More On Cancelled Halo MMO

Shacknews have posted up an extract from an interview with Ensemble’s Dave Pottinger in which he talks about the cancelled Halo MMO. It turns out the model was very much “World Of Halocraft”, as people had suggested.

Shack: So you didn’t have plans to go for a more FPS-style game.

Dave Pottinger: It was definitely more of a classic MMO, but it still had that very action feel. Definitely more actiony than WoW.

Go read.


  1. cyrenic says:

    So it was a lot like Tabula Rasa then?

  2. Vollgassen says:

    More games like this should be canceled.

  3. pepper says:

    I dont know, there’s obviously a market for them, but does it stop creativity? Or only feul other projects that would otherwise have no chance to see the light?

  4. fulis says:

    looks like they stuck master chief in a generic mmo setting

  5. Pavel says:

    Wow, WoW with guns.

  6. Cradok says:

    Wait, it was canceled? Oh well, meh.

  7. belo says:

    Would’ve preferred a Halo-themed Tabula Rasa.

  8. jonfitt says:

    Flog it some more, I think it’s still moving!

    Somebody break out the Lucas-brand barrel scraper, there’s still good stuff to be had.

  9. Gladman says:


    I thought WoW has guns?

    I also agree that more games like this should be canceled. More games overall, should be cancelled.

    (I’m not sure if cancel(l)ed has 1 or 2 Ls, so I’ll put both).

  10. Klaus says:

    So is everybody playing as Master Chief? I can’t be halfassed to read.

  11. Saflo says:

    Cancelled has two Ls if you’re a sophisticated Briton, and one L if you’re a filthy American.

  12. Saflo says:

    It has a Q if you’re Canadian. I don’t know, old zoning laws or something.

  13. Klaus says:

    I shower.

  14. Scandalon says:

    Not sure if this is really related, as it wasn’t really an MMO, but I just want to play the original Halo that was first shown at Macworld, not the fun, but ultimately semi-generic FPS that was released.

  15. Saflo says:

    Is there an FPS in existence that is not semi- (or wholly) generic?

  16. Starcide says:

    am I missing something?! —> link to

  17. Starcide says:

    damn i shouldn’t post when tired

  18. Klaus says:

    Is there an FPS in existence that is not semi- (or wholly) generic?

    Hmm, all genre’s must subscribe to sort of semi-generality don’t they? JRPG’s follow a formula, as does Sport’s games and RTS’s.

  19. Scandalon says:

    I shower once a week, whether I need it or not! :P

  20. Pags says:

    While on the topic of generic games, it would seem the interview also mentions that despite preparing to dismantle Ensemble after they’re done with Halo Wars, Microsoft appear to want to continue the Age of Empires franchise. Oh dear.

  21. Jonathan Strange says:

    I liked the concept art they leaked for the game, very stylish over-the-top sci-fi stuff. I’d love to have an MMO in that sort of setting, and before you say ‘Tabula Rasa’ I tried that and it’s not quite what I’m looking for…

    Then again I also have only played the first Halo, so I don’t know much about the setting or whether the concept art was true to the setting (I’m guessing it wasn’t by the uproar!). Kinda reminded me of the old Bungie game Oni, from before Bungie was conscripted into endless Halo clones. I liked that game too!

  22. the affront says:

    No great loss, then.
    If it had been Planetside-styled I’d have raged, belatedly.

    It’s about time someone grew the balls to make something like it again… too bad all the higher budget MMOs these days try to steal a slice off Blizzards cake instead of going for a niche and being happy with <1 mil subscribers.

  23. Surgeon says:

    the affront says:

    No great loss, then.
    If it had been Planetside-styled I’d have raged, belatedly.

    My feelings exactly.