Spare A Dollar For G-Man?

To celebrate Half-life being 10 years old this week, Valve have thrown a special offer. You can get the original half-life for 98 (count ’em!) cents until November 21st. That’s literally cheap. Also, inexpensive. Also, value for money.

Er… that’s all. How can I enliven this post. Oh, I know: I’ve still never completed Half-life 1. What enormous gaping holes are in your play-histories, readers?


  1. manintheshack says:

    It’s so embarrassing to list uncompleted games because most of them I utterly adored and spent hours on:

    All the Thiefs (Thieves?)
    Jagged Alliance 2 (My favourite game of all time)
    Mass Effect (Played til the last mission)
    Far Cry (Like, obv.)
    Oblivion (Teeeeedeeeeeeouuus)
    Any Total War games (is it even possible?)

    Psychonauts, I did complete. Couldn’t let the Meat Circus stop me. Although in the brain tank bit I had to do the last level with the screen completely black due to a bug, guessing what might have been onscreen. Worth it though. Oh, just remembered how much I want Psychonauts 2…

  2. Mr_Bacco says:

    The last game I finished was FarCry back in 2006. I did manage to finish Morrowind GOTY completely once, though. It was a bit of a trek.

  3. Devildog says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how many great games I never finished. I’m certain I should be punished somehow. I’ve recently decided to not start any new games until I finish the one I’m playing first…which has been difficult considering the amount of AMAZING games that have come out recently.
    For starters, I bought Fallout 3, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Red Alert 3, and Left 4 Dead…Now, I finished Fallout 3 on Tueday (Wow, what an awesome game) and I’m gonna move on to Gears, I think. Need to change up the pace a bit. I’ll lace that up a bit with L4D. I’m not allowed to move on to Fable until Gears is done. Once Gears and Fable are done, I’ll move on to Red Alert 3. And then, hopefully, there will be a lull in awesome gameyness.

  4. sana says:

    I finished Team Fortress 2

    and Unreal, HL2 (plus episodes), Diablo II and WarCraft 3.

  5. mcw says:

    I didn’t finish a bunch of games that come up on RPS regularly.
    System Shock 2 ( never got past Deck 4 )
    Psychonauts ( quit on Black Velvetopia )
    Planescape Torment ( somewhere half-way i think )

  6. James T says:

    I finished Team Fortress 2

    I thought the twist with PURPL gaining control of the Sons of the Patriots was a little contrived, but BLU Heavy’s last-minute sacrifice got me right here.

    Psychonauts, I did complete. Couldn’t let the Meat Circus stop me. Although in the brain tank bit I had to do the last level with the screen completely black due to a bug, guessing what might have been onscreen. Worth it though. Oh, just remembered how much I want Psychonauts 2…

    Cuh, forget Psychonauts 2 — after Activision’s kamikaze attack on Sierra, we’re not even getting Brutal Legend. Come on publishers, surely one of you can trick some unsuspecting Guitar Hero fans to buy it on aesthetic grounds?… they’re not an intellectual market!

    I was going to get offended about what you said about Australia… but you speak the truth. =(

    Just this morning I was reading an article about the President of Mexico selling off the national telephone company without divesting it of the country’s phone infrastructure, thus putting the country’s whole telephone infrastructure in corporate hands; “What a scandal!” I thought to myself — then I remembered that, of course, it’s the same thing Howard did with Telstra. Thanks, free-market chumps! Why learn to fish when you can pay a fisherman?!

    Naturally it took a grievous amount of attempts to shepherd Little Ollie to safety, but apart from that bit, I didn’t have a huge problem with the Meat Circus. Is that the one part everyone hates, or do people hate the whole thing and I’m just totally good-looking and awesome at the other bits?

    I haven’t been able to drag myself all the way through Mass Effect; I’m not terribly inspired to keep going with Fallout 3 either. Scandal!

  7. Gap Gen says:

    “You must be pretty bored to finish the campaign for Rome TW. ”

    Well, by some point where you’re stable it becomes pretty easy, and you can defeat most foes in battle with ease (especially as the enemy often didn’t advance to engage you until you’d perforated most of them). Barbarian Invasion was better than most TWs at staying challenging for a longer time, mainly due to a challenging campaign map – Rome became trivial pretty early, if you were good at fighting battles.

