Space Giraffe PC Imminent

A new post on the Llamasoft site has revealed that Space Giraffe for PC is almost ready! Llamasoft’s Giles reports that “minor tweaks” are still to be performed on the expanded and possible somewhat-less-psychedelic PC version of the game, but that it is otherwise complete:

[W]hat you are going to get is Space Giraffe exactly as you seen it on the 360 PLUS an “expansion pack” with 100 NEW levels that “no one else has seen before”, some of them could be a bit more “vanilla” for those that found the SG original graphics maybe a bit “too blasting for their own taste” we wish this time to really manage to pleasure more and less psychedelic users

More on this when we get our hands on the PC version of Minter’s psychedelic synapse-curdler. Thanks Offworld!


  1. Sideath says:

    Every time I think, ‘hey this could be a reason to get an Xbox 360’, it comes out in an improved form on the PC.

  2. Quater says:

    Dang. I still haven’t bothered to play any more than the tutorial level of Space Giraffe. I keep forgetting I own it.

  3. Craymen Edge says:

    One to play with the headphones turned up and the lights turned low. When everything clicks, and it all just works together, Space Giraffe is an amazing game.

    I’m still rather rubbish at it though. That said, I’m a good 20 levels below a couple of people on my friends list, but my score is a good 10 million points higher.

  4. Scandalon says:

    Wait, if I give them money, then they will…pleasure me? Isn’t that illegal?

  5. Mo says:

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Space Giraffe.

    Like Crayman says, when it all comes together it works wonderfully. Twenty(ish) years later, the Tempest format is still compelling. The psychedelia is beautiful. Distracting at times, but that’s the point. What totally breaks the game for me is the enemy design. In short: it’s shit.

    The long version is simply that the enemies provide no feedback to your actions. They’re puzzles without hints. I played SG for weeks without looking at Minter’s FAQ and simply could not figure out how to kill some of the enemies. Moreover, while the first 20 or so levels are golden, the enemies in the levels beyond that commonly put you in a “stalemate” position. That is, a state which you can’t get yourself out of. That’s a game-breaker for me. Hopefully these new levels will go some way to fixing that.

  6. Shamanic Miner says:

    I bought a 360 for SG ( Dead rising was a bonus ).
    It’s a pure arcade game which for me has the best of everything. The graphics are fantastic, I still listen to the soundtrack in my car and it plays like the best Williams game. It’s also very unforgiving as Mo points out, some of the latter enemies are thrown at you that require you to work out what they do. In a screen full of flashing plasma this can be a bit tricky.
    In the end you have to go by audio cues and get into the zone. If you love proper arcade games this will be second nature but I can see why people who only know console games may really dislike it ( official xbox magazine gave it 1\10 )

    The extra 100 levels means a PC buy too.

  7. Dolphan says:

    I’ve really tried to like SG, but I always end up going back to the pure joy of Geometry Wars. I know it’s supposed to be all about paying attention to the audio, but perhaps I’m just not a good enough listener …

  8. Bhazor says:

    Surely it should be Space Llama if it’s a Minter?
    Also could I use this oportunity to reccommend his latest game Space Invaders Extreme? No? But it’s really good? But… please? It’s like really addictive and really milks and squeezes the premise until it screams and prays for a quick death.

  9. Quater says:

    I keep considering buying Space Invaders Extreme on the PSP or DS but having played the demo, I can’t believe the full game could have all that much more to it? Am I wrong?

  10. Bananaphone says:

    So we expect another tantrum from the bearded lunatic if it doesn’t sell a hojillion copies.

  11. Bananaphone says:

    can expect, rather.

    Damn missing edit button.

  12. Ginger Yellow says:

    I really wish Minter would rerelease his old games for XBLA/PSN. I’d love to play some Llamatron or Gridrunner++, and don’t get me started on Tempest 2000, although there are presumably licensing issues with that one.

  13. Cycle says:

    I hate how Minter’s unfortunate outburst has caused so many to dismiss his games. Every now and then someone will say how it’s an unplayable mess, and I point out that if it’s unplayable, how did I finish all 100 levels? Not only that, I also made it all the way to level 91 with a single credit. It seems they didn’t even bother giving the game a real chance, and instead formed their opinion based on the outburst (which I don’t defend, but hey, we all go a little crazy sometimes). I understand people not liking it, but give it a chance!

    On the other hand, it DID need a better tutorial. Help people “get” the game, since many rules were undocumented and the player had to figure it out themselves. This was intentional, but the player could have been thrown a few more bones. Hopefully the PC version has an improved one, though this new level set sounds like it will ease players into the game a bit slower, which will surely help.

    I’ll be buying the PC version too, though the new levels don’t sound like they’re targeted at me. Also, the XBLA version has an unlockable random level generator, sort of, which has kept me busy since finishing the game.

    @Ginger Yellow: Gridrunner+++ should be hitting XBLA soonish, and it comes with the original game. Not sure if it comes with ++ though…

  14. Oddbob says:

    Mo, that’s never happened for me, man.

    Even under the extreme pressure of the first run through of level 64 and the insanity of the closing ten levels, I’ve never found myself in a position that I couldn’t escape from that wasn’t my own fault.

    Providing you keep the power zone running, it’s a (relative) walk in the park up until the 90’s.

    Level 100 made me hallucinate for half an hour afterwards, mind. Impressive stuff .

    Hopefully the PC version makes amends in the tutorial department. I’m sure it couldn’t possible be a worse tutorial, could it?