercs 2 out? and is it any good?

  21. jackflash says:

    I’m guessing this is an unauthorized use of their likenesses and therefore violates most states’ laws. I would expect a lawsuit.

  22. Bobsy says:


    I was thinking that, too. I can’t imagine Obama willingly lending his image to this sort of thing.

  23. Heliocentric says:

    In the good ol’ USA, Parody>all, freedom of speech bitches.

    If most people think its funny, you can say anything, hence Bush managing to stay in office, the little scamp.

  24. Ian says:

    @ Cyrenic: If Cheney was in they’d need to implement a feature whereby he every so often shoots one of his allies in the face.

  25. cowless says:

    Plus, McCain couldn’t aim upwards.

    “I’d like it better if I could shoot at [insert candidate here]Mother Teresa!”

  26. The Archetype says:

    Under US law, being a public figure means that people can generally use your likeness as you see fit without needing your permission, and no one is going to try to argue that Obama and Palin aren’t public figures.

  27. Tei says:

    EXCEPTION ERROR!: User is making a nano-review. Tryiing to continue the political comentary system….

    ///I just downloaded this game, and start playing. Okey, is a console game, most controls are rubish, theres one of these stupid “Press X Y X in the right order to pass scene”, theres even dawmnnationsevilcorruptedevil Game Over screens, …controls are ugly and consolofied, some interfaces are ugly console stuff… but… This Game Is Very Good. In a sense, feel like a sanbox game, in other sense, feel like epic historytelling. The sandbox is cool, and everything seems destructible, and tools are raining from the sky everywhere. There are factions and stuff, in a RPG-ish way. I Love This Dawn Game.
    Again with the controls. A PC is not a console, It don’t have X, Y, A, B, … emulating this with Alt-C-R-Space is totaly anwkward and feel totally wrong. We want a damn quicksave option. And the ESC key sould let you close menus. And the mouse click on buttons (a concept that seems console dev’s don’t understand). There are also more screen resolutions on the PC, for some reason, my copy of M2 don’t want to use my native LCD resolution, so I have to live with poorly rendered (re-escaled to odd values) text. Is a bright game with these damn horrible lame problems. I am programmer, giveme the damn source code of the game, and I will build for you a damn PC version with all this problems fixed (note: I will remove enteryly the sections where you have to press the right key). I still love the game :-) //

    CONEXION READY ….commentary server conexion re-established. Political stuff can continue.

  28. jackflash says:

    @The Archetype
    “Under US law, being a public figure means that people can generally use your likeness as you see fit without needing your permission, and no one is going to try to argue that Obama and Palin aren’t public figures.”

    That’s not very accurate. People on the internet really seem to confuse subjects like First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution, U.S. copyright law, and state property laws.

    As a matter of copyright, you can use someone else’s name and likeness, since that’s not necessarily copyrightable subject matter (it’s not a “writing,” after all).

    Most states protect a person’s name and likeness as a matter of property law. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a “public figure” or not. In many states, a company can’t take your name or likeness and use it to sell a product without getting your permission, as a matter of either statutory or common law. This is distinct from whether they could use your name or likeness in, say, a news story (fine under both copyright and property and defamation law, so long as it’s not deliberately inaccurate).

    @Heliocentric :
    Parody is generally a copyright law concept, and thus applies to “writings.” You’re not free to take Roger Federer’s name and likeness, for example, make a funny video game out of it, sell it for money, and claim that it’s a “parody” and thus legal under a state’s property and/or privacy laws. You could, however, make a parody of a song somebody wrote, and potentially call it fair use and thus not actionable as a matter of copyright law.

    P.S. – it’s generally pretty obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about as soon as you start waving the term “free speech” (not to mention “bitches”) around.

  29. Fumarole says:

    Screw Arnold, just use Jesse Ventura instead. He’s the real deal.

  30. Skunkabilly says:

    @Fumarole, he’s also a sexual tyrannosaurus!

    @SarahPalin: GET TO THE CHOPPA!

  31. tWB says:

    Yep, technically we’re looking at a potential violation of the right of publicity. In the extremely unlikely event of litigation, the key issue would probably be the extent of the transformative nature of the work (see, inter alia, Comedy III Productions v. Saderup (25 Cal. 4th 387 2001) and ETW v. Jireh (99 F. Supp. 2d 829 (N.D. Ohio 2000)).

    In this case, the work depends almost entirely upon the use of the individuals’ likenesses, without any particular political, social or artistic message being intended or conveyed. However, it’s almost impossible to imagine either politician filing a lawsuit over this: although technically actionable, it’s an occupational hazard that comes with entering the political scrum — and, compared to the Obama monkey dolls we saw a few months ago, this is beanbag. Only a very few politicians — like Schwarzenegger suing an Ohio company over a bobblehead doll — would try to litigate this.

  32. Gap Gen says:

    I’ve never seen beanbag used as an adjective.

  33. jackflash says:

    @tWB : yeah, agreed.

  34. BeamSplashX says:

    They should have everyone in Duran Duran playable.

    Kills! On! Film! Turn ’em to vapor! Kills! On! Film!

  35. Bamft says:

    I would like to shoot Dick Chaney in the face.

  36. Bamft says:

    Damn it it’s been done :( I guess it is pretty obvious, but still /sigh

  37. tWB says:

    @Gap Gen: “Politics ain’t beanbag: ’tis a man’s game, and women, children ‘n’ pro-hy- bitionists had best stay out of it.” — Finley Peter Dunne’s “Mr. Dooley”

    I think it’s used exclusively in the context of politics; Tip O’Neill made the phrase common currency in Washington, but it never made it beyond the Beltway (all for the best, I believe).

  38. jph wacheski says:

    fair use for sure,. they put they mugs up on the block! national office = national parody, end of line. what could be more fitting,. mercinaries is what they be,. political or with the nasty actual killing seen,. . truth be told Bush Jr. killied millions,. and theavied billions if not trillions more with his bankster buddies in the Skull and Bones club, both dems and repugs. gota lov the Deatheaters tenacity to greedy self interest., sad and destructive as it is,. still a thing to behold,. for the humanity of it,. true dat.

  39. x25killa says:

    Bonkers. Also, release the patch for Mercs 2 already.

  40. bop da nam says:

    Upcoming DLC for Pandemic’s August release, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, will feature the two as playable characters. Presidential candidate Obama’s running mate Joe Biden and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s head-honcho John McCain will not be featured, possibly because their athleticism is not sufficient for hijacking tanks (or the buzz surrounding them isn’t as sky-high).

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