    So the point at which I became confident that I’d won was much later – some time around my defeat of the Western Roman Empire and the subjugation of Britain, by which time I just folded all my armies in on Central Europe and won.

  8. Gap Gen says:

    Actually, Tim Schafer’s one person I respect for not (apparently) milking his ideas for sequels. I’d rather see another original Tim Schafer idea, since he has so many good ones, than a tired rehash of a game he’s already done.

  9. MarvintheParanoidAndroid says:

    I’ve just recently tried to go back and finish a bunch of games that I didn’t ever finish, for whatever reason. I went all the way through BGII and the expansion for the first time (and am now halfway through another run through to play it differently), but Planescape Torment I still haven’t made much progress in. Beating Meat Circus was such a relief, but when I went back to Bioshock, I found my most recent save game just crashes whenever I load it.
    I played Oblivion for hours and hours, and frankly in my mind I completed it – got to the top of all the Guilds I cared about and explored a fairly huge chunk of the world. I just never managed to get far into the main quest at all :P The exact same thing is happening to me in Fallout 3 right now, but with the even greater annoyance that I’ve hit the level cap (with a LOT more exploring still to do). And I haven’t heard good things about the engrossing-ness of the main quest there either :(
    Also World of Goo is sitting in my Steam games list, glaring at me every time I open it up to start Fallout 3, but I will definitely get that finished soon.

  10. Velvet Fist, Iron Glove says:

    @sana – I don’t believe. The final boss in Team Fortress 2 was insanely hard. I don’t see how anyone could’ve escaped those tentacles.

    As for me, I will usually turn on cheats to complete a game once I hit my frustration limit, as by that point I want to find out what happens more than I want to play anymore. Fallout 3 is the most recent casualty of this, although that’s due to a bug that prevented me from finishing the main quest with my main character after > 30 hrs, and I didn’t feel like starting again and slogging through.

    Nihilanth was awful. Meat Circus was awful. Just two data points for my “Bosses are shitty game design” thesis.

  11. Roy says:

    I’ve never finished Fallout (for shame), and have yet to play a game of Civilization through to the end despite having bought and loved two installments.

  12. AlexMax says:

    Hopping on the ‘skipped Nihilianth’ train, except we didn’t have youtube back then so instead I cheated to kill it. And unlike most everybody else, I actually enjoyed Xen, because it felt like something new and alien, and they got the “You’re totally alone out here” atmosphere just right.

  13. Cabbs says:

    ChaosSmurf: @Cabbs: … StarCraft bugged out on you? o_O

    One of the early-ish zerg missions. had to protect or retrieve some floating brains or something, there was nothing left to kill, and I couldn’t get the brains to interact with anything. It was a long time ago.

    Its always possible that I was too stupid to work out what to do. I prefer to believe my install was broken or something.

  14. Quater says:

    I am another one who is not above cheating for the sake of finishing a game just to find out what happens (there was no fecking way I was goign to play through the bastard-bitching library in Halo without hax), and I also tend to resort to gamefaqs the instant I get stuck, as I consider my time too valuable to be spent wandering around making no progress and not knowing what the hell to do.

  15. Cabbs says:

    Insert Comment Lamenting Lack Of Edit Function Here.

    Blasphemy Velvet Fist! I thoroughly enjoyed Meat Circus. The only game that I can forgive for having boss fights.

  16. Jeremy says:

    I don’t think I’ve actually finished any of the Fallout games…looks like 3 will be the first for me (though I’m still chugging through and life’s getting busy again…)

    Also never finished Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2. Must be something with RPGs. Just finished HL1 last winter, went god-mode to beat the final boss. I’ve actually finished most RTS, though not Warcraft 3 (whatever the latest is). Also haven’t finished the STALKERs, got 1 then TF2 snagged all my time. After buying 2, I then purchased Fallout 3 and FarCry2, and only one of those has occupied my time since.

    If it really counts, I’ve never ‘finished’ Dwarf Fortress. No Happy Fun Stuff for me.

  17. Ginger Yellow says:

    “Naturally it took a grievous amount of attempts to shepherd Little Ollie to safety, but apart from that bit, I didn’t have a huge problem with the Meat Circus. ”

    That’s the bit I couldn’t finish. I used go back to it every few months and try for half an hour or so, but after failing the same freaking jump (or occasionally making it, but too late to save Ollie) one too many times, I just abandoned the game.

