EQ2: The Shadow Odyssey

Everquest II’s fifth major expansion goes live today. It’s a retail box at $40, and includes all previous EQ2 expansions and add-ons, as well as a load of new regions and new quest strings. To be honest I have little idea what kind of significance this expansion holds for the Everquest II community, which I understand remains fairly large, despite the fierce competition it faces from so many other MMOs. This interview delves into some of the details, and unearths some of the ways that the EQ designers are still polishing and reinventing their game.

Trailer and full press release after the jump.

SAN DIEGO, CA – Nov. 17, 2008 – Video game players around the world are powering up their PCs as the new EverQuest® II expansion, The Shadow Odyssey™, is scheduled to launch worldwide tomorrow. The Shadow Odyssey is the fifth expansion for the critically acclaimed EQII franchise developed by Sony Online Entertainment LLC. This all-in-one compilation pack will be available at select retail stores and via digital download at www.station.com for the suggested retail price of $39.99 US.

“The storyline of The Shadow Odyssey allows players to explore uncharted regions in the virtual world of Norrath while experiencing nostalgic areas made famous in the original EverQuest almost 10 years ago,” said Bruce Ferguson, senior producer, Sony Online Entertainment. “This expansion comes on the heels of the highest selling expansion to date, Rise of Kunark™, and the incredibly successful Living Legacy program, which ran over the summer months and attracted large numbers of new and returning players who are ready for exciting new adventures.”

About EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey
In an age long passed, a band of extraordinary heroes embarked on a journey to free Norrath from the clutches of a shrouded threat. Their quest would take them to the far reaches of the globe, delving deep into the most dangerous dungeons and undertaking many daunting trials. This was the Shadow Odyssey, and the heroes were known as the Ethernauts. In their time, this epic quest came to an end, and Norrath was saved. But now, history is repeating itself. It is time for a new generation of Ethernauts to retrace the steps of their honored predecessors through the ruined, unforgiving and twisting regions of Norrath to rid the world of the invading scourge and destroy the renewed evil of the Shadowmen.

Feature Set:
• More than 20 new zones, including the new overland zone, Innothule.
• Experience nostalgic EverQuest dungeon themes, such as Najena, Mistmoore and The Sebilisian Empire, and adventure through more than 18 goal-based dungeons, such as Ruins of Guk and Befallen.
• The Achievement Point level cap will be increased to 200 to offer new achievements for class-specific lines.
• A new Dungeon Delving mission system for players to replay content with new and different experiences.
• Five (5) new Heritage Quests with unique rewards being added.
• A new, mysterious group of erudites with powerful new armor and equipment will barter for void shards earned during your encounters.
• Epic tales of the odyssey are told through battles with dozens of new creatures and hundreds of new quests.
• Two new deities have been introduced into Norrath, Rodcet Nife and Anashti Sul.
• Includes Desert of FlamesTM, Kingdom of SkyTM, Echoes of FaydwerTM and Rise of KunarkTM expansion packs, and The Bloodline ChroniclesTM, The Splitpaw SagaTM and The Fallen DynastyTM adventure packs.
• Also includes Legends of NorrathTM strategic online trading card game, digital starter deck and booster pack.

For more expansion information from EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey and a free trial of EverQuest II, visit www.everquest2.com.


  1. Brant says:

    Five (5) new Heritage Quests with unique rewards being added.

    Ahh, marketing copy. Why stop at saying anything just once?

    Back when I was still riding the massively-multiplayer dragon I always had a lot of respect for EQ2’s live team for the degree to which they turned the game around after the launch. Although between the art style and my mental association of “EQ” with “Grindy McGrindathon”, I could never bring myself to try it out, except for a brief free trial where I couldn’t be bothered to progress beyond the newbie island.

  2. Sal says:

    still makes me want to punch someone from SOE. I mean, 5 major exspansion…and SWG had what 2? makes me sick to see how SOE has fail…

  3. Zyrusticae says:


    I… actually agree with that. They say they want to support SWG even after the release of SW:TOR, but that’s all hogwash if they don’t try to grow the playerbase and expand the game’s content. Clearly they have the resources, seeing as how they’re still making expansions for EQLive, for crying out loud!

    But whatever. The, er, unofficial SWG servers might even be finished before the release of SW:TOR. Nobody’ll quite care ’bout the SOE incarnation at that point…

    Anyway, back on-topic.
    I’m still entirely miffed that EQ2’s character customization is inferior to SWG’s, which uses the same engine, not to mention some of the lame armor appearances and the fact that my boobless Iksar wears the same crappy dresses as everyone else… I mean, they have no friggin’ mammaries! Surely there’s some unique fashion statements they could make from that…

    Seriously, it’s the one thing I want them to fix for an expansion or even an update. But it seems it’s not a priority for them, so whatever. Maybe for EQ3…

  4. BobB says:

    Why is this and the LotRO expansion being launched less than a week after WotLK? It seems like if there’s any time not to be launching your new MMO expansion pack it’s right now, I just don’t get it.

  5. shon says:

    “Why is this and the LotRO expansion being launched less than a week after WotLK? It seems like if there’s any time not to be launching your new MMO expansion pack it’s right now, I just don’t get it.”

    Because now is the last chance to get some 4th quarter profits to boost your revenues for 2008. And yeah, I kind of agree with you.

  6. Grey_Ghost says:

    WotLK? I honestly don’t think that people who are still playing EQ2 are affected by much of anything going on with WoW or LotRO.

  7. Ganoa says:

    I’d agree with Grey_Ghost, there is very little overlap between the EQ2 community and LotRO. As far as WoW, I feel like most people only really have room for one PvE MMO in their lives at a time, and those still playing EQ2 have either consciously decided to avoid WoW or have already tried it and come back. The only two things that really hurt EQ2 numbers recently were MMOs with new gimmicks: AoC (and nearly everyone came back after a month) and WAR (people trickling back slowly.)

  8. undead dolphin hacker says:

    People didn’t trickle back slowly from WAR. They flooded back when they realized it wasn’t DAOC 2 or World of Warhammer.

  9. Nick says:

    EQ & EQ 2 have much larger player bases than SWG so it’s simple buisness that they make a lot more money by making a new EQ/EQ2 expansion every year. Since they ruined SWG for the majority of fans it had the time, they haven’t really known what to do with it anyway.

  10. momgof says:

    I went to WAR, and I sorta trickled back. I took the time to hit tier 3, and will probably hit tier 4 sometime, but it just wasn’t as rich as Norrath. I trickled back.