The Google Wasteland

There sure is a lot of stuff in Fallout 3. Granted, most of it involves messily shooting things in the face or enduring woeful characterisation, but not all of it. There’s a ton of fun quests and epic scenery awaiting the casual adventurer. If, however, you’re finding it tough to stray off the beaten path or have fallen into aimless mutant-bothering, the goodly readers of Planet Fallout are busy constructing an interactive, ever-swelling Google map of Washington DC’s ravaged environs. Should help you fillet through the game’s oodles of quests’n’secrets to find the more interesting bits. Good work, those fanboys.


  1. nabeel says:

    Pfffft, spoilers.


  2. Fumarole says:

    Spoilers indeed. I managed to find Dad despite staying as far away from the Main Quest as possible. Such is the extent of my wasteland wandering. I’ll be sure to check this out after I consume as much of this game in one go as I’m able to handle.

  3. Pags says:

    I’ve said this before on RPS, but Google Earth is the best open-world game around. Combining it with other games is the way forward.

  4. Davik says:

    Until someone simulates the whole planet for me to go around blowing up, I shall not be happy. D:

  5. Gorgeras says:

    Today my evil character found himself a hockey mask. Unfortunately, his murder spree doesn’t seem to have the same effect as Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees.

    I re-loaded to pre-mask time and instead I’m modelling him on Riddick for sneaky-stabbiness.

  6. Legandir says:

    When i saw this i thought it was about Google (not very) Lively closing.

    I wouldnt mind seeing this in more open world games. It seems like a very good idea, though im not sure how many games would benefit as much as fallout 3

  7. rustdragon says:

    I have so much to find in my wandering I don’t want to ruin it with the spoilers. Maybe after a few more months…
    <a href=”” title=
    Speaking of evil characters, here’s my character and his best friend.

  8. rustdragon says:

  9. Quater says:

    GAH I just wish I could play the damn game, I had to uninstall it due to a showstopping freeze bug that seems to affect quad core CPUs. I could only play it for like 10 minutes at a time before it crashed completely. :(

  10. Pags says:

    Quater: that’s worrying news, as I’d intended to put it on a quad core machine. Is there a fix in the pipeline?

  11. Quater says:

    @ Pags: I certainly hope so. I hear some people have managed to fudge it by setting the .ini file so that it only uses one or two cores, but essentially there seems to be a major bug that mainly occurs on Q4 machines when you enter a house – after a minute or two the display just locks up completely and you have to get into the task manager and end the Fallout 3 process. I tried all the suggested fixes from all the forums I could find, and none of them worked for me. It seems to be a really widespread problem and for me, it makes the game totally unplayable. I hope you have better luck.

  12. thefanciestofpants says:

    I may be painting a bullseye on my head, but I found the characterization and voice acting well above my (low) expectations. Apart from Oblivion Imperial Guard Chap doing Burke.. but.. I dunno.

    Voice acting was actually quite good I thought. The main storyline was a bit rushed, but the sidequests were damn enthralling.

  13. Quater says:

    I think that deep-voiced Oblivion guy did quite a lot of the characters, but Bethesda did a much better job of varying the voice actors this time around (mercifully)

  14. DigitalSignalX says:

    Blessed your spam filter, ruined a perfectly coded trollish reply :D

  15. Tei says:

    @Legandir: Google Livelly dyiing is big news for gamming. It mean 3D + Web is failing again. And is.. how much? maybe 10 years tryiing to have a 3D web. Today there are lots of webgames, some of these are wild popular, like OGame (a ogame server can have 100.000 players, and have lots of servers)… adding 3D to the equation could get amazing. But aint happening. It seems 3D and web don’t mix. I think people will still tryiing (there a good format now, X3D, that is based on XML and is standard). Maybe one day Google Earth will support to “import” game maps, or support create games ( Total War alike) …become a game engine. Or for some reason, It will never work. Maybe, because games are optimized beast, and a general rendering engine can’t make games look good.

  16. matte_k says:

    I’ve been struggling with FO3 ever since the patch to fix the lock up when exiting the game GAVE me that problem instead of removing it (although, I didn’t have that particular bug to begin with, so…) Think i’ll head back to it when a decent patch comes out that kills most of the showstopping CTD’s. Shame really, because what I have played of it, i’ve quite enjoyed.

  17. Legandir says:

    @Tei: The Last Guy already uses Google Earth in a game.

    I dont think the death of Lively means much for online 3D games. It was more down to it being too similar to second life. I know plenty of people who wouldn’t touch a pc game but spend hours on kongregate. If they had 3d games that play as easily as kongregate they’d eat it up

  18. Gorgeras says:

    I keep seeing screenshots of player characters wearing awesome threads and nifty masks. I have yet to find any of them for my evil guy. My good guy has his look, but my evil guy don’t. Something must be done!

  19. Briosafreak says:

    Wow thanks for the link!