    “Is that the one part everyone hates, or do people hate the whole thing and I’m just totally good-looking and awesome at the other bits”

    No, I adore the rest of the game.

  18. Malagate says:

    I thought the twist with PURPL gaining control of the Sons of the Patriots was a little contrived, but BLU Heavy’s last-minute sacrifice got me right here.

    Umm, why are you pointing down there?

    I also enjoyed Zen (Xen? ohh Xev…) in Half-Life, if only for the low gravity. For some reason I really enjoy games that change the gravity occasionally.

  19. Quater says:

    i think he means the whole meat circus, in which case, yeah people hate the whole thing. Although again, I found it fairly comfortably doable, if extremely frustrating and unfair in places.

  20. clovus says:

    @Gap Gen: You are proving the point.

    The campaigns in Total War are way too long. One problem is that you are almost guarenteed to have increased your skill considerably after the first 10 hours or so. You’ve now completed less than half of the campaign and are so strong that even if the rest of the world attacked you at once you would still win. Why would you possible waste hour after hour pushing towards the end with not chance of defeat? That’s the definition of boring. They really need to add in some kind of win condition that recognizes that you are unstoppable.

    The other problem in Total War is that the tedium dramatically increases as your empire does. Just moving your troops around in one turn can take forever.

    Obviously, I’ve never come close to finishing a Total War campaign.

  21. KindredPhantom says:

    I never finished Guild Wars Factions, played it got bored with it, the Eye of the North expansion i have yet to finish…
    I got pretty far into Deus Ex once, up the French Mansion part, but had hdd failure and lost all my savegames.
    Got really far in Morrowind, got to the point i could finish it but again lost my savegames in a hdd failure..i have tried and failed to get back into it, perhaps i’ll give it another go in ’09..

  22. Pags says:

    I practically never finish games, but my brother usually picks up the slack, so I never miss out on an ending; I have, however, finished both Max Payne games an ungodly number of times.

  23. Bobsy says:

    I’ve only ever completed one and a half campaigns in a Total War. But on the other hand I hate the idea of the shorter campaigns invariably introduced in the expansion packs. They water the thing down way, way too much.

  24. Pags says:




  25. Bobsy says:


  26. Down Rodeo says:

    Normally if I buy a game I will complete it (eventually) but I still have not managed HL1 or any of its expansions – every time I go home I manage another half-hour’s worth of progress. Personally I can’t play a game without completing it fairly quickly, I find that I need to know what happens… Well, apart from Ninja Gaiden 2, I have played that all of twice, but that is on a heathen console. My main problem is games unplayed – ones which I have never bought and feel silly for having not done so. I think GoG will help in this respect, as soon as they get SS2 and a few Monkey Islands on there.

  27. M_the_C says:

    A quick look up to my gaming shelf reminds me I’ve yet to complete:

    Oblivion MQ – Levelling made my generic knight extremely weak.
    Tribes: Vengeance – Just lost all motive to continue playing.
    Project Nomads – I’m not far off the end I think.
    Baldur’s Gate – Stuck right at the end.
    Test Drive Unlimited – Still haven’t done the ’round the island’ race.
    NWN 1 & 2 – Won’t be finishing 1, probably get back to 2 some day.
    Plus many others.

  28. Valentin Galea says:

    I have a history of playing games all to the final boss and then just coudn’t make it past:(

    Gears of War 1 being a good example – General RAAM… tried it couple of times couldn’t really master it – I just gave up:)

    Almost happened with Meat Circus – but by God I made it:)

    You know what I REEAAAALY can’t beat?
    the second boss in No More Heroes – that bitch with the baseball bat:((

  29. Nero says:

    Oh there’s so many games that I’ve started and then for some reason or another not finished. Maybe because some other game came out or that it just was too long. Most of these are PS2 games for some reason. Most PC games I try to finish. The games that I really have to try to finish at some point are amongst others S.T.A.L.K.E.R and The Witcher.

  30. Pags says:

    Just remembered, I never finished Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, and I always finish adventure games (call it obsessive compulsion). But I don’t really think that’s a priority; besides, only reason I couldn’t finish it was because it kept crashing in Glastonbury.

  31. Quater says:

    Oh, and despite being a big fan of adventure games, I have never played a Monkey Island game.

  32. JonFitt says:

    Never completed a Total War game. I’ve got to the position where the world is blatantly mine several times, but I never meet the victory conditions.

