Mosby’s Confederacy In Motion And Not In Motion

Take that, you bast.

We’ve talked about Mosby’s Confederacy’s before. It’s Tilted Mill‘s second product of their self-publish-online movement, after Hinterland (Which I still need to go back and play some more). Anyway, their period skirmish-level wargame has revealed some screenshots and video. Except it’s not embeddable, so you’re going to have to toodle off there to watch it. Man!

Initial impression: A sad lack of Pangolin.


  1. Fumarole says:

    There certainly seems to be a dearth of real-time games based on the War Between the States. And this is seems to be sprite-based, no less.

  2. Dain says:

    Hooker is blocking the way.

  3. KP says:

    I have a friend who is a fan of Diablo and I thought Hinterland would be fun to play with him. Is it worth picking up?

  4. MA6200 says:


    I’d pass on Hinterland, especially if you want to play with a friend, as there’s no multiplayer. It’s also a pretty shabby single player experience.

  5. Pace says:

    Right then. Pangolins?

    (as, I think you’ll find, not Pangolin. Or perhaps that’s another thing I’m missing..)

  6. Tei says:

    the smoke particles feel like will use the 40% of the GPU horsepower, sadly unoptimized.

    i know is a strategy game, but is a element I can understand, and feel amateurist.

    other than that, I don’t know nothing about the game, If RPS is doing a article about it, has to have something special or interesting. What is that? :-)

  7. Dizet Sma says:

    Gosh, that video looked shite!

    That looks to be a wargame written by people who haven’t played many wargames – badly animated sprites standing out in the open trading shots with a badly animated cavalry soldier.

  8. cheeba says:

    @Dizet: if you think that looks shoddy, you really can’t have played many wargames. Half the time you’re lucky if anything animates at all.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this. Squad-based strategy has been sorely lacking of late, and at this point I’ll take what I can get, frankly. Really wish it was turn-based, but what the hey.

  9. Dizet Sma says:

    Sadly, cheeba, I’ve played lots of wargames and the lack of animation is the least of my worries about this one.

  10. cheeba says:

    Maybe I’m just favourably disposed to this as the setting and fiddly little sprites vaguely remind me of the surprisingly good Take Command games. Even though they seem nothing alike gameplay-wise.

  11. Dizet Sma says:

    I might just dig out my copy of Age Of Rifles to get into the musket mindset :o)

  12. Real Horrorshow says:

    This game seems pretty pointless when there’s probably going to be a Civil War mod 1 month after Empire: Total War is released. I’ll save my desire to exterminate rebel scum until then.

  13. Greyface says:

    @ Pace

    The Pangolin reference is to the upcoming King’s Bounty expansion/sequel. There is a new race called Pangolin. One can only hope they’re the same.

  14. Pace says:

    Ah, thanks Greyface. Also, I found this interesting tidbit: “”Pangolin” is a Malaysian word for “rolling up into a ball”” Fascinating.

  15. iainl says:

    Rather than playing like “a wargame written by people who haven’t played many wargames” as Sma suggests, it looks remarkably like a wargame written by people who have played an awful lot of the first three Total War games.

  16. Gap Gen says:

    It looks more like an RPG than a realistic Civil War battle simulator, anyway (which has been done by Take Command and others).

  17. Grandstone says:

    Anyone remember the Sid Meier Civil War games? Those were awesome, and yet I can’t remember if I’ve ever gotten them to run properly on Vista.