Prince of Persia Trailers Bonanza

Prince of Persia is only three weeks away, and the promotion is stepping up. A throng of videos have recently appeared, and they’re below. They still leave me with my tweak of concern that the game hasn’t made any real changes beyond the aesthetic. The addition of the NPC co-op buddy intrigues me, but the trailers have yet to show me what she does other than follow you around. However, those aesthetic changes really are stunning, and if they can recreate Sands of Time’s action I’ll be a happy man.

First there’s this one, named The Launch Trailer, which I suspect might have appeared before but cannot find any evidence for that:

This one’s called the Alchemiste gameplay trailer:

But best of all is this rather long Story trailer, that I hope you’re not supposed to sit through at the start of the game. Separately, it’s a really rather gorgeous cartoon. You can’t quite read the details in the version below (although it’s all nicely narrated), so you might want to watch the HD version instead.

The game’s released in the UK on the 5th December.


  1. cyrenic says:

    Didn’t this get delayed by a week?

  2. Ian says:

    I adored Sands of Time and quite liked Warrior Within and (more than WW) Two Thrones. When the game was announced I was very excited at more PoP action and yet I feel almost totaly apathy towards it. What’s worse is that I don’t know why. :(

  3. Bobsy says:

    Could it be that we’re burned out on Princing around Persia? I mean, I too enjoyed the previous trilogy, but I guess the thrill has more or less gone now. Perhaps rather worryingly, the prospect of a magic lady flanging around with us is actually less exciting than a rewind button. Goddamn demographics.

  4. Thirith says:

    To be honest, if the game offers gameplay as fun as the last three Prince of Persia games I’m not too worried if the changes are only aesthetic in nature, just like John.

    There aren’t too many games that do the PoP, and there are even fewer games that do it well. Having been a gamer since 1982, I still get a kick out of an immensely well executed genre title that doesn’t push the boundaries of its genre yet is crafted brilliantly. See Half-Life 2, see Call of Duty 4.

  5. Solario says:

    I’m actually kind of excited about this, despite losing interest in the games after Sands of Time. It looks great, not as brown and gray as the second and third game. I hope the puzzles and acrobatics take a front seat instead of the combat compared to the followups as well.

    Only problem I have is that the Help song in the end is also used in commercials for my bank, so I keep wondering when an accountant will appear and lecture me about the importance of starting a pension.

  6. Tom says:

    I’m looking forward to this one.
    Looks like they’ve captured those stunning environments again.
    It was the environments amongst other things that the first PoP so memorable. Although I must admit I did enjoy the 2nd. Quite enjoyed wandering around that bizarre castle of time. Thought it was an interesting idea at least.

  7. BrokenSymmetry says:

    That story trailer is the most beautiful trailer I have ever seen. Great voiceover, and beautiful transition into the song.

  8. Scandalon says:

    Looks quite lovely. I do slightly wish I hadn’t watched the HD version, then I probably wouldn’t have been bothered so much by:

    1 – “10,000 years have past”…it’s “passed” dagnabit!

    2- The jerkyness of the transitions from different animations. (Watch when he jumps over the broken bridge at 4:18 of the story video.) Everything else moves so well and fluidly, that those little hitches are that much more noticeable.

    3 – My fear that they haven’t solved the “conveniently placed, surprisingly sturdy ledge/column/grill/horizontal bar/etc” issue.

    Finally, the story segment really made me go “yea, yeah, okay, I know this story – saw/read/played it in Lord of the Rings, Zelda, Starwars, previous PoP’s, tons of other titles, both good and bad. Yes, as a game, I expect it to be pretty good (perhaps a brilliant refinement of the series/genre), but story-wise, can we please have something a little less generic? How about we explore how/why our hero/protagonist is the only hope, what choices/sacrifices he had to make to get there, not just “yea, the gods chose you, because, you know, you’re athletic and good looking and need a pretty girl in your life”. How about a morally ambiguous situation, where standing up for principles contradicts what (at least seems) to be a practical solution to a problem?

  9. koizure says:

    @Solario and N That Hope song truly is terrible and sounds just like a bank might like to have it in their commercial.

    I just hope they have the same voice actor for the prince as in Sands of Time and Two Thrones. Better voiceacting in Sands of Time in my opinion though. Hope the inner monologue makes a comeback as in Sands of Time.

  10. That Fuzzy Bastard says:

    It looks like they’ve finally dropped the brown-on-brown color scheme that ruined The Two Thrones. I mean, I wanted to love that game, but there were just too many moments where I didn’t know which way the enemy was facing because I COULDN’T SEE! The gameplay could have been great, but the inability to see anything at a distance made it more or less unplayable.

  11. Anthony Damiani says:

    I (*heart*) their shaders.