Smite ‘Em Up: Demigod Footage

After the jump there’s a straight piece of game footage from Demigod for you to ponder. No flashy intro or blathering producer for this piece of the game, instead it shows you one of the smaller gods using his powers on the heavenly battlefield. Demigod remains one of those games that’s unconvincing when we look at it over the internet, and yet having seen it in action earlier this year it’s something I’m quietly looking forward to, at least as an antidote from the mainstream of strategy titles, or the predictable perturbations of the RTS genre. The structure of monster-spewing conflict you conjure up on the battlefield is entertaingly complex, and one of those stragely abstract moments when you see just how weird videogames are as a form of entertainment…


  1. fishmitten says:

    Hmm… Looks like an epic swing and a miss to me.

    I was a fan of Supreme Commander and really hope this is good, but the gameplay I have seen looks to be dull and severely limited by the environments.

  2. MonkeyMonster says:

    Not entirely sure of the CS style “Monster Kill” Wrathful but I still eagerly await it given its rather funky game style – massive replay if the characters are indeed really quite so different too.

  3. Alonzo Harris says:

    The fog of war looks so out of place in this game, and the multikill-style voice-over guy saying ‘wrathful’ all the time seems equally unsuitable.

    I really want this to be good, but I’m completely unconvinced so far.

  4. SwiftRanger says:

    “CS style “Monster Kill” Wrathful ”

    It’s from UT as that was an arena-based tournament game as well. I think my only concern is the content, 8 demigods and 8 maps sounds so little, maybe it’s all in the skills…

  5. Confidence Interval says:

    I had no clue what was going on in that footage, but “Wrathful!” – I get like that at work most days, so I can definitely identify with that one. Perhaps I need to do some more double smiting to sort things out.

  6. FlamingDemon says:


    Yeah I think that’s their aim; allow enough varitey in the different skill builds for the demigods so that there is still enough variety with only 8 demigods at release. Whether they’ll be able to achieve it or not remains to be seen.

  7. Kestrel says:

    I’m in Beta on this one, and I’m not sure the nature of the game comes through all that well until you’ve played it :D

    @ fishmitten’s “the gameplay I have seen looks to be dull and severely limited by the environments”

    The environmental limitations are intentional, you are playing in lanes a la DOTA. Also, I can’t see the vid right now, but it’s probably from an early build, if not the engine test…

    @ Alonzo Harris “The fog of war looks so out of place in this game”

    Do you mean that it’s poorly implemented or actually out of place? It is a strategy game, however bastardized

    “CS style “Monster Kill” Wrathful ”

    Devs have confirmed this is a placeholder :P

    @ SwiftRanger “8 demigods and 8 maps sounds so little, maybe it’s all in the skills”

    Many, many skills, many many items. Rather than 90 heroes you are (ideally) looking at 8 that can be played any number of ways. The devs have confirmed free dl maps and Demigods following release as well, and modding will be as viable as in Supcom.

  8. Therlun says:

    The UT- “wrathful” is really shitty, other than that Demigod keeps looking pretty itneresting.

  9. Catastrophe says:

    Looks interesting. A mix of Supreme Commander and Sacrifice.

  10. Alonzo Harris says:

    I just mean that the game has a much more realistic style than most RTS games, and as the maps, afaik, are completely flat, it seems so unusual to not be able to see several metres in front of the character and have enemies popping out of this misty grey cloud.

    With some minor tweaking – increasing view distance, exaggerated colouring of the FoW would make it much more plausible, but at the minute it looks very very gamey as if the designers realised “Oh shit, there’s no tactical depth to our game, what can we do?” “Let’s just decrease the view distance” “Done. Ship it.”

  11. Kestrel says:

    kk, I see what you are saying.

    Devs have confirmed plans for unique FoW for each map and each Demigod has a different sight-range as well, one guy they will probably bring in after release is practically blind – has to rely on his minions to give him line of sight…

  12. andy says:

    all the trailers i’ve seen so far have left me limp. nice graphics, i see the potential for a great story singleplayer rts, but i keep hearing quake, quake, quake, or is was that unreal tournament, unreal tournament, unreal tournament…. either way, big yawn, for me.

    yeah yeah, i know i’m in the minority.

  13. undead dolphin hacker says:

    It’s a DOTA clone. Not an RTS. DOTA is essentially a tower defense game, except instead of placing towers you control a powerful “hero” unit which helps push or defend with infinite waves of creeps.

    DISCLAIMER: Demigod forumgoers will swear up and down that Demigod isn’t DOTA, in fact if you go on the beta forums you will see several treatises on how Demigod is its own game and should not be compared to DOTA. These people are being intentionally dense out of some bizarre brand loyalty typically not seen outside of MMORPGs and/or console wars. Ignore them. Demigod is a DOTA clone.