    Had to cheat my way through the stupid end levels of Far Cry.

    I never finished Planescape either. Although a housemate who was playing it after me did finish it and I watched him play most of the end sections.

    Didn’t finish Oblivion either. Lost track of what the main quest was and got bored of the side-quests.

    So far haven’t completed Fallout 3! I’m a good way in and have been avoiding the main arc to explore, but at the moment it is at risk of never being finished due to excessive Left4Dead!!!

  33. Dan Harris says:

    Superman 64.

  34. Ginger Yellow says:

    “Why would you possible waste hour after hour pushing towards the end with not chance of defeat? That’s the definition of boring. They really need to add in some kind of win condition that recognizes that you are unstoppable.”

    Sins of a Solar Empire suffers badly from this.

    All of you Monkey Island avoiders really, really need to pick up a copy of ScummVM immediately. They’re among the best games ever made.

  35. Ted says:

    Is it even possible to finish Half Life without turning on a god mode cheat at the end? The final boss battle is one of the worst things I’ve ever tried to play. Definitely quit Half Life as soon as you get to Xen.

  36. Quater says:

    Ted: I didn’t use god mode but I did have to use noclip at the end due to a bug where I got stuck inside his head. There was no fecking way I was going to reload and do the whole fight again so I just fudged it. WORST boss fight of all time.

  37. manintheshack says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about the Nihilanth. It was shit, sure, but it wasn’t that hard once you got the hang of split-second quick saving. A few rockets to its soft, pulpy baby brain and your laughing. Naturally I chose to ignore the G-Man when he made his offer. Being teleported in front of all those hornet-beast-thingies was awesome. OMG, DECADE-OLD SPOILERZZ!

  38. killagorilla187 says:

    EVERYONE GET THIS AND INSTALL ACTION HALF LIFE!!! Its free mod, and awesome!

  39. Dan Harris says:

    Hang on, I wrote Superman 64. I meant Ecco the Dolphin.
    That game was tough. Like adamantium tough.

  40. cyrenic says:

    Never finished Planescape or Dues Ex. In fact I never even finished the first level of Dues Ex. Yup.

  41. Quater says:

    Nihilanth wasn’t [i]hard[/i], it was just a [i]fucking awful[/i] piece of shitty game design. A boss whose attacks teleport you into a separate room full of irritating little enemies, and whose weakspot can only be reached at certain short intervals by navigating an incredibly prpecarious set of terribly imprecise jump-pads? Great idea, Valve.

  42. nickski says:

    Niahilanth wasn’t as bad as the god awful ‘Eye beast’ at the end of opposing forces – shoot the eye – kill the spawn – shoot the eye – kill the AAAAAAAAGH I actually thought the game was broken, or that I was broken until I checked online. Still finished it though, little bit OCD, played half life through 4 times, same with half life 2, usually after hardware upgrades to check out new shineys

  43. caramelcarrot says:

    Despite playing HL and HL mods for about 6 years, I never actually finished the original SP game, but instead got distracted by TFC and counter-strike. Pity. Maybe I should get it over with sometime.

  44. Valentin Galea says:

    Anyone remember the boss at the end of HL-2 :) Was there a boss:))?

  45. gulag says:

    Planescape Torment. I’ve failed to finish it twice now. It is my secret shame.

  46. Larington says:

    There are many games I’m too elitist or impatient to go and give a go. In particular games that appear too ‘arcadey’ usually get scrubbed straight off the list.

    And I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games, in fact, I refuse to do so.

  47. Gap Gen says:

    “The campaigns in Total War are way too long. ”

    Well, in Rome and M2 I’d agree. Shogun and Medieval were better as they had provinces, plus ships that could insta-transport armies from one end of the map to the other (in Medieval) so you could win quickly. I conquered the entire map a few times in Medieval.

  48. j_hotch says:

    Just a comment on the Nihilanth: one of my favorite gaming memories was the time I managed quite accidentally to drop on top of the Nihilanth’s head, saw its skull open up and beat the damn thing to death with the crowbar. A personal-best epic win.

  49. Random Encounter says:

    You people are strange =). I always finish every game I start. Completed about 250 games (Yeah I keep a list) in my years of gaming. Only game now that I can think of that I failed to finish was the original Rayman.

  50. Paul Moloney says:

    Random: You’ve never ever gotten bored with a game, or merely sidetracked by another game?