Left 4 Dead Screenshot Galleries

Squirty neck fun!

Yes yes yes, you said the RPS coverage of Left 4 Dead has so far been the greatest games writing you’ve ever had the good fortune to read, but why haven’t you been able to see an enormous selection of screenshots from the first two campaigns of the game? We heard your cries, and here they are. See below.

Their bums show through the back of their gowns. Ew. Fortunately he's modest enough to turn away.

No Mercy is the level set around and then in a large hospital, and you’ll likely have played its opening in the demo. Here’s a clutch of grabs from all five levels, including a selection (toward the end) from Versus mode.

The crowd turned nasty at McCain's concession speech.

Blood Harvest is the most rural of the four campaigns, set in the woods, along a railway line, and finishing in a farmhouse defence. These shots are mostly from the first few sections (because they’re the ones that looked best), and once again there’s a few pics from our Versus battles thrown in there. The sepia tone pics only appear when you’re dead while playing Infected, but they often look snazzy. But don’t worry – you never play in sepia.


  1. Ian says:

    I want this game more and more, while still trying to resist (too many games!)

  2. Paul Moloney says:

    Ian: Ditto; my play.com copy of Fallout 3 still hasn’t even arrived, grr.


  3. Ben Abraham says:


  4. Ian says:

    @ Paul: Really? Play are normally pretty good. :-/

  5. RedRum says:

    Right! Fine!

    You’ve sold me, I’ve been trying to stop myself from pre-ordering this game but, no, you have make it look so damn good!!

    Done and downloading, looking forward to this more than any game for years!!

  6. itsallcrap says:

    the RPS coverage of Left 4 Dead has so far been the greatest games writing you’ve ever had the good fortune to read

    What, even better than Rich Pelley’s review of Magic Land Dizzy? I think not.

  7. John Walker says:

    Actually, I might have to concede that one. Rich Pelly was my hero when I was 13.

  8. Deadpan says:

    I had alot of fun with the Demo.
    When I could get a good game going (dedicated servers were flooded), and when I didn’t lose it and gun down my own team for sucking, I had alot of fun.

  9. nabeel says:

    Been playing the demo, bloody good :D


  10. cyrenic says:

    Was able to play the demo with 3 friends for a couple hours last night, and it was a blast. We blew through it on normal, so we jumped straight to expert, and boy was that a change, haha.

    I recall 3 of us lying incapacitated on the ground right outside the saferoom while our 4th team member sat there trying to figure out if he should leave us or try and get us into the saferoom. At first he decided to go into the saferoom, and since my body was blocking the door, it was shoved out of the way as he closed the door. (After that he decided to come get us, it would have taken forever for us to all bleed out.)

  11. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com
    “OH JESUS CHRIST MY BACK HURTS” screamed the female zombie as the RPS crew bore down upon her.

  12. fishmitten says:

    Random team-killing can be funny, but frustrating.

    I love this game so much and, it appears they have ironed out some of last night’s problems!

  13. Paul Moloney says:

    Ian: Yeah, not much complaints from me about play.com, but I wish they hadn’t delayed _this_ time.

    What the hell, I just went and ordered L4D on play.com; the pre-order special price swayed me. All this money I’m spending PC games, the industry’d better appreciate it *grumble*.


  14. Corncob says:

    Damn, it looked much better in the videos. Still, I know it’s all about gameplay.

    Anyone here with experience of Zombie Panic! and L4D able to compare the two?

  15. fishmitten says:

    It looks just as good as the videos did on a decent PC. My screenshot is from my work PC, which is pretty tame when it comes to games. My colleague’s machine runs it maxed-out though and it looks lovely.

  16. Jahkaivah says:


    If your talking graphics wise, its worth pointing out that Left 4 Dead makes use of a really cool “grain effect” to make it look more like a film, it makes the game look alot more detailed without actually having to put the detail in the textures.

    It also doesn’t seem to appear in the screenshots.

    As for Zombie Panic, heck any Zombie mod vs Left 4 Dead, I would say Left 4 Dead is better in every single feature that they both share.

    When I am able to play as infected I’m problably going to say any single feature period.

  17. MA6200 says:

    Once I used openserverbrowser to connect, all my problems suddenly vanished. This is an amazing game – I can’t wait to play versus after the writeup the RPS folks did.

    Regarding the “grain effect” there’s a settings slider to remove or reduce it – I think it looks much better without it.

  18. jonfitt says:

    I also laughed the time before when someone who shall remain nameless accidentally gunned the last other upright person down leaving us all dead just outside the saferoom, and then in the confusion he got munched by zombies.
    So close!

    Expert is brutally hard. It was the only time we saw a Tank though, which was cool.
    It did ruin us; we all emptied many magazines into it, but it shrugged it off and took us all out.

    The weird thing was, I have no idea why The Director thought that it would be a good idea, except to kill us all! We had just survived a wave, and were all nearly dead with no health = TANK TIME!

    The Expert Director is clearly GLaDOS!

  19. Radiant says:

    There are flash videos, of the entire demo run through, up over at the press release reprinting page that is Voodoo Extreme.
    link to ve3d.ign.com

    Looks fun.

  20. Vollgassen says:

    what’s happened to the character in the silhouette in this image?
    link to rockpapershotgun.com

    or is that in versus mode with someone playing as boomer

  21. Deadpan says:

    The Blue outline is boomer. He’d inflated and easily explodable. If he gets close enough to vomit in you, you get a swarm of zombies on your ass.

    As for the yellow outline that looks like his undies are showing, that’s actually a pill bottle.

  22. fishmitten says:

    It’s VS mode with someone playing as a Boomer. The screenshot was taken by someone spectating, which is why they can see the outlines of both teams.

  23. endorphine says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH, I tried to resist, but I just bought the game because of you.

  24. fishmitten says:

    I love this game so much now… I’m going to have to restrain myself from over-playing the demo before the full game comes out and spoiling it for myself.

  25. Leeks! says:

    My cautious optimism of a few months ago has transformed into full-blown, geeky anticipation.

  26. Erlam says:

    It’s weird, nothing but positive reviews here, and nothing but pans from my friends and everyone at work. Quite the disparity.

  27. TheDeadlyShoe says:

    @Erlam: Possibly a result of the annoying networking issues that plagued the demo in its first day. It now seems much better off. I can’t fathom anyone not liking the gameplay, unless they’ve only played singleplayer.

  28. Andrew Wills says:

    @Erlam: They’ve probably been playing it on one of the three Easy modes, instead of the one true mode: Expert!

    The game becomes a whole new experience on that mode, you’re no longer killing swathes of Zombies, and wandering to the end… You’re fighting for survival, limping to the end with no health, praying that the witch wont wake up, and dreading the sound of the Tank.

    Expert is the only mode I’ve played where teamwork means a few seconds difference between staying alive and being seperated from the group and torn to pieces… And just one person down means you’re almost screwed.

    I can’t wait for the rest of the campaigns, particularly Dead Air and Blood Harvest, the atmosphere in both seem fantastic.

  29. Zed says:

    My lappy won’t be able to handle this, sadly. Future purchase, when I’m done with grad school. I’m very interested to see how moddable it is, and how much publisher support it will get in terms of new maps and tweaks–expansion packs, maybe?

    And I still secretly want to see all the survivors reskinned as the four president/vice-presidential candidates. It’s too perfect. Obama’s obviously the black dude (yes we can! yes we can!), the mouthy biker as Biden, Palin as the winking female (you betcha!) and McCain as the unshaven crotchety vietnam vet.

    It’s just too damned perfect.

  30. tman says:

    this game is awsome i cant w8 4 it to come out it bloody awsome auto shotgun boom boom boom squish sqwash

  31. tman says:

    i just finished gears so i need some thing else to play now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!