  14. Gorgeras says:

    As a man of dense brand loyalty, I say Demigod is not an RTS but the same genre as DoTA. We as an ignorant mass simply haven’t understood it yet, just as Sacrifice was not an RTS nor an RPG nor an Action-Adventure, etc.

    Sometimes, certain games come along which are not any genre that yet exists but won’t be seen as such. Many of the old Warcraft 3 custom scenarios were like this.

    If there is a genre for Demigod and DoTA it would save a lot of confusion, or just distract it, to start thinking about a new genre name.

    Tower Defense?
    Rampage Management?
    Or even Smite ‘Em Up?

  15. Kudo says:

    As someone who’s played DotA for over 4 years, this is looking promising. It’s hard to tell whether it will be enjoyable or not without actually playing it though.

    Genre name… how about RTAS? Real-time Action Strategy. I guess we’ll just have to wait until someone creates a label for this type of game that sticks.

  16. mashakos says:

    why couldn’t the devs overcome the MMO “jack-in-the-box” style gameplay? Your character is standing around idle, and in a split second BAM! he’s completed an attack. It feels very twitchy, and totally breaks immersion for me personally.

  17. Korgan says:

    Gas Powered Games – by robots, for robots. Face it, Chris Taylor is one of the worst game designers ever. There’s zero warmth or atmosphere in his games, just balance and mechanics that look good on paper.

  18. Tei says:

    @Korgan: I don’t know enough of his games. But I would have provide a different style for fog or out-of-map rendering on SupCom. I was shocked to see a green matrix or other crap rendered outside the los area. Like.. the world was inside a emulator, or some crazy stuff. More because videos show a seamless world, where you can zoom on ubermachines destroying everything on his path. But on my game sessions with SupCom, all i see is the zoomed out view, with units as tiny 8bits alike, icons. SupCom is good, but play like a Commodore 64 game. And that is not a bad thing, If you can zoom to look as near as posible to your ubermachines, but that “freecamera” was not posible ( I don’t know on the latest patches, maybe that has been fixed ).

    And now, a game is delivered where there are not Hill 301, because there are not Hills. I suppose this will make it easy for the programmers, as programming hills is boring. But.. it may remove the fun for the players. I have no see the video (no flash player here) but as some people say, it remove *more* from the inmmersion, and make you feel like you are in real life playing a videogame.

    My main problem here is that I only play a few sessions with games withouth inmmersion. Theres no replayability to me. So even If the game is good and fun, It will be somehow wasted money, because I will only play it once, or 2 times.

  19. Kestrel says:

    (ok so now I’ve watched it and I was totally wrong – this footage isn’t from a public Beta. Hopefully we’ll see some of the stuff in there in later builds)

    “Genre name… how about RTAS? Real-time Action Strategy.”

    What about flipping it so it’s ARTS? Action Real-time Strategy rolls off the tongue :P Or Action-Strategy?

  20. Quater says:


  21. Skurmedel says:

    Korgan would you say there is alot of warmth in chess? Alot of people still find it enjoyable for other qualities.

    Supreme Commander was great, sure its universe was bland, but I enjoyed it for the tactical stuff. I can see why it doesn’t appeal to everyone, but that doesn’t make him a horrible game designer, he has a different market.

  22. Gorgeras says:

    No, it doesn’t make him a horrible designer.

    The single-player campaign does. You can complete a level of any Hitman game in ten minutes, which makes the reliance on clarivoyance forgivable. A game like Supreme Commander unfortunately appears to be the product of a designer that hasn’t noticed we are now in a post-Doom 3 world where the quicksave is no longer an acceptable form of alt-fire.

    I tried once more for an hour on the 6th Cybran mission the other day. I don’t think I have the patience anymore.

  23. Scott says:

    Wow, this reminds me a lot of Sacrifice. The “WRATHFUL” is truly horrid, but if it is a placeholder then I don’t fault them. The Fog of War is quite annoying, I’ve always hated the concept. I can understand it if there’s some extenuating circumstance that stops your characters from having a normal sight line (i.e. the blind guy Kestrel mentioned,) but the idea that a unit can’t see more than 20 yards across a flat plain on a sunny day is just asinine. It might be necessary for RTSes due to the player’s ability to move the camera, but at least make sight lines realistic and allow the player to see anything along sight lines from their characters. Similar to NOX and other isometric RPGs.
    Beyond that, it looks interesting. I highly suspect a demo will be what wins people over on this one.

  24. cowless says:

    Not fair to judge him on that, RTS campaigns always suck. They’re more about exploiting the scripting than interesting strategy. Now and again they’ll be atmospheric enough to get away with it (CoH, Homeworld) but even those seem paper-thin on replaying them.

  25. SwiftRanger says:

    “No, it doesn’t make him a horrible designer.

    The single-player campaign does.”

    I’d love to know how highly you think of other RTS campaigns…