Square Enix To Publish Supreme Commander 2

Seems like a bit of an odd hook-up, but it’s apparently to do with top Japanese publisher Square Enix‘s “goal of increasing western development efforts aimed for the global markets”. They’re going to publish the sequel to Gas Powered Games’ long-zoom RTS, Supreme Commander, on an unspecified date. Yeah, there aren’t really any other details at present, but I’d anticipate there being enormous robots, and even more enormous maps. We had a crack at the original game on our LAN the other week, and I had meant to do a little write up about how surprisingly good the multiplayer actually is for a bit of a mess around with super-weapons. (I found the campaigns to be something of a drag.)

Cheers to Acosta for the heads up.


  1. cyrenic says:

    I figured Stardock would have published this.

  2. Okami says:

    It’s official. SupCom2 will feature enormous androgynous robots with spikey hair and irritating voices…

  3. Erlam says:

    Wow, damn. I know some of the people who went down to Gas Powered Games from here in Vancouver.

    This sequel will definitely be… err, different?

  4. Del Boy says:

    I doubt the publishers will start getting involved with the development.

    Random battles anyone?

  5. Bob Arctor says:

    Yep MP is great, been playing with housemates for a few months now.

  6. elefaire says:

    Del Boy – Stardock does get involved in development though, so GPG not sticking with Stardock makes a difference. Not necessarily bad, depends how well Demigod turns out.

  7. FlamingDemon says:

    I found the Singleplayer in Forged Alliance to be pretty enjoyable; probably because you start with all the units from the last game, and only have to wait to access the new units.

  8. Daniel Rutter says:

    Yes, the FA campaign has lots more to do – but it’s dreadful for new players, because it drops you straight into a quite serious fight.

    Note also that if the development schedule works out the same as the one that got us from Total Annihilation to Supreme Commander, we can expect to be playing SC2 no earlier than the year 2019.

  9. mrrobsa says:

    Woop! More macro wars for me please! Hoping the sequel is (somehow) even more epic.

  10. FlamingDemon says:

    Still, imagine FA on our Virtual Reality Quantum Computers that we’ll all have by 2019. It’ll be like we are actually in that giant stompy robot commander! On the other hand experiencing a nucelear explosion from its absolute centre, maybe should hope it arrives a little sooner.

  11. Gap Gen says:

    FA is actually very like space invaders – waves of enemies are dropped onto you, and you have to shoot them down.

    Still, there were some fun missions – I had a blast on the UEF final level in the original campaign, holding off just long enough. Also, building a very explosive base full of fusion reactors and then losing it is fun, if you don’t mind losing your base.

  12. Lord_Mordja says:

    “Hoping the sequel is (somehow) even more epic.”

    The inclusion of massive space battles maybe?

  13. jonfitt says:

    SupCom is one I always meant to get around to playing.
    I tried the demo, but found I played the whole thing zoomed so far out that the units were icons.

    What with the SupCom map being just an expanse of desert with mountains for impassable terrain, it just didn’t compare to CoH were the map plays a crucial role, and you need to be really in there managing cover etc.

    As for the tank rush, sooo late 90s.

    Is the full game any different? I liked TA.

  14. Bok says:

    And this just in, the Aeon commander unit will be scrapped in favor of a giant, robotic chocobo.

  15. Acosta says:

    My pleasure. I don’t think Square Enix is looking to have a hand on this, they don’t have experience on this kind of games and the point of looking for studios able to cater to a western public is precisely letting them to do that for why they were contracted in first place.

    After all, we don´t have Total War: Sonic Wars for example, even if CA is owned by Sega. But still, it´s really strike me to see Square Enix publishing the most hardcore RTS of the hardcore. It´s a quite difficult game they want to test the waters of their western publishing arm.

  16. Okami says:

    I’d totally play Total War: Sonic Wars

  17. TheDeadlyShoe says:

    Okami: You’re a monster.

    What with the SupCom map being just an expanse of desert with mountains for impassable terrain, it just didn’t compare to CoH were the map plays a crucial role, and you need to be really in there managing cover etc.

    Is the full game any different? I liked TA.

    Yes, there’s a lot more variety in map terrain.. ‘Fields of Isis’ is like the dullest map in the game. None of it gets close to COH levels of detail, granted, but we are comparing a 5-6 unit game to a 500 unit game. Heh.

    It’s hard to recommend the original after playing FA.

  18. Shadowmancer says:

    Also the robots and people will all be emos with stupid hair.

  19. Switchbreak says:

    Okay, this wins the weirdest news of the year award.

  20. subedii says:

    You can’t really compare Supreme Commander with Company of Heroes, they’re two very different styles of game. Where CoH focusses on small scale skirmishes and intense micro-management, Supreme Commander goes the complete opposite direction and has you waging simultaneous land, sea and air operations across entire continents. SupCom is all about large scale strategy, micro management of your main battle units hardly comes into it. If there’s one word that describes SupCom, it’s “Scale“. The sheer enormity of everything happening really adds a weight to the proceedings.

    I really loved the game. The interface makes things a snape to perform, and you can literally have half your base construction planned out almost from the very start. The large scale warfare with literally hundreds of units clashing in apocalyptic skirmishes is a sight to behold. Forged Alliance helped to up the ante a bit and refine some of the strategies.

