Er… We’re A Bit Late: Nottingham GameCity

I sure hope that character on the left is from an actual PC game and not a console rip-off of Gary's Mod with a budget.

I’ve been meaning to blog about this all week, but with the preparation for The Road Trip (i.e. Trying to find my copy of Munchkin), I haven’t had time. And now it’s almost too late. The key word, being “almost”. It’s the last day of GameCity 3 in Nottingham today, so anyone in the area of the home of Rock City could pop into by any of the following events…

(Well, most of them – some of them require a festival pass, apparently)


Gatecrasher –
11:00 – Building LEGO Batman
11:30 – I was there…. DMA
14:00 – GameCity Vision Statement supported by BAFTA : Media Molecule
16:00 – Save the Videogame : The Manifesto launch

12:30 – 1:45 – The Curry Sessions #3: Tom Armitage : If Gamers ran the World

18:00 – 20:00 – Guardian Games Blog Closing Quiz

Market Square

10:00 -LEGO Brick-a-thon : Build a Better Batmobile
Guinness World of Records : The Videogame (all-day)

14:00 – Luigi 25th Birthday Tea Party, with very special guests…

Malt Cross

11:00- Indiecade

12:30 – Indiecade Artists Salon


10:00 – 12:00 – What’s it like to work in videogames?
12:00 – 15:00 – Who’s afraid of videogames?

Britannia Ballroom

20:00 – late
sponsored by Monumental Games

Which all sounds more fun than being stuck on a plane with Walker, let me tell you.

I’ve just had a thought though – if you were going to run a one day gaming event… what would you do? Where would you have it? Who would you invite? Would you run an enormous LAN event, some serious discussions or a whole lot of shouting in a darkened cellar?


  1. Malagate says:

    I live close to Nottingham, if only you blogged about it before then I would have had time to prepare and get passes and whatnot!
    When something involving gaming finally happens close to my home I naturally hear nothing about it until the last minute, it would actually be unreasonable to rely on the RPS four to keep us up to date on everything but I haven’t heard anything about this on the local news or in the local papers. At least it’s only “almost” too late! I could still go and wander around, however fallout 3 did arrive for me today though…umm…

  2. TheLordHimself says:

    There were posters all over our uni about this, but I haven’t had chance to go.

  3. James G says:

    A friend of mine was speaking at one of the sessions on Thursday, about why Indie developers stick at it despite all the difficulties. (Curry Sessions #1 in case anyone was arround to see him) . He works for mode7 games, although I haven’t actually got arround to checking any of their stuff out yet, so can’t comment on the games themselves.
    link to

  4. Gap Gen says:

    I saw the sackboy’s head covering the “G” and skimming your strapline, instantly thought it said “LameCity”. Although it looks like quite a good games-slash-Lego festival.

  5. Butler` says:

    Yeah I was at the mode7 talk James G, was alright.

    Highlight of the event was last night, as I was walking through the city to go buy Fallout 3, I came accross 1-2k people dressed as zombies synchronized dancing to Rihanna – Disturbia and the Ghostbusters theme :p

  6. Charlie says:

    Rock City is amazing. I’m actually in Nottingham doing a games course at Trent. Haven’t been to any of the events, ‘cept for the zombie thing. Only thing I would like to do is the Mogal-e-Azam stuff coz the food there is amazing!

  7. Charlie says:

    @ Butler
    Why weren’t they dancing to the actual Thriller song? They were doing the dance.

  8. Paul says:

    GameCity was great fun. 20 quid for the ticket, some inciteful stuff.

    Funny seeing you post here Charlie, I’m downstairs cooking some food in our wonderful student accommodation.

  9. KBKarma says:

    Munchkin will make the plane journey better, though. Remember: you only need to discard when you’re over five AND YOUR OPPONENT DOESN’T NOTICE.

    Shame I can’t go to this GameCity thing. It would cost too much to get over there, get back and find accomodation. Also, it’s 6pm now.

  10. Jochen Scheisse says:

    By the way, try out: “Aye, dark Overlord!”

    It’s a pretty brilliant card game dealing with blaming one of the evil minions for the failed mission. You have to be in the mood though, it’s best played with role players.

  11. Butler` says:

    Charlie, they were practicing the moves for the big Thriller finale (for the world record).

  12. Jeeva says:

    Yeah, I’ve been hanging about GC for all three days, there’s been some really fun stuff- notably the excellent little party last night, with Resident Evil 5, Rock Band crowd based entertainment and random other stuff. -Oh, and Jonathon Coulton, and Paul and Storm. Glee! I have pictures.

    -Other things were good too, including the previously mentioned Zombie gathering, again with JoCo, a fun little Goldeneye talk with David Doak and Martin Hollis, some stuff about Geometry Wars, and the somewhat-misreported talk with David Jaffe.

    …and the Curry Sessions #1, I found rather funny and quite interesting. Please congratulate [the speaker] on his amusing use of slides. =)

  13. Ian (the two Ians) says:

    Just got back from gamecity and It was fantastic! I have to say though – it was so under attended! alot of the evening events and parties got to awkwardly low numbers, the lowest point being 15 of us in front of a stage trying to support a band while our fellow nerds laze around the room unwilling to rock out :(

    but! It was still too much fun and the speakers where great! Highlights for me being One Life Left, Braben, the little big planet talk and the curry sessions.

  14. Charlie says:

    Oh yeah, nice Munchkin namedrop! Didn’t realise anyone else played that.