GTA IV Gets Cinematic

A glimpse of the video editing tool.

Rockstar, in preparation for the PC release of GTA IV on 2nd December, have released some sample movies to show off the in-game video editor. And they’ve gone bonkers.

Clearly a dream for the machinima crowd, the in-built tool will let you create your own mini-movies, which will then be shared on the Rockstar Social Club site.

The videos they’ve made are a little… strange. None more so than Gutterball, a peculiar tale about Nico at the bowling alley, pursuing a member of staff. It’s shot peculiarly slowly, with lingering shots of menial activities such as sweeping. A little Lynchian, if he found the camera too heavy.

Or how about My Own Worst Enemy, in which Nico fights Nico in ultimate battle, shot like a post-Tarrantino action movie.

There’s a couple more at the site, and come December there will be an awful lot more. Be sure to let us know about your finest creations when the game comes out.


  1. subedii says:

    I’d ask what you’re doing up at this late hour, but then I’d have to explain why I’m up playing Left 4 Dead instead of sleeping.

    And to make this post (somewhat) relevant, I predict many movies coming from this, all of theme set to Linkin Park, half of them set to “In the End”.

  2. subedii says:

    Actually, clip number 3 (Liberty) gives a decent example of what can be done with the video editor.

  3. Pags says:

    I’m going to remake The Big Lebowski using GTA IV. Watch this space.

  4. Gorgeras says:

    So this is why Bully on PC is such a mess and they aren’t doing anything about it.

    They should have done Bully their damn selves and not given it to Rockstar New England.

  5. hydra9 says:

    I bought Bully the other day and am now waiting for a patch.

    This does look great, however.

  6. Tei says:

    [Machinima][Other games]
    The has been release Garrys Mod has also release a editor for track for cameras. Is impresive.

  7. Tei says:

    Patch 1.0 for my comment:

    s/The has been release Garrys Mod has also release/Also has been released a interesting adding for Garrys Mod/g;

  8. PHeMoX says:

    Very nice, I take it the PC version will be the bomb.

  9. Paul Moloney says:

    I always found the combat in the previous iterations rather unsatisfying; has it really been improved for this version? If so, I may well just plonk down some money for it.

    Jesus, 4 full-prices games in a a month and a bit; I deserve an industry award. I’m single-handledly supporting a family of pirates out there.


  10. Tarn says:

    That Nico vs Nico video has some truly awful camera angles and editing. Whoever made it could really do with reading up on continuity editing.

    Still, looking forward to having a fiddle with this, should be fun.

    What we REALLY need, though, is a L4D movie maker.

  11. Frosty840 says:

    No DLC?
    That would be a no-sale.
    Well done, Rockstar!

  12. Mo says:

    You realize the DLC is Xbox exclusive, right? As in, Microsoft paid big bucks to ensure that the Xbox is the only platform to get the content.

  13. Kadayi says:

    Is there any official word on that tbh? The game is GFW live so it’s not entirely unlikely that at some point the 360 DLC might not end up coming to the PC as an expansion pack.

    Also given not that many people I know who have the 360 version even bothered to finish playing it, the uptake on the DLC might not be remotely as high as either MS or R* expect. With the world the way it is at present, its hard to envisage any business denying themselves market space on principle if they can help it.

  14. Pags says:

    I can imagine it’d be in Microsoft’s best interests to put it on PC eventually; but being that they marketed the 360 version as the only version which will have the DLC, I can also imagine they’d want to keep the lid on it so they can perhaps sell a few more consoles on the exclusivity of the content. They did pay (apparently) $50 million to have it as Xbox exclusive, so they’d probably do all they can to make that money back.

    Quick question: does anyone know if cross-platform play will be possible? Because me and my brother loved playing two player co-op on San Andreas and we’d quite like to play GTAIV multiplayer together too; problem is, we don’t own two 360s.

  15. hydra9 says:

    ‘The Peeper’ (on the website) is by the best of the four sample vids. It has all the sleaze of a ’70s exploitation flick, and also the best camerawork.

  16. Kadayi says:

    Oh some DLC news:-

    link to

    Grand Theft Auto IV: the Lost and Damned

    Feb next year it seems, and you play a member of a biker gang.


    I’m expecting the DLC to probably turn up on the PC 6 months down the line or so if it does.

  17. Chris R says:

    Whats the title of the song and band in the second movie? That’s a cool tune!

  18. Moonracer says:

    I still don’t regret having this game for PS3 instead of my PC. Perhaps if it is mod friendly my opinion would change. Still for those who are PC, this is a game worth enjoying.

    And combat is improved quite a bit from previous GTAs with the addition of controlled 360 degree shooting out of cars and the best cover system I have yet experienced in a game.