Chet-Chat On Eurogamer

Chet, fighting off some zombies, yesterday.

You know what’s quite good? That Left 4 Dead game. I quite like it. Also, you know who’s a nice guy? That Chet Faliszek – you know, the one that isn’t Erik Wolpaw (he loves it when people say that!) off of Old Man Murray. Apparently he had something to do with Left 4 Dead. I imagine he wrote a joke for it or something. There’s probably a joke in it somewhere.

Eurogamer are having a live chitchat with him today at 5pm. You’ll be able to submit questions and everything.

Here are some questions we suggest asking:

“What is it like working with Erik Wolpaw?”

“Is Erik Wolpaw as funny in real life as he is on the internet?”

“What’s your favourite joke Erik Wolpaw ever told?”

“Which bits did you write for Portal?”

You might have your own questions, obviously, but these are the important ones. Their place, 5pm (-4.45am, Tuesday 15th March, 1766 US time).


  1. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    “So I heard you like zombies…?”

  2. Pags says:

    “So you haven’t updated OMM in a while…”

    “What’s Tim Schafer like?”

    Poor, poor man.

  3. plastictrash says:

    Totally unrelated, yet important:

    “How does a polar bear know what apples is?”

  4. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    “So, what would _you_ do next were you in charge of TF2?”

  5. Malagate says:

    @plastictrash, easy, from the rubbish tips. Polar bears are most readily found at the rubbish tips in the arctic circle, and because people who live in the arctic circle hate Mr Jobs any Apple products that get sent to them immediately go to the rubbish tip. That’s why there’s a big problem with angry polar bears, it’s very hard to get the iPod ear buds on with only paws.

    I would ask this Chet fellow, “Why is everyone talking about Eric Wolpaw?” and “Do you know a good way of getting a Chinese passport?”.

  6. Catastrophe says:

    “What is waplow cire spelt backwards?”

  7. JakeB says:

    “Why is Chicago Ted so Badass?”

  8. theleif says:

    “Have you seen the future, baby? And, if so, is it murder?”

  9. ron says:

    i just came across what may be the most awesomely obscure reference in left 4 dead, graffiti stating that “no zombie is safe from chicago ted” which is related to this long ago article by erik and seanbaby: link to

  10. Another one says:

    “Will Vavle/Turtle Rock ever make an adventure game?”
    “What would you make Gordon Freeman say to GMan if you could?”

  11. theleif says:

    Btw: I played the Airport level “Dead Air” as Zoey yesterday. When i looked on one of the graffiti, the “God is dead”, Zoey shouted: “Oh no, Zombies killed God!” Made my late, late, night!

  12. Tei says:

    What L4D need is this:

    Francis: I hate crates.

  13. Elyscape says:

    @ron: In the church, one of the people whose listed on the Wall of Dead People is one Chet Faliszek. I’ll get a screenshot up shortly.

  14. Pags says:

    “What’s your highest score on CrateMaster?”

  15. Nahual says:

    BTW guys, if you wanna listen more from Erik Wolpaw, he was on GFW Radio back in February, here: link to

    It’s a hilarious podcast and it’s sure to provide material for questions for this upcoming interview with not Erik Wolpaw.

  16. John Walker says:

    Nahual, I assume you’re not suggesting it’s as good as OUR podcast with Erik Wolpaw?

    link to

  17. ChaosSmurf says:

    heh, October 1969. That’s the fuck up date if you look at updates for a game that’s never been updated on steam.

  18. Kast says:

    I just have to say: Thank you, Tei, for the strongest belly laugh I’ve had since… since escaping Mercy Hospital by the skin of my teeth last night, actually.

  19. fearian says:

    ha. I made him feel un-smart :)

  20. shon says:

    The other night I was in Dead Air in the lobby. I saw the statue of Atlas and I was struck by how much it looked like it belonged in Bioshock. That’s when Franics said “I hate Ayn Rand.”

    It’s moments like that which make the game truly awesome.

  21. Alex says:

    Mark my words, L4D fans are going to run that Chicago Ted reference into the ground just like they did with the Cake and the Companion Cube.

  22. Noc says:

    botherer asks: (Rock Paper Shotgun’s John Walker asks) What’s it like to work with Erik Wolpaw? It must be amazing, getting to talk to him and listen to him being funny and get to see the results of his amazing work.

    Chet Faliszek: Jay Pinkerton actually ghost writes everything for Erik.

    Chet Faliszek: And can you ask John Walker if he can have Jim Rossignol send me an autographed copy of his book, This Gaming Life?

    Oh snap.

  23. Nahual says:

    Oh shit, there’s a RPS podcast with Erik Wolpaw!?

    To be honest i haven’t listened to podcasts for almost 3 weeks, so I have some catching up to do, this goes first, downloading it now. :)

  24. MarvintheParanoidAndroid says:

    Haha, I laughed out loud when I saw that :D

  25. Krupo says:

    Speaking of L4D, has RPS seen link to ? :)

  26. subedii says:

    Freaking scout rushes.

  27. Leeks! says:

    Does anyone know what Jay Pinkerton is actually doing these days? I know it was something game-related, but he kind of fell off the radar after a couple posts to the MTV multiplayer blog (I think that’s what it was, anyway). He may actually be working at Valve, for all I know.

    Funny guy. It was sad to see his writing go downhill when he started at Cracked, and I hope whatever game he ends up working on sees him return to form.

  28. JPH says:

    Jay’s working at Valve. They’re forming a comedy super team over there. link to