    One thing I will say though is that I hope they do more to differentiate the sides a bit. They each have specific tactics and units, but I just think more could be done with it. Oh, and get Jeremy Soule back in, he did awesome music for Supreme Commander, but Forged Alliance had someone else, and the soundtrack wasn’t nearly as good.

  21. SwiftRanger says:

    Forged Alliance had Jeremy Soule working on it as well, he and his brother did the soundtrack on both the original and the addon. The only thing that bothered me about it is that both track sets remain seperate; no SupCom music in FA or vice versa which is a real shame in those hour long battles.

    It’s a very odd coupling of developer and publisher alright but it’s definitely no surprise that THQ isn’t involved anymore. Forged Alliance never got the marketing it deserved (and a new patch is still on hold for testing because of THQ apparently) and the second addon (The Experimentals) got canned while SupCom did more than okay (1 million copies sold), even Relic RTS’s received or are about to receive multiple addons while they aren’t much more successful or better.

    Too bad a considerable part of the SupCom dev team have left GPG to do their own gig (Uber Entertainment), improving on SupCom isn’t gonna be easy as there has always been a sense of ‘this could be so much more’, just because of the nature and ambition of the game.

    Hopefully GPG can remove the SupCom engine limitations (empty terrain, no bridges, no sea transports) and add the unit AI parameters from TA/Dark Reign back in, this seriously needs to be the next ultimate control freak RTS game.

  22. Fat Zombie says:

    Any game which would allow you to recruit a group of typical FF-style JRPG characters, then order them into a wall of robo-death robots and ten-story miniguns/gatling lasers/R-cannons, would be worth buying!

    Still. Woo, Supcom 2, etc.

  23. Heliocentric says:

    Supcom always felt like a battle between toys. No personality, no features beyond the numbers. And up close the animations were like fleas skipping on a tiny replica island.

    5 meaningful units over a thousand meaningless mods. Coh fo life.

    Stardock? Squemix? Who is next? Another s or it in alphabetical order?

  24. Heliocentric says:

    I need to add. I really enjoy playing sup com. But its ‘feel’ is hollow. I like applying strategy on a grand scale, but i always personalise certain units and buildings. Sup com makes it hard.

    In age of empires free for all games i would strip mine areas or islands transport all my spare sheep and a few villagers there and have them build political refuge filled with nothing but houses and farms. And ask players to send a single peasant as an emissary.

    They would be safe there as any who breeched the refuge would have breeched “international law”.

    Also in sacrifice? Manahoar un commitee, usually ends in someone summoning a volcano.

    Coh lacks free for all so i play the game they sold me instead.

  25. Rufus T. Firefly says:

    This is… bizarre. Then again, Square and Disney teamed together for Kingdom Hearts so it is not as if there is no precedent.

    Neither TA nor SupCom will ever win any awards for great writing. Though I did miss the bombastic narration of TA when confronted with some very boring exposition in Supreme Commander. Still, it’s not as if you play the giant robot games for the interpersonal drama–you play them to build an army of spider robots with death rays.

  26. RichPowers says:

    Wow, this is very random news.

    Is it fair to say that GPG is all over the place when it comes to publishers? Demigod with Stardock, Space Siege with Sega (and on Steam), and now SupCom2 with Squeenix.

    SupCom is a very demanding game, that’s for sure. I’ve only played the demo, but I really enjoyed setting the AI to turtle and then coming up with elaborate ways of invading their base.

    Will I be missing out on anything substantial if I skip the original and go straight to Forged Alliance?

  27. SwiftRanger says:

    You ‘might’ miss the option to play online (on GPGnet anyway) with the three original races, if you only have FA then you can only play with Seraphim on GPGnet. SupCom is also a lot more friendly to new players with its campaign and video tutorials but FA has the better standard interface.

    I’d say go for the gold version, I don’t think it’s that much more expensive than one version seperately. Keep in mind that the focus is a bit different in FA (more based on map control, vanilla SupCom is more of a turtle heaven due to the abuse of cheap mass fabricators which got nerfed in FA) but FA is where the buzz and the community is (not only the competitive ranked stuff but the AI/interface mods and custom maps as well) and you can still tweak the hell out of everything.

  28. MeestaNob! says:

    So is THQ still publishing everywhere else?

  29. FlamingDemon says:


    No doesn’t look like it. In a strange turn of events the press release about this news was from the Europeon branch of Squenix announcing that the U.S. branch of Squenix have formed a “strategic partnership” with GPG, commencing with the development of SupCom2.

  30. Maerd says:

    A few things we don’t want to see:
    -Robots with laser swords and extremely agile movements aka gundams. (Hey, it’s what all japanese perceive as ‘Robot’.)
    -Commander for each side is a robot with white hair and samurai swords.
    -Annoying voice acting that please 7 year olds.
    -All explosions are done with minature hearts/stars popping out instead of fire and death.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Maerd: No, no ninja robots with laser swords. Robots with building-sized axes would be awesome though.

    Or chainfists.

    SupCom3 to be published by Games Workshop!

  32. gav says:

    Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is an Epic game – I love it! Our clan plays this regularly. It’s just a pity about all of the network issues pinging other players in GPG.net. We all play via VPN and I assume other do too – this is probably why the numbers shown online playing is not an accurate representation of the FA community.

    Is Chris Taylor on board?

  33. Hulk Hogan says:

    Everyone in this comment thread talking about spikey hair and katana using robots is bigoted against the Japanese.

    Prove me wrong (racist).