Left 4 Dead Is Alive

The fourth, unmentioned chapter!

Left 4 Dead has gone live. Anyone who pre-ordered and pre-loaded should find it’s ready to roll. Everyone else should be frantically downloading to catch up.

You can read all our coverage of the game by clicking here, and leap straight to our preview impressions here, here and here.


  1. theleif says:

    And what a wonderful and intense game it is!

  2. Meat Circus says:

    Why must Steam decrypt so slowly? WHY?

  3. pepper says:

    I want this game very badly, it has the best COOP i have seen since swat 4!! hail valve!!

  4. Ian says:

    I want it badly, but by getting it from Game (and thus, unfortunately, a few days laters) I can end up only paying £14 for it.

    Plus, I like boxes.

  5. manintheshack says:

    Question is, will I be able to snatch five minutes of play after decrypting it at lunch before I have to go back to work?

  6. Malagate says:

    So it was unlocked at 8am GMT rather than 8pm as a bunch of people were moaning a few days ago?

    I really, really, really wish I’d taken today off now…

  7. mister k says:

    Brilliantly, my laptop decided to die on me on sunday…. sigh. At least it’s still under guarentee. I can play l4d when everyones really good, and then can shout at me for being a n00b. Yay.

  8. Masterdog says:


    To go home and play!

  9. Optimaximal says:

    I’m still waiting for my review key to arrive in my mailbox… Fingers crossed it arrives before Amazon start packing my pre-order.

  10. Mark-P says:

    Have any other UKsians using mail-order had their copy ship yet? Play.com lists it as ‘in-stock’ but alas for me, my order is still idling.
    I hear the mighty dollar calling, ready to punish my weak pounds for my impatience.

  11. SteevR says:

    Left 4 Dead is truly a quality coop experience. I’m sure I’ll spend hours with friends trying to make it out. What I like most, however, is that it is playable on the lesser difficulties with the bots. When this is done, it satisfies an itch my old FPSing self usually has but rarely finds a new title to satisfy: Shoot everything that moves while searching for the door to the next level. Truly, Left 4 Dead like trying to play through Doom 1/2 without using anything bigger than your double barreled shotgun, but with way better setpiece battles and atmosphere.


    I used to have trepidations about Steam. Not so much as an antipiracy measure (imho it is the most effective; an individual cannot claim that he owns a game when his friends can’t see it on his list), but as a method of e-commerce.

    I bought AudioSurf, RSPoD: Ep1 and 2, and Left 4 Dead all at once. For less than $80. No (imho unconstitutional here in the US, only Congress can tax interstate commerce) sales tax.

    Excepting those games which don’t seem to work well due to their own extra portion of DRM (I’ve heard CoD4 has issues occasionally), I can see no reason for my future PC game purchases to be boxed copies.

    Unless of course someone were to pack in a proper ringbound manual with a complex sim/RPG/strategy title. Or a hybrid of the three, that would be cool (XCom please?). I think the last time I saw a proper ringbound manual was with Neverwinter Nights and it’s expansions.

    If you’ve made it this far, you may have experienced my tendency to ramble on forever

  12. Cunningbeef says:

    Bought into the hype and bought it. Very disappointed.

  13. aldo_14 says:

    So, is the demo locked now? I never had the free time this week to try a prolonged co-op session :(

  14. dishwasherlove says:

    @ Cunningbeef: Disappointed? Just played through the first 2 campaigns on advanced difficulty and I have no regrets. Had to change to normal for the second extraction level though. Can’t waltz through like you could the demo.

  15. pepper says:

    It appears to be so aldo, which i find a horrible move on valve’s side, so is the game browser, which seems to come directly from hell, since you never know what kind of game you are joining and how your PING will be. Its the reason im not buying this game, il let them fix the game browser first.

  16. Ian says:

    @ Mark P: It’s in stock probably but the release date here is the 12st for retail. Steam gets it early.

    (I think.)

  17. Seniath says:

    Frankly, I’ll be too busy levelling my Death Knight over the next few days to play this just yet. JUDGE ME.

  18. Will says:

    @ Cunningbeef: Playing alone? Playing with strangers? Don’t like sensational new FPS games? No wonder you are disappointed!

  19. the affront says:

    I’ve played versus for about 3 hours now and it’s fucking great. You RPS guys haven’t been kidding about your experiences at Valve, clearly.

    Although there’s still no server browser accessible via the menu, which is really retarded (not that I use anything but the openserverbrowser command, but still….).

  20. Mark-P says:

    Ian – I think it’s more a case of the UK ( and Europe? ) getting it a teensy bit late. Play.com usually ship 3 or so days before release, so fingers crossed for all of us who resisted Valve’s impatience tax that the various e-tailers ship today. I really want to play the game while everyone is still fresh and wide-eyed.

  21. Leo says:

    Can’t wait to try a few campaign after work :)

  22. Aftershock says:

    God dammit.
    If only i had a credit card, then this would be mine.
    Thanks to the Aussie dollar being shithouse right now, it’s cheaper to order online and have it shipped to me.

  23. Schmung says:

    Am I alone in not loving this game to bits? I’ve run through the demo 7 or so times and it just hasn’t grabbed me or given me that wow factor in any way.

  24. Mr Pink says:

    I’m a bit confused. Game and Amazon are showing release dates of 21/11, yet play are saying ready for dispatch? What’s going on there?

  25. Adam Hepton says:

    Played through the demo and enjoyed it, but found myself not bothered about playing through it again, or indeed playing any more right now. Will wait till the price drops like a sack of shit before I grab it.

