Free Realms Free

SOE’s new MMO, Free Realms, opens its public beta this weekend. The concept is that this is the free MMO for children, so expect to run a gamut of cute if you’re heading in its direction. It seems relatively simplistic with a Wow-but-more-cartoony-by-half game world, and absurdly sugary character creation. There’s also the MMO standard of quest-based monster-monstering, and a whole bunch of mini-games that can be played solo, or with chums. There’s a bunch of video-based FAQs here and you (or your offspring) can sign up to the beta here.


  1. NuZZ says:

    Interesting… :)

  2. Confidence Interval says:

    “Meet with other players who enjoy combat, gardening,
    pets, sports, and other mini-games, and share tips!”


  3. Ketch says:

    I love gardening!

  4. Confidence Interval says:

    I love gardening too. I just don’t know if simulated gardening would quite match up.

  5. Jakson Breen says:

    I’m not sure if it counts but I played Voyage Century for a while. It had “Farming”. It was rubbish, and took entirely too long. At least it had a purpose. What’s the point in being a virtual botanist?