Eve: Quantum Rise Trailer

The trailer for the latest expansion to Eve Online sits just below the cut. It’s another bit of faction warfare drama, with the autocratic Amarrians doing evil to the poncy Gallente, all in the form of some interstellar newcast footage. The patch itself – which arrives on Tuesday – brings in a bunch of changes that are mainly tweaks and enhancements to existing systems, such as grouping weapons and the speed nerf. There’s also a new ship, but it’s a boring industrial one. Boo.


  1. feffrey says:

    Most of the changes it seems deal with back end server stuff, than new toys for the users.
    but thats ok, I am just happy to be able to be able to group weapons, and anything that annoys pvp’rs makes me happy.

  2. Reid says:

    It’s a shame that the CCP storylines never really follow through. They’re developed so slowly as to be almost inconsequential

  3. TooNu says:

    Why is there not an eve movie? really, the trailers always look frikkin awesome. I guess I chose the wrong time to leave Cruise Missiles V then…./sigh.

  4. Noc says:

    Feffrey: what are you talking about? Look under Ship Changes.

    – One class of transports (I’m not sure which one, I can check later) are losing their Warp Stab bonus, and instead get Covert Ops cloaking fields and Jump Portals. Which looks like a pretty interesting toy, to me.

    – Speed Changes to a bunch of crap, as per the Nerf. Which I’m also curious about, since it looks a little different from the original version. Which, while it’s basically a nerf, does seem to provide a whole lot of new toys and new ways to use things. I’ll probably spend some time today poking around the site, and seeing what the state of the nerf is; it looks like they answered some of the issues (mass changes, missiles becoming overpowered), and I’m curious to see what things look like now.

    – And a whole bunch of other, minor crap.

  5. fulis says:

    meh they could’ve at least fired the doomsday weapon
    orca seems nice though
    some people like to mine :o

  6. Thesper says:

    The Gallente doomsday is that black hole type thing you see by the titan right before the video cuts. It’s not as flashy as the Amarr one sadly.

  7. Tei says:

    I have to say, that I love the “grandeur” of all everything. It make a star wars death star small in comparation.

    And I am totally pro-gallente. We are the good guys, anyway.

  8. Azhrarn says:

    the Deathstar is a good deal bigger though.
    Those Dreadnoughts are only 5 kilometres long or so (about the size of a normal star destroyer) the Motherships (the big frisbee things) are about 8. The titan is about 15 (a little larger than a Super Star Destroyer)

    But they fill up space nicely in close formation.

  9. TooNu says:

    I dislike the Cruise missile range nerf, is it velocity or flight time that is affected? I pray it is flight time.

  10. Snarf says:

    If I remember back to my geekier days, an Imperial Star Destroyer is only 1.6Km long. So a Dread would dwarf an SD
    *scuttles off in shame*

  11. PleasingFungus says:

    Trailer looks lovely, though it’s rather confusing to someone who hasn’t followed the plot. (Namely, me.)

    Also, Snarf is quite right.

  12. sun says:

    What can you say about those sneaky slave running Amarrians. I’m Gallente so I couldn’t help laughing when one of our Titans showed up dropped a doomsday on them. Better watch what I’m saying though, as I just picked up an Amarrian agent to help raise my standings with the Caldari State. Nothing like being a triple-faced hypocrite

  13. Seniath says:

    I hate EVE trailers. They’re far too good at making me want to play again.

  14. TooNu says:

    It is a well known fact that frog ships give you Hepatitis.

  15. MonkeyMonster says:

    Holy Moly, that just put shivers up my spine… I’ve feared to dip into this as I know it will steal my life – curse the makers of this trailer!

  16. Morte says:

    @Seniath says: “I hate EVE trailers. They’re far too good at making me want to play again.”

    Yep. I quit for reasons that still seem good (there is too much waiting, and the practicalities od dealing with humans were a pain even tough it’s the most agreeable multiplayer community I’ve ever encountered). But I can’t help thinking about what might have been, that fun that always seemed to be just around the corner but never arrived.

    I should probably stop stalking RPS EVE threads like a sad ghost, moping over what might have been…

  17. Gap Gen says:

    Incidentally, a “quantum leap” is generally the smallest possible step upwards you can make. So basically the title means “this is the laziest possible expansion we could physically release”.

  18. elefaire says:

    Actually, quantum just means that it’s fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. All they’re really saying is that they didn’t program it on an analog computer.

  19. elefaire says:

    (p.s. yes I know you were trying to be funny)

  20. Cian says:

    Reid: Much as I love EVE’s universe and plot, I think that the players actions and 0.0 intrigues are still supposed to be the focus. Although maybe what Jim says in his earlier post about CCP trying to attract a new kind of player is true.

    Gallente for life, of course. Did my part for the Federation over the summer before coming back to 0.0

  21. TooNu says:


  22. Gap Gen says:

    elefaire: OK, so what they’re saying is: “This patch will update your game by an integer number of bytes”?

  23. Stick says:

    *joins Morte in the Haunted Mopey corner, nods in morose agreement*

  24. G_Sajer says:

    Everyone has a different point of view. Personally, I think
    this update is the best yet. I’m a transport trader and I think that these enhancements are the the only ones so far that are going to have a real positive impact on me.

    There is nothing more challenging than blowing through a gate full of baddies in a fast unarmed ship with nothing more on your side than skill and technology.

  25. Brian says:

    Yep that all pretty much sums it up.
    Its a real shame massive pvp assults like that rarely if ever happen. id love to have to crank down graphics due to a massive pvp storm