  26. dog says:

    found it waiting on steam for me when i got to my computer this morning but found steam froze up on me…. so i decided to be a smart arse and uninstall and reinstall steam…

    what i didn’t know (and steam didn’t tell me) is that when you uninstall it it also deletes all 22gigs of steamapps which i had…

    got most of them backed up somewhere but obviously not the left 4 dead files…

    so currently at 65% downloaded and can hardly wait for work to end ….

  27. GiGinge says:

    i absolutely LOVED the demo but I’m waiting til friday to actually get a boxed version, i still dont 100% trust steam

  28. the affront says:

    Schmung/Adam: If there are free weekends for L4D as there were for TF2, you guys should definitely check it out again. The versus mode is a LOT more fun than the coop (at least for me it is, anyway :P).

    Also, the new maps are way more fun than the tiny, cramped demo ones.

  29. manintheshack says:

    GiGinge: Was it seeing other players behind your back? I get kinda jealous too sometimes…

  30. Kadayi says:


    I suspect your comments say more about you than they do about the game tbh.

  31. cheeba says:

    It’s worth reiterating that the full game is massively better than the demo, once the maps start really opening up. Which makes it all the more baffling that they cut the second demo map in half.

    The unedited experience is frankly astounding, and would’ve made a much better impression on any demo players still on the fence about the whole thing. And it’s not like it was much more to give away, it’s still only a tiny chunk of the game. Do they not like money or something?

    Anyway, this is ace.

  32. phuzz says:

    I bought it cheapish (£25) form shopto.net, and they’re still showing as not being released for three days :(
    Still, with the exchange rate it’d be £33ish on Steam, is it worth paying an extra tenner to play now (busy all week so won’t get much chance to play anyway) or cheaper at the weekend (when I’m still busy)?

  33. phuzz says:

    (Oh yeah, is anyone buying the full Valve collection on Steam? $99 is a great price for all of Half-Life and HL2, let alone every other Valve game, let alone L4d)

  34. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    FYI, unless you bought it on steam, you’ve got another 2 days to wait :) Possibly longer in the EU.

    Also, yeah, the demo is pretty shit compared to the full game.

  35. Schmung says:

    sadly no free weekends for me as my PC is simply not up to snuff and thus I have been playing on the 360.

    Been talking to a mate about this as we’re both feeling a bit underwhelmed by it. I’ll paste his comment here because I pretty much agree wholeheartedly with it : It’s far too fast paced, I think. It should be a bit slower and you should really have to battle your way through areas, rather than just running and firing. The weapons have got no feel either.

    I think that’s the problem I’ve got with it – it feels somewhat flimsy and insubstantial. The zombie movement, weight and animation is lovely, but because they’re so berserk and you run so quickly it changes the nature of the game.

  36. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    @Schmung: what difficulty are you playing on? Anything above normal and you really can’t just run and gun. Certainly not in the full version, I guess it’s possible in the demo.

  37. Martin says:

    So, I presume the demo isn’t out yet for those of us that didn’t pre-order?

    I can’t find it at least…

  38. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    @Martin: It’s been out for … er … a week or something like that. You can’t access it anymore though, it was locked now that the game is out.

  39. Martin says:

    @ChaosSmurf: So, now that I can buy the game there’s no (legal) way for me to find out if I like it?

    Sounds odd.

  40. Mr Pink says:

    Martin: pretty much- crazy if you ask me, but I expect they will do a free weekend at some point.

  41. Martin says:

    To quote the internet: Fail!

    Thanks for clearing it up though.

  42. Schmung says:

    @ChaosSmurf : Apparently the demo is a lot easier than the full game, which would explain how we were able to able through on the hardest difficulty without too many problems.

  43. pepper says:

    Really, running and gunning in the demo was a bad idea on export, some teammate once gave that a go, he got us all into trouble.

    I still dont understand why they blocked the demo…

  44. Doctor Doc says:

    But for how long? Despite what a lot of fanboys think, TF2 will outlive L4D by far. Its a single player game with teammates, random respawn and a few points where weapons, nades and ammo will spawn. Whatever, L4D, here I come!

  45. Ben Abraham says:

    < is playing catch up. Curse you geographic remoteness and lack of speedy internet access, Australya.

  46. thefanciestofpants says:

    Been playing all day. Brilliant Co-op. Brilliant Versus.

    Expectations met.

    Back to it!

  47. Monkfish says:

    Being the cheapskate that I am, I’m waiting for my copy to drop through the letterbox.

    It’s the first Valve game that I’ve been compelled to buy on disc since the original Half-Life (10th anniversary imminent, BTW) as it was a tenner cheaper than through Steam.

  48. hydra9 says:

    So sad to wave goodbye to the demo last night. But so excited about getting the full version through the door (fingers crossed) this weekend!

    Before L4D, I’d said bad things about Steam, and I never had any interest in playing games online. Now all that’s changed.

  49. Paul Moloney says:

    Hopefully play.com is on the ball for pre-orders of this; my pre-order of Fallout 3 (Special Edition) only arrived today. Mail from Budapest (it appears to have been sent from there for some reason) is not quick.


  50. cyrenic says:

    Played the first campaign last night with a friend and two random guys. It was incredible fun. Only two of us made it out, I was not one of them, I got punched off the roof by the tank. Apparently shooting him with the machine gun makes him very mad at you.

    I had a lot of fun with the demo, but the full game has far exceeded my expectations. If you have friends and like shooters, go get this!