Spare A Dollar For G-Man?

To celebrate Half-life being 10 years old this week, Valve have thrown a special offer. You can get the original half-life for 98 (count ’em!) cents until November 21st. That’s literally cheap. Also, inexpensive. Also, value for money.

Er… that’s all. How can I enliven this post. Oh, I know: I’ve still never completed Half-life 1. What enormous gaping holes are in your play-histories, readers?


  1. Yengwa says:

    The list of games I haven’t finished is entirely too long.

    I’ll try:

    Half-Life 1
    Fallout 1 & 2
    Command and Conquer 3

    Gears of War
    GTA 4
    Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Ghost Recon
    Viewtiful Joe

    God I can’t even remember all of the games I never finished. I usually get bored of a game after a while. Once I’ve played it enough to see what the game is about I usually stop playing it. Most games throw all of the good stuff at you so early on, there’s no enticement to contiue forward.

    Or maybe I’m just lazy.

  2. skizelo says:

    Sacrifice (Marduk can go hang), Theif 2, Every Final Fantasy except 9, System Shock (pirated copy (hey, it’s out of print, I refuse to feel bad) lead to a constantly crashing game), any Civ game.
    On the other hand, I completed Meat Circus on the second attempt; the platforming was a bit grating but not impossible.

  3. Mr Lizard says:

    Sacrifice. Company of Heroes. Medieval. Call To Power. KOTOR. Planescape Torment. Morrowind. Neverwinter Nights. System Shock 2. No-One Lives Forever (which I would have played more of if it had had autosave). And off-PC, Shadow Of The Bloody Boring Colossus.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    This topic makes me sad, because people here are hardcore, most people might own and never play true classics. When I don’t finish a game, generally its because its crap or obscenely hard, often then I’ll just cheat.

    But I have about 15 games on the go at any one time, they don’t get uninstalled until I’m done.

  5. solomun says:

    Actually, me and most of my friends are either unemployed or at a company on the verge of folding, so I might actually get to co-op Baldur’s Gate. Yay economic collapse!

  6. The Colonel says:

    Completed Halflife a couple of times. Completed Deus Ex probably somewhere about the 9/10 mark. What about all those games that it was only possible to complete by taking advantage of a bug (Vampire: Bloodlines anyone?). I don’t think I would ever be able to complete HL1 again because I can’t look at that giant baby at the end without crying a little. At least Valve redeemed themselves beautifully with all subsequent titles. Roll on Episode 3.

  7. waffles says:

    Only played 3 levels in dues Ex (gametap) and lost the KOTOR install disk before i could play it.

  8. K says:

    Boy, I see there are a lot of us who still haven’t finished Grim Fandango. We’re a bunch of sad people, that’s what we are.

  9. ChuhiMonster says:

    Impressive lists so far.

    Never finished:

    Lands of Lore: the original one. But due to a bug that wouldn’t let me advance.
    Dungeon Keeper
    Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
    Crimson Skies: stopped playing for 6 months & upgraded PC; game is not compatible with newer GPU drivers.
    And all Mario games–I just lose interest.

    Out of all the games I *have* finished, by far Deus Ex was the most rewarding and replayable.