Foot-to-ball Head-thinks: FIFA Manager 2009

It’s that time of year. The updates for the Football Management games are coming in. The just-shy-of-a-gig demo of EA’s FIFA Manager 2009 is now available to download. It’s only first divisions of six countries with a few stadium and no realistic 3D-noggins or commentary and similar, and ends after 90 days, but that’s still a lot of “Oooh – I think we need to go 4-3-3″isms for nowt. And, just to mix things up a little, here’s the German trailer for the game…

Fußball: Ist est gut!

(Or something like that anyway)

Anyone played previous FIFA Managers. Thoughts?


  1. michael "veronicas" wu says:

    football manager 08 was my love of the life last year.. i lived with it..i ate with it..i slept with it…hell..i even masterbate over it.. because of my pure addiction to it..i got divorced,,,twice, lost custody of my kids. all 3 of em. 2 black 1 white…at my lowest point i even did our family dog…mm a bit off in a was the most addictive,and sexy game i’ve ever played in my life..(almost made my feel bad for dl it off torrent)

  2. Pod says:

    Why doesn’t this contain the 3dgogglisms? Isn’t that what’s “new” about the new version? You’d thought they’d want to show that off, wouldn’t you?

  3. Ian says:

    FIFA manager has introduced the ‘exciting’ third dimension too?

    Not that I could have told you it didn’t have it before as I am strictly a Football Manager sort of chap.

  4. Pags says:

    The last football manager game I played was Champ Man. 98 where I led Leyton Orient to unlikely dominance over the Premiership. Since then, it’s never quite been the same.

  5. Dan Harris says:


    That’s Football Manager 2009 (FM09) you’re thinking of. Not FIFA Manager 2009 (FM09).

    Keep up.

  6. Dan Harris says:

    In hindsight that post looks less like wit, and more like I’m being a dick.

    Sigh. Such a fine line.

  7. Pod says:

    Harris old chap. If you hadn’t have pointed it out, I would never have noticed…

    I’ve never even heard of “FIFA manager”!

  8. Jonny Robson says:

    I really enjoyed FIFA Manager this year (see review here). In fact, I liked it more than Footy Manager 2009 because it’s way more simple and light hearted. FM is just too bloody complicated these days.

    If you’re a bit sick of FM, it’s a great alternative.

  9. Jochen Scheisse says:

    May last Footie manager ran on an Amiga.

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