Crayon Physics Deluxe Pre-Order – At Last!

Let's play on the seesaw!

I first played Crayon Physics Deluxe just under a year ago, when sniffing around the IGF entries, and adored it. Then the waiting began. Finally, nearly a year later, Petri Purho’s Seumas McNally Grand Prize winning creation is available for pre-order.

There’s still no official release date, although Purho has indicated that he hopes to get it finished before the end of the year. He’s been working on the game full time for a year and a half, and after playing the version that deservedly won the top brass at this year’s IGF in February, I cannot wait to find out what the last nine months have added. (Forty more levels being the most immediately obvious thing, with now 70 in total).

The premise is as lovely as you could hope to imagine. You draw shapes with your mouse (or completely ideally, on a tablet), and they come to life. To revisit a joke I made back in January on Eurogamer, it’s like being Penny Crayon without the squawking horror of Su Pollard providing your voice. The engine creates crayon-like lines, that once finished pop into physics-influenced existence, letting you feel like a wizard. “I cast a CIRCLE!”

I'm so embarrassed to say that this was my solution to one of the puzzles.

If you want to get a vague feel for this, check out the “quick and ugly” version, Crayon Physics, which is free to download. But remember, the Deluxe version bore almost no resemblance to this a year ago, so it’ll be another league forward now. This tech demo can’t generate a good number of geometric shapes that the Deluxe version has no problems with, and doesn’t come close to the ingenuity of puzzle design in the proper version. But it will let you understand the basic premise.

For an another idea, check out the video below, showing a few of the tricks to complete the first few levels.

Go pre-order this, it’s $15. Remember how I said to pre-order World of Goo, and I was right? I’m right about this as well. Give the man some money.

Which means it’s time to start waiting impatiently for Fez.


  1. Dagizmo says:

    Preordered =D

  2. DigitalSignalX says:

    Superb news! The teaser trailer still makes me smile, the game for sure will be fun.

  3. Tunips says:

    Hoorah for things happening after long delays! I now have a use for my wacom tablet, after realising I am in fact shit at drawing stuff.

  4. Thiefsie says:

    Hmmmm looks like endless possible ways to end levels in this… but yes I must say truly amazing!

    I wonder what rules you have to follow for the pivots etc in terms of drawing size/order/etc…

    Very intriguing. Not enough for me to preorder with though

  5. James Tao says:

    Brilliance! I’ve been waiting for this one for ages, ever since I had a go at the original with my tablet and loved it to bits. Pre-order, go!

  6. dartt says:


  7. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Preordered, after the general amount of dross released by the mainstream industry I’m looking more & more to indie developers to show what games can really be like if you still have imagination.

  8. Ian says:

    Won’t be pre-ordering, but will be keeping an eye on it. Didn’t like the freebie version as much as I’d thought but with the extra direction this one looks like it provides I might get on better with it.

  9. Max says:

    I used to be really excited for Crayon Physics Deluxe, but then I heard about Phun which seems even more versatile and powerful than what Crayon Physics was aiming for. When you look at it that way, the only difference between the two is that Crayon Physics has puzzles and costs money, whereas Phun is a sandbox game and is free.

    I’m not so sure I’ll be buying it.

  10. Meat Circus says:

    About ruddy time.

    I has magic crayon.

  11. Heliocentric says:


    Nothing compared to world of goo.

  12. Bassem B. says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for months. As soon as it’s released, I’m getting it. (I don’t believe in pre-ordering, especially with software.)

    @Max: I gave Phun a try – it’s really complex and versatile. But Crayon Physics is really natural and simple, and that’s the appeal of it. I only hope there is a puzzle creator inside the game.

  13. Paul Moloney says:

    Ordered. I haven’t even gotten very far into World of Goo yet, but I’m a sucker for physic-based games, and it is nice to support innovative PC games like this.


  14. Brian says:

    I love the free version of this. Perhaps one of the most peaceful gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I’m disappointed to hear the next version won’t be free but I’ll preorder just the same.

    I wish there were a DS version! This would be a great game to play in bed before sleepies!

  15. Dr_demento says:

    I liked Crayon Physics back when I played it, but then got addicted to Fantastic Contraption and sort of forgot about it… finally it’s coming out, though! Yay.

  16. shinygerbil says:

    As much as I liked it, it didn’t have the same pull as World of Goo for me. Will probably buy anyway, I’m a sucker for indie goodness! Plus, my Paypal finger is always itchy.

    (also, what’s a seumas?)

  17. scundoo says:

    It’s so cute and charming that it makes my eyes bleed.

  18. Nero says:

    I’m looking forward to this one. I’ve been using a DS homebrew called Pocket Physics which has similar style, but is more of an “physical construction set” more than a game. Still lots of fun playing around with physics.

  19. Paul Moloney says:

    Just downloaded the free version again; I’d forgotten how beautiful the music is: “Lullaby” by _Ghost, available under Creative Commons: link to


  20. James Egan says:

    Amazing. Must have.

  21. Juror #9 says:

    Can we use our WACOM’s??? It looked like it, eventhough that was a tablet PC.

  22. James T says:

    I can’t imagine them not working, considering a tablet can readily substitute for a mouse in any context at all, as long as your drivers are behaving.

  23. Petri Purho says:

    Yes the game can be played with a Wacom, normal mouse and a tablet PC, touchpad (I don’t recommend it though) or any other weird and possibly perverted mouse device you might own. It just needs the mouse input.

  24. Juror #9 says:

    Wacom, excellent. This might help my kids to get familiar with it and gaming at the same time.