The Witching 168 Hours: Left 4 Dead Demo

We have loads of this sort of grab.
The Until-launch Demo’s up for non-preorder users, apparently. Re-start Steam to get it if you can’t see it.

And remember: Don’t Startle The Witch.


  1. RiptoR says:

    Downloading it now, but I’m not sure if it’ll be playable. It says ‘6.5 days left’ under the gifts column…

  2. Little Green Man says:

    Yeah just mentioned this on Dead Air campaign post. 40% done!

  3. Flyspeck says:

    I’m, pretty sure thats how long we have left to play it. I heard somewhere they are shutting down the demo once the game comes out.

  4. Kieron Gillen says:

    Yes. Hence my title line.


  5. Grandstone says:

    Downloading–and ceasing to complain–now! 12%! Time to go have lunch.

  6. elefaire says:

    Surely they’ll just disable the multi. They need some kind of demo so people can see if it runs.

  7. Morte says:

    3200MB. Wow.

  8. RiptoR says:

    That 3200mb is probably the size of the local cache. Download will be a lot less normally.

  9. Nallen says:

    I hope so, because I’m getting 65-75KB/s

  10. Leeks! says:

    Man, shutting down the demo seems cruel. But what if my preorder doesn’t come in at EXACTLY the moment of release?!?! What will I do then!? I’ll be forced to play–God’s teeth!–one of the other six games I’ve bought in the past four weeks! Clearly, Valve are inhuman sadists.

  11. NegativeZero says:

    I get the strong impression that Valve don’t quite grasp what a demo is. It’s not something that should be given to people who already paid for the game, and it’s not something that should disappear when the actual game is out either. It’s supposed to be used to convince you to actually buy it.

    Shutting down the demo after a week when we’re in the middle of the busiest month of game releases in the calendar year is just crazy, it’s going to make sales after that week much harder.

  12. MeestaNob! says:

    Downloading at 1mb/s. Vroooom.

    This game has been built up in my expectations so much that if it’s anything short of life changing I might feel disappointed.

  13. Chris R says:

    That’s what the free weekends are for… they did it with TF2 and it seems to be working great. There will soon be a “play L4D for free this weekend” promotion, and that will be way better than any demo.

    Relax guys.

  14. Fumarole says:

    Relax guys.

    What, didn’t you hear? This is the internet.

  15. Rob says:

    Hah, when I saw that 6.5 days left I thought it was talking about download ETA. Can’t wait to try this one out actually, should make a decision on a purchase fairly simple.

  16. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    And remember, if your game crashes and you have a multicore cpu, enter mat_queue_mode 0 in the console. You can also try to update directX and your videocard driver.
    Oh, don’t shoot your teammates and don’t run when under attack. Except if its a Tank.

  17. cyrenic says:

    Be sure you play the game with 2 or 3 friends and on Advanced or Expert. Otherwise you’re missing the best parts.

  18. Sharkwald says:

    Anyone having trouble downloading? I click the Install Demo link and the page refreshes in Steam’s browser but nothing begins installing…

  19. Sharkwald says:

    Of course, having said that, my next attempt at downloading is successful. Ignore me, never mind, nothing to see here.

    Yay, 6.5 days left!

  20. Grandstone says:

    Just got done playing a quick round of single player on normal. This game is masterful, it looks great even on low settings, and I’m seriously contemplating blowing 45 bucks on it.

  21. Nallen says:

    Where are you MeestaNob? I have a ton of spare bandwidth, must be the delivery I guess.

  22. Rei Onryou says:

    As soon as you get the demo, head to RPS chatroom and join your comrades!

  23. Fantomas says:

    People only getting 64KB-ish are prolly on BT. BT cap the line @ 18:30 until later when it’s raised to 96KB-ish and then uncapped later still. I think the raising and uncapping happen at 23:00 and 01:00 but I’m not sure on that. 18:30 is correct though.

    Coulda had the played the game tonight otherwise, but no chance now. Damn late start didn’t help.

  24. mist says:

    Meh I suck. :(

    Tried playing single player Advanced.

    First stage was piece of cake. Second stage went fine… until a Tank came along and killed my whole team. Retry–>> Tank came along JUST before I get an ammo refill… and with 10 bullets left in my machine gun. Again, whole team dead.

    I suck.

  25. James says:

    I can’t see the incentive for Valve to provide a free weekend, since that’s easily enough time to complete several campaigns and think “well, I got a free game out of that” and uninstall it. They’d be riding a lot of the versus mode being really, really good… and I’m skeptical. Clearly the meat on the bones is in co-op play.

  26. Katsumoto says:

    Can’t connect to anyone’s games for some reason :(.

    Looks nice in single player though!

  27. Nallen says:

    Connection to Steam dropped and reconnected, connection maxed, game downloaded…

  28. Smee says:

    I want to explore the maps because of the level design, alternate routes and all the hidden goodies, but I’m too damn scared to go in the dark places.


  29. Paul Moloney says:

    I have a 10 MB connection but am only getting 60Kbps!

    Estimated time of arrival? Six days.

    Very very sad face.


  30. Calabi says:

    I see what you, guys have been saying now. Its like they’ve made getting your arse kicked, fun.

    I’ve just been playing with random people, and it was pretty good, most of time everyone did wonder off randomnly, and we ended up dying quite alot but we did manage to stick together and complete it a couple of times.

  31. Fat Zombie says:

    Bad: not too sure whether this’ll run tolerably once it’s downloaded and installed. Would suck if it didn’t.

    Good: This has caused m4 to start playing Team Fortress 2 again. Damn, this is still awesome fun. WE MUST PUSH LEETLE CART etc.

  32. Leeks! says:

    Just played my first game on expert by accident. Man!

  33. Dizet Sma says:

    Installed Steam / started the download.

    Went away. Came back. Server busy – try again later.

    Tried again later. Download started at a fair rate. Went away again.

    Demo downloaded and icon sitting on desktop.

    Click icon, watch movie.

    Loading page… Options screen… machine locks. No alt-tab / ctrl-alt-del nothing.

    Reboot. Clicky – no movie – options screen – lock.

    Reboot. Try to launch via the Steam interface.

    Error “This game is unavailable. Please try again later.”

    Well, whoop-de-frickin-do.

    Me vs Steam, played one, lost one. Goals nil, points nil.

  34. RiptoR says:

    Just had a go at SP and Coop. SP is kinda dumb, AI teammates only shoot at enemies that are a few feet from them and the don’t move around on their own.

    Coop was nice except for lag, but that was probably the hosts fault :)

  35. Armyofnone says:

    Already played it with pre-order… AMAZING. Get it now.

  36. Andy says:

    I hate virgin media so much…. have already downloaded my 1.2gigs today so i won’t get more than 100k/s until tomorrow. Along with the recent free “upgrade” from 4mb/s to 10mb/s they stopped us actually being able to use the internet so THANKS FOR THAT VIRGIN!

    I remember dreaming of 10mb/s, and now I wish I had 512k/s with no data limits.

  37. cyrenic says:

    @Fat Zombie

    I run the game great with the min specs (CPU at least). I just hope the later levels dont get laggy on me :P.

  38. Dinger says:

    It worked okay. First time it came up though, and they were all speaking German — well, that annoyed me more than anything. I mean, my steam settings say “English”. Precisely where I live, native German speakers are the minority. The only reason you’d decide to default to German is if you ignored the Windows settings, the Steam settings, the sociological data on the region I lived, and went with some cheap-ass IPLOC service that for similar reasons is probably the major reason why Belgium is going to split in two. I’d tell Valveā„¢ to screw off, but they’d probably just run it through a German-to-English translation service and have no idea what I was saying.

    Once I changed Steam’s language to French, however, L4D came up in English.
    Really, guys, you just know how to make friends, don’t you?

    Anyway, the game’s fun, and the demo’s worthwhile. Looking forward to playing more than two levels.

  39. Stromko says:

    They are not kidding about the witch. Me and a buddy found the witch during a quiet moment in the subways, so we figured, what the hell and unloaded on her. She clambers up the side of the subway car and comes in from behind us, brushes past me and kills my buddy, meanwhile a whole horde of zombies is rushing the rest of the team. I unload a clip into the witch but it’s no good, I fall too.

    Tough game, they really seem to understand that co-op games are best when there’s a lot of challenge to it. If only Iron Grip: Warlord had more hard/brutal servers I probably wouldn’t be regretting my purchase of IG:W right now.

  40. Dizet Sma says:

    Huzzah! All works now, with just a few glitchy sound issues, but that’s probably me.

    Had a quick blast thru single player a few times then tried to run a co-op. We died. Badly.

    I don’t think that I’d play a whole bunch of times and so paying full price would be a waste, but maybe if I could pick up a cheap copy, then you never know.

  41. Sum0 says:

    What Left 4 Dead does, in an awesome way, is capture the cinematic terror of zombie movies. Like when a teammate is helping you up and you spy a zombie jumping down from the building behind his back and your first instinct is to yell “Look out!”. Or when you’re staring into a hole in the floor and suddenly a massive horde appears all at once.

    The animation is particularly impressive – the way the zombies run is so impressively kinetic, as opposed to the cheap scissor-legs-on-ice movement we still get in this day and age. I don’t know if two levels is enough to convince me to buy the whole thing (mainly I’m concerned about repetitiveness), but it’s definitely a blast.

  42. Erik says:

    From what little I got to try it seemed ok. I’ll try again when they’ve fixed the crashing. Played countless amount of hours on various games on this rig without problems, but of course one of the games I’m looking the most forward to has to be the one to break my streak.

  43. Saul says:

    It’s more of a beta than a demo. They’ve been using it to test their matchmaking and networking systems. I doubt they’re very concerned that people may not buy it who don’t get to the demo this week. The reviews and general internet gushing should take care of that.

    As for testing it on your system– there are widespread reports that it runs well even on systems that are years old (aside from a few exceptions, which appear to be based on bugs). Basically, if you have played any shooters in the last year or two, your machine will have no problems with L4D.

    Also, it’s the best action game since Doom.

  44. Grandstone says:

    Sum0’s not kidding about how movie-like it is. I was just in a game in which we had limped our way to the subway tunnels. It had been tough going (we’d been knocked over far more than would have been ideal, always getting back up by the skin of our teeth), so as we approached the back of one of the trains, one of my teammates said, “We should be fine as long as a Tank doesn’t show up.”

    I was on point. We crept into the rear of the subway car, all of us alert because we were all pretty close to death. We got to the end of the car; the music spiked; crashing down in front of the exit came the Tank. We bolted for the other side before it could clamber over the car and block off the way we’d come (it does that sometimes), laughing all the way because something so cliche and appropriate had just happened. It almost made you believe the Director could listen to your conversations. With one man left, we killed it, and it was a close thing besides that.

    I don’t think we survived that round. It’s not hard to see why it doesn’t matter. Seeing a Tank surge through a little subway car is a sight to behold.

  45. killing thyme says:

    Wow. it’s pretty awesome.

    Connection was a bitch though. Only managed one game online co-op so far, and that dropped about two seconds in. Reconnected into it and I liked that the bot had took over.

    Second stage was hella fun, even if I did get knocked down a few times. Down to my last health at the end and we managed to get everyone out.


  46. Ben Abraham says:

    My bandwith! My poor, poor bandwith! It weeps with regret… 2.2gb will take longer to download than there is time left in the demo. =(

  47. man alive says:

    Sorry for boring tech talk but has anyone tried it on an athlonXP ~3000+ ish? Can’t just try myself, I want to know if I can run it on my parents’ media centre machine this xmas if I stick a new graphics card in it, but obviously don’t want to buy a new graphics card if the CPU can’t cut it anyway… thanks.

  48. Heliocentric says:

    just played it on an athlon xp 2400+ with a 7600 gs

    lowest settings in everything, still looks okay, but when 40 zombies showed up at once it started getting patchy fps.

    so a 3000+ might even allow you to turn a few things up :)

  49. RichPowers says:

    The horror! I’ve been downloading at a piddly 40 KB/s all day!

    Still at only 55%…

  50. hydra9 says:

    This is amazing. Normally, I’m one of those weird freaks who only plays single-player… but wow, just played my first co-op in Left 4 Dead, and it was mind-blowing. So cinematic, tense, brilliant! The single-player mode seemed suddenly limp and pointless. I can see myself buying this one.