New Cortex Command

We just noticed, thanks to TIGSource, that there’s a new build of the excellent bunker-building, side-scrolling, robot-smashing, real-time tactical base-managing shooter, Cortex Command. It’s filled with fixes, tweaks, and has a new campaign map. I’ll chime in with TIGSource’s Derek and say that this is the kind of game that makes PC gaming so compelling: it’s complicated, challenging, and utterly esoteric in both its ambitions and execution. The hand-drawn art is wondrous, and the huge menu of possibilities it offers for your battles against other base-building players is enthralling. Tricky as hell, but you’ll want to take some time to experiment.

Imagine if Worms was an unfinished RTS designed by an artistically-inspired robo-festishist. You’d be in the right kind of ballpark. I’ll understand if you don’t like this game one bit, but you should at least have a look.


  1. Tei says:

    Yea, but it support 4x splitscreen?

  2. Aldaris says:


  3. Skurmedel says:

    Definately have a go on this.

  4. noom says:

    Looks very interesting; think I’ll throw it on the pile.

  5. Optimaximal says:

    In the original version, I remember getting past the awfully unhelpful tutorial only to be told ‘you buy now’…

    Has this been fixed?

  6. Aldaris says:

    Oh yes…
    Also: oen fo the missions is called zombie cave.

  7. duel90 says:

    this version comes with a whole range of new weapons and factions.

    however they forgot to include the activities file in the release, so when you play skirmish mode no enamies will appear

    that can be fixed by downloading the activities file seperatly from the forums and replacing it in the files

  8. Pags says:

    I play Cortex Command once… I got confused, died (and in the game too) and went back to playing Soldat. I’m a terrible person.

  9. Theory says:

    That can be fixed by downloading the activities file seperatly from the forums and replacing it in the files


  10. mno says:

    The gameplay is so slow in this release, can i speed it up?

  11. EyeMessiah says:

    I love it, but no one ever wants to play split screen with me :(

  12. Bremze says:

    For the activities fix:
    link to
    The game is best when playing split-screen with a friend(s) using gamepads and there are some realy good mods if you want more content.

  13. Stromko says:

    I’ve played through three skirmishes with the new build (after getting the fixed activities file), one of them ended in a crash but the other two ended in defeat, which I find refreshing. With build 20/21 I’d usually just play until I hit 300 kills or mess up early and run out of money, now all my defenders of worth are getting picked off fairly soon, the enemy is burrowing through any gaps that appear, and I’m unable to seal up the gaps or get reinforcements in place before my new recruits are shot or smashed. I tend to die around 120 kills now, so I feel like I’m really going to have to learn new strategies and try harder to achieve a reasonably solid defense.

    It’s possible the user-made activities file is making things more challenging (more + more diverse units attacking), or maybe the AI is just a bit smarter about finding your weaknesses and continually taking advantage, water-torture style.

  14. Bremze says:

    The AI has been upgraded and that activity file is the official one.

  15. PleasingFungus says:

    The “zombie cave” mission was hilarious. (The only part of the new demo I’ve played.) I bought some robots, blasted my way into the cave, brought my brain-bot up behind, took the Control Chip, blasted the enemies that appeared outside… and then flew my brain-bot all the way off the right side of the screen and got a “game over”.

    Not the sort of thing that would persuade me to fork out any cash, but very, very funny.

  16. Dominic White says:

    The game is basically in early alpha stages now – previous builds (before there was any campaign infrastructure at all) were probably pre-alpha.

    If you put down money on this, it’s probably not because you want the game as-is. It’s because you want to support an indie developer who is trying to do absurdly complex things all by his lonesome.

    Personally, he got my money a while back. This is a lot of fun splitscreen right now, and there’s hints that this’ll grow into a solid singleplayer game as well over the next six months or so.

  17. Skurmedel says:

    I bought it shortly after the demo, and I’ve found it quite fun although the mentioned lack of missions is a bit boring. I don’t have anyone to play splitscreen with.

    I did the Zombie Cave Mission, it was great. First time around I got game over in a way similar to PleasingFungus’ story, had my brain-bot on a stone column a bit back so he wouldn’t get hurt. Well I loaded my rocket with the chip and was on my way to return and finish the mission, however I got stuck with the right landing gear and of course the rocket flew through the whole map and exploded on my brain-bot. I laughed for a very long time.

  18. jackflash says:

    I was more than happy to pay $18 for this after taking it out for a spin. Reminded me of the jolly feeling I got playing Mount and Blade for the first time – this game is quality, it’s creative, and it deserves to be supported at every turn. Haven’t chuckled this much playing a game in a long time.

  19. noom says:

    Call me strange but so far I’ve found one of the most entertaining things to do in this game is just flop about with my little dummy/droid dude while digging. There is something so immensely satisfying about going all ragdoll and squeezing yourself through a tunnel while pointing your lil diggy tool around. Also have to say I find the presentation and especially the music to be exceptionally charming.

    Am running out of eyes to keep on upcoming games but I think I can spare another one for this…

  20. Arca says:

    You have to load your brainbot (or the chip carrier) into a dropship, and then fly it off the -top- of the map, not off the side.

    For that, I’d suggest loading up at the crater outside as it’s nice and clear.

    Order an empty dropship, order it to come down over the crater.

    As soon as the dropship arrives, take control of it. Fly down over the chip carrier so you’re hovering above them, then open the door and suck them in using the little lines as guides.

    Close door, fly off map. Assuming you did it right, you should earn a ton of cash and the mission will be completed; no need to extract your brainbot for some reason.


    I actually had to restart the mission a couple of times because the rocket occasionally has a dud landing and ends up crippling my brainbot.

    And whatever you do, don’t do this with the brainbot. The pistol won’t stop the zombies, and they actually have a pretty good arm; those grenades will easily crack open that glass goldfish bowl that keeps your brain safe.

    Use some Coalition Heavies (the minigun is really effective but ridiculously heavy, you may be better off with a lighter AR or shotgun vs the soft zombies) via drop crates and use them to clear out the caves. You may need to manually scuttle the drop crates as they tend to dig into the ground and fail to deploy properly.

    (PS: Subscribe to the Dev Blog)

  21. ShadeovBlack says:

    I played the demo, ran out of time, played the demo on my other computer, ran out of time.

    Then